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(Opens with Grumpy preparing to eat his Jollypeenie Pepperini Cheese)
Grumpy: Okay, hot stuff. Show me what ya got! (slices the cheese, eats the cheese, cries, belches fire, groans) Mmm-mmm! What a kick! You guys gotta try this!
Doc: What is that stuff, Grumpy?
Grumpy: Jollypeenie Pepperini cheese! Give her a sniff.
Sneezy: No way! Scorchy-torchy peppers make me snee... (stammers and groans)
Sleepy: What's happening?
Sneezy: Ah! Ah!
Happy: Never seen Sneezy do this before.
Sneezy: Ah! Ohh!
Bashful, Dopey, Doc, Sleepy, Happy and Grumpy: Ahh!
Sneezy: Ahh... choo!

(Time travels)
Bashful: Where are we?
Doc: Why, home of course, I think.
Grumpy: Something seems different. Oh, I know. There's no house!
Happy: Well, at least the statue's still here.
Sneezy: What statue?

(shows the Glooms statue)
Happy: That one I never saw before.
(the 7D gasp)
Hildy: (on a loudspeaker) Heigh-ho, Jollywood! It's off to work you go!
Grim: For us! (laughs)
Grumpy: What the cheese is goin' on around here?

(shows an evil goose putting villagers to work)
Geese: (roars)
(villagers grumbling)
Grumpy: Okay, this is definitely cuckoo bananas.
Starchbottom Where have you been for the last seven days?!
Happy: What do you mean, Starchy? We saw you last night at the Queen's Taco Tuesday two-step dance.

Song: Taco Tuesday Two-Step Dance
Parry: Spin your taco round and round
Pour on the hot sauce, wolf it down
Put on the beef, put on the cheese
Have another taco if you please
(song ends)

Starchbottom: That was a week ago on the 7th! Today is the 14th!
(Doc checks his watch)
Doc: It's incredible! Sneezy has sneezed us into the middle of next week!
Happy, Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy and Sleepy: (gasps) We're a week in the future!
Sleepy: I lost a week of sleep. Rip-off. So did anything happen while we were gone?
Starchbottom: Oh... just the Glooms turned all the geese in Jollywood evil and used them to attack the castle! And... And poor Queen Delightful! She's a... She's a...
Grumpy: She's a what? Italian?
Hildy: Oh, so you haven't heard!
the 7D It's the Glooms!
Bashful: You had better not have done anything to the Queen!
Hildy: I already have! I turned that silly goose into a silly goose!
Bashful: (runs to Queen Delightful) Queen Delightful!
Delightful: Hello, Bashful. Honk! At first being a goose really ruffled my feathers, but now I am down with it. Honk! Honk! Honk! You got any breadcrumbs?
Bashful: Nooo! (tries to free Queen Delightful, geese bit him) Owie! Owie-ow! Ow!
Hildy: Quite honestly, I was down to my last evil spell, the all-purpose goose enchantment. I never dreamed it would work.
Grim: Cha! An army of evil geese? How doinky is that? (chuckles, snorts)
Hildy: But it did work, and you 7D never showed up to stop me.
Sneezy Aw, this is all my fault!
Sleepy: Uh-huh.
Doc: Oh, yes.
Bashful: Definitely.
Happy: No. Yeah, it-it's you.
Dopey: (whistles)
Grumpy: Completely. (hides his cheese)
Sneezy: Thanks for makin' me feel better.
Hildy: And as for you, since you simple love digging up jewels, now you will dig them up for me. (to the 7D) Put them to work! (to the geese)
Geese: (honks, snarls)
Dopey: (honks)
Doc: Dopey's snapping them out of it!
Hildy: Oh, no, he isn't! (manipulates the geese)
(the 7D runs)
Doc: The only way to change this future is to go back to the past!
Grumpy: So let's cheese it!
Bashful: For Queen Delightful!
Sneezy: (sniffs) For Queen Delight... Ahh... ahh... (makes obnoxious noises) Ah-choo!

(time travels)
Sneezy: I, uh, think I oversnot it... Uh, overshot it...
Doc: We are home all right. But 600 Jollycenturies in the past!
Grumpy: Nothing looks familiar.
Grimsaurus: Roar and whatnot!
Hildysaurus Snarl!
Grimsaurus: (roars)
Grumpy: I take it back.
(the 7D screams, runs)
Boss: Here! Here!
Hildysaurus: Ow! You are such a klutz!
Grimsaurus: Sorry, Hildysaurus!

