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"7 Frogs"
Season 1, Episode 20A*
S1e20a title card
Half hour production code: 120A[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate January 14, 2015
Episode Credits
Directed by Alfred Gimeno
Story by Deanna Oliver
Written by Blake Larson / Sherri Stoner
Storyboards by Dave Bennett
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"Leaf It To Sneezy"
Suceeded by →
"Sir Yipsalot and the Mutt"

"7 Frogs" is an episode that premiered on January 14, 2015 with "Sir Yipsalot and the Mutt" on Disney XD. [2]

It is the thirty-ninth episode in the series.


When a witch casts a spell that turns all of the villagers of Jollywood into frogs, the 7D must hop into action and track down the witch to reverse the spell.

Guest Stars


Lord Starchbottom is performing what it seems like a medical operation, only to reveal that he's putting the final touches on a giant cake. A party is held tonight at Queen Delightful's castle, and the Queen wants to make it special for her dear friend, Princess Prettyhead, who's graduating out of Hoity-Toity Tech. Going over the preparations together, Starchy informs Delightful that he will play the violin since one of the musicians is sick. As he plays the violin, he suddenly disappears, and Delightful hears a ribbit, knowing that violins don't make that sound. Then, Delightful, Squire Peckington and Sir Yipsalot are all saying "Ribbit." They all are now frogs!

All citizens of Jollywood become frogs, including the the 7D, and as usual they suspected it's the work of the Glooms, so they set out to their home. But they find Hildy and Grim to be the victims of the mysterious frog spell, too. The 7D then learn the spell can be broken by the witch who casts it with a kiss. They went to the home of the Gingerbread Witch, and she wants to kiss Grumpy. However, the spell didn't break, and the Gingerbread Witch then refers to the 7D two other witches who could break the spell (and telling Hansel and Gretel to stop by at her house if they see them).

The 7D later see the Water Witch and Snow Witch (both also want to kiss Grumpy); still the spell isn't broken. Finally at the swamp, they encounter a Frog Witch and Grumpy, expecting to be the first once more, volunteers to kiss her. The Frog Witch transforms to no other than Princess Prettyhead herself. She then brought them to the castle where she kisses the 7D, Delightful, Sir Yipsalot, Squire Peckington, and Starchy, and the people of Jollywood to break the spell; and the party at the castle goes on. In the end, it's revealed that Hildy is the one responsible for the whole ordeal all this time because she feels that Prettyhead has a much prettier head than she does, but she casts the spell the wrong way—and the Glooms are still frogs.

Running Gags

  • Each of the witches want to kiss Grumpy first, and he complains each time.
  • Another running gag has Bashful shout out loud "We're gonna be frogs forever!" each time they fail to break the spell. This is also uttered by the Glooms at the end of the episode.


  • This episode marks the second time Grim spends an episode as a frog; the first was "For the Love of Cheese". It's also the second time Hildy becomes one; in "Sneezin' Season" she was briefly a frog during a scene when she was transformed into many animals and objects by Grim's wand.
    • However, as opposed to "For the Love of Cheese", Grim can talk.
  • Princess Prettyhead kissed the dwarfs in an order similar to Snow White. (Albeit switching Dopey and Sneezy's places):
    • Princess Prettyhead:
      • First Doc;
      • then Bashful;
      • then Dopey;
      • then Sneezy;
      • then Sleepy;
      • then Happy;
      • finally, Grumpy
    • Snow White:
      • First Doc;
      • then Bashful;
      • then Sneezy;
      • then Dopey;
      • then Sleepy;
      • then Happy;
      • finally, Grumpy
  • This episode marks the fourth time to have Bashful faint. The first three are "The Big Bash", "The Fairest in the Land", and "Bathtub Bashful".


International Premieres

  • August 8, 2015 -- (Disney Channel Asia)
  • November 27, 2016 -- (TV5 Philippines)


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