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Agent Bash
Artist(s) Kevin Michael Richardson
Composer(s) TBA
Episode(s) "Shapeshifter"
Agent Bash is a song sung by Happy in "Shapeshifter" while the heroes are in pursuit of the newest villain.


He's just a spy without peer
He makes the villains quake in fear
He strikes quick as a flash
He's Agent Bash
Agent Bash!
Give that button a, smash
'Cause here comes Agent Bash

You got a lair seems hero-proof
Bash'll crash through the roof
Yes, here's tops at this spy-guy routine
He gives it all for his queen
He's Agent Bash, ha!
Agent Bash

Look out!
Oh no, he's caught in Shapeshifter's tail lash
It's looking bad for Agent Bash
Oh, yeah, ah


He slipped away in a flash
He's Agent Bash


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Song information

Happy is not seen the whole time he is singing.

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