(cut to inside the 7D's stone house)
Boss: Welcome. I am Boss. This is Meh.
Meh: Meh. What's for dinner?
Boss: This is Tee-Hee.
Tee-Hee: Tee-Hee. You look funny.
Boss: Sniff.
Sniff: (sniffs) They smell funny, too. Ah-choo!
Boss: Snore.
Snore: (yawns) Say hello, Mr. Hicklesaur.
Boss: Eek...
Eek: Eek!
Boss: And Monkey Boy.
Dopey and Monkey Boy: (chatters)
Doc: Thanks for the rescue, but we have to get out of here.
Boss: Just use back door.
Bashful: W-won't those monsters get us?
Meh: Meh... Gloomasaurs have pea brains not smart like Meh. (babbles)

(made their way out of Boss's house)
Gloomasaurs: (growl)
Sneezy: Okay, Grumpster. Cheese me. (stammers)

Song: On Top of Spaghetti
Sneezy: On top of spaghetti
All covered with cheese
(song ends)

Sneezy: Ahh... choo!

(time travels)
Doc: We are just a tiny smidgen off.
Bashful: How much?
Doc: A thousand years.
Bashful: Great! Queen Delightful's a goose! And we are trapped in a futuristic dystopian wasteland!
Grumpy: At least there's no Glooms around.
Giant Hildy Head: Halt, invaders!
Grumpy: Oh, here we go.
Giant Hildy Head: I, Queen Giant Hildy Head, find your heads to be offensively small. Prepare for zappination!
Happy: I am unfamiliar with the concept of zappination, but I am gonna take a leap here and say I am not a fan.
Sev-Androids: (defended the 7D) Heigh, Sev-Androids, ho!
(Sev-Androids push Giant Hildy Head onto a Waffle Chalet billboard)
Giant Hildy Head: No! Grimbot! Where are you?!
Grimbot: Right here, my cybernetic sweetie. Let me get this loose for ya.
(zaps, Giant Hildy Head screams)
Grimbot: Whoa, tingly.

(cut to the Sev-Androids)
Sev-Androids: Sev-Androids disengage!
Dopeybot: (whistles)
Dopey: (whistles)
Sneezebot: Ah-choo!
Sneezy: Whoa! Nice, Sneezebot!
Sneezebot: Gesundheit-ho.
(Sleepy and Sleepbot snore)
Grumpy: Is this supposed to be me? It's nothin' like me!
Grumpybot: Hand over the cheese and you will not be harmed.
Princess Dee: Greetings! I see you have met my allies, the Sev-Androids. They are our only hope. I am Princess Dee, leader of the rebellion against Giant Hildy Head.
Doc: Does she control Jollywood?
Princess Dee: Yes. And has ever since she turned my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great... great-great-great aunt, Queen Delightful, into a goose.
Bashful: This is awful! We got to get back to save her!
Docbot: To do that you would need a time machine.
Grumpy: We got something better. Jollypeenie Pepperini cheese... and his schnozz.
Sneezy: But we keep missing the date!
Docbot: I can help there. Taking into account the ratio of Jollypeenie versus Pepperini, while factoring the maximum force generated by the propulsion system...
Sneezy: Ha ha! That tickles.
Docbot: This should return you to the exact time and place the Glooms tried to seize power.
Princess Dee: Then go, my friends! Save Jollywood and my great-great-great-great-great-great-great aunt... (sighs) Save the queen.
Sev-Androids: Yip-yip-yooey!
Grumpy: So long, ya buckets o' bolts.
Grumpybot: Arrivederci, cheese hog.
Sneezy: Stand back! (sniffs) Here it comes. Ah-ah-ah... Ooh-hoo!

Song: Short'nin' Bread
Sneezy: Mama's little baby loves sneezin', sneezin'
Mama's little baby loves to...
(song ends)

Sneezy: Ah-choo!

(time travels)
Hildy: I am a crank! I have used up every spell except the all-purpose goose enchantment. Is this or nothing, Grim? "Webbed feet and feather heads... (the 7D accidentally pushed Grim and Hildy) Ow! My wand! How can I control the geese now?
Grumpy: You can't.
Happy: But Dopey can!
Dopey: (honks)
(geese honk, bits Grim and Hildy)
Grim: Aah! Down! Bad geese!
Hildy: Aah! Stop geese!
Grim: Come on, geese! Aah! Too many geese! Aah!
Sneezy: I think I did it!
Bashful: We saved the queen!
Delightful: (honks)
Bashful: Oh, no! Queen Delightful! You are... you are... okay?!
Delightful: Did you forget? It's Unicycle Conga Wednesday! Everyone to the palace for chocolate-covered anything!
Villagers, Starchbottom and Delightful: (honks in the Conga rhythm)
Happy: Jollywood's back to normal.
Grumpy: And let's hope it stays that way for a nice long time.

(cut to the future)
Sev-Androids and Princess Dee: (honks in the Conga rhythm)
Sev-Androids: Heigh, future, ho!
(Dopeybot whistles)

(episode ends)

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