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Pilot pitch - early version of jollywood
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7D[1] is the official pilot for The 7D, a work that was pitched to Disney and later resulted in the television series. It has not been officially released anywhere; however, the character designs used in the pilot were revealed when the show was announced, and a short clip was shown in a Boulder Media Ltd. animation reel. Art director Timothy Barnes has also posted visual development images used in the production of the pilot here.


  • Unlike the full series, the pilot was animated at Boulder Media Limited.
  • It is 10 minutes long, approximately the length of a regular episode of The 7D.[1]

Differences between the Pilot and the Series



First concept of Doc (left) and final concept of Doc (right)

  • Doc had two changes to his design:
    • Yellow glasses to red glasses
    • Peach colored nose to reddish pink colored nose


  • Concepy-0

    First concept of Sleepy (left) and final concept of Sleepy (right)

    Sleepy has undergone two changes change in his design:
    • Less stripes on his hat and bedwear
    • Hat's point is more rounded



First concept of Dopey (left) and final concept of Dopey

  • Of all the 7D, Dopey (along with Sneezy) has undergone the most changes to his design, they are:
    • Tall to average dwarf height
    • Light green sweater to light blue sweater
    • Blue flower to red flower
    • Long nose (similar to Sleepy's) to short ball like nose
    • Tall navy blue pants to purple pants under the sweater
    • Thicker eyebrows
    • Removal of colorful socks
    • Golden yellow pointy shoes to magenta shoes
    • Less colorful dots on his hat


  • Concept

    First concept of Sneezy (left) and final concept of Sneezy (right)

    Of all the 7D, Sneezy (along with Dopey) has undergone the most changes to his design. The changes are:
    • Small brown hat with a pink flower (similar to Grumpy's) to a turquoise hat with a feather
    • Orange puffy hair to messy brown hair
    • Orange eyebrows to brown eyebrows
    • Smaller nose to bigger nose
    • Green bowtie to turquoise scarf
    • Light and golden yellow long shirt to blue and red long shirt
    • Pointy maroon shoes to rounder brown shoes
    • Removed freckles



First concept of Happy (left) and final concept of Happy (right)

  • Between Happy's current design and the original concept art including him, only one change is made: His hat now has fewer dots.


Concept 1

First concept of Grumpy (left) and final concept of Grumpy (right) (Disregarding the tiny fuse where Grumpy's flower should be)

  • Grumpy only had two changes to his design:
    • Dark purple shoes to lighter purple shoes
    • Lighter blue shirt



First concept of Bashful (left) and final concept of bashful (right)

  • Bashful has undergone some changes to his design.
    • His hat's point became more curled
    • Less stripes on his hat
    • Removal of yellow dots from his orange patch on his hat
    • Nose is visible underneath his hat, as opposed to his first design showing no nose
    • Gray overalls to gray pants
    • Light and dark blue shirt to light and dark green shirt


Video screenshots

Production art


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