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(open to Starchy preparing the cake, as if he's performing a medical operation)
Delightful: Oh, the cake looks absolutely wonderful! Good work, Lord Starchbottom. Hmm, I don't think he heard me. I said, (yelling) GOOD WORK ON THE CAKE!!!! (Starchy loses his balance and lands on the cake)

(cut to discussion)
Delightful: After years of balancing books on her head, my dear friend, Princess Prettyhead, is graduating from Hoity-Toity Tech. They have quite rigorous curriculum.

(cut to the teacher on campus)
Hoity-Toity Tech teacher: Pinkies out, pinkies in. Pinkies out, pinkies in.
Prettyhead: I'm valedictorian.

(cut back to Delightful)
Delightful: So, of course, I wanted to throw her the fanciest celebration party ever. And just look at all these fancy spoons! Oh, spoons! (plays a melody using the spoons) Are we ready, Lord Starchbottom?
Starchbottom: Yes. I wash the dishes, set the table, cook the dinner—oh, and one of the musicians was sick, so I learn to play the violin. (plays the violin badly, then he turns into a frog) Ribbit.
Delightful: Hmm. That sounds more like a frog. Violins usually go -- (hums)
Squire Peckington: (squawks) Uh oh. Where she go?
Delightful: (turns into a frog) Ribbit. Oh my, now you got me doing it. Ribbit-ribbit.
(Now Squire Peckington and Sir Yipsalot turn into frogs)
Sir Yipsalot: Ribbit.
Delightful: There is something very odd going on here, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Ribbit.
Starchbottom: Nobody panic, but I believe we've all been turned into frogs!
Delightful: (goes into a tizzy) Whoo-ee! Ribbit-ribbit. Whoo-ee! Ribbit-ribbit.
Delightful: Whoo-ee! Ribbit-ribbit. Whoo-ee! Ribbit-ribbit.
Starchbottom: I hate to admit it. But, we better call the 7D! (goes to balcony; tries to reach for the Bing-Bong Bell; falls and screams; grabs onto the Bing-Bong Bell with his tongue)
(The 7D have arrived in the castle, but something odd happened to them)
The 7D: Hi-ho!
Delightful: Oh no!
The 7D: Oh no!
Sleepy: Am I dreaming? Why does the queen looking awful like a frog?
Delightful: I am a frog! Ribbit.
Starchbottom: And so are all of you! Ribbit.
(The 7D look at each other and inhale)
Bashful: Ribbit.
Happy: Ribbit.
Dopey: (whistles)
Doc: Ribbit.
Sneezy: Ribbit.
Grumpy: Ribbit.
Sleepy: Ribbit.

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