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Baby I Dig You
Artist(s) Jim Wise, Bill Farmer, Maurice LaMarche, Kevin Michael Richardson, Scott Menville, and Stephen Stanton
Composer(s) N/A
Length 0:53
Episode(s) "Bathtub Bashful"
The 7D Baby, I Dig You!00:53

The 7D Baby, I Dig You!

"Baby I Dig You" is one of several featured songs in "Bathtub Bashful". At the Jollypalooza concert, Bashful is afraid to sing the song in public, so he performed it behind a shower curtain. Jim Wise actually performs the song as Bashful.


Bashful: A-one, two, three, four

Oh I dig the way you walk
I dig the sparkle in your eyes
I dig the way you talk
Yeah, but baby I’m just too shy to tell you
Baby I dig you

Bashful: Then someday I’ll tell you
The 7D: Yes, I will
Bashful: And if you dig me, too
The 7D: It's the truth
Bashful: Then I'd feel Whoopdie Dooptie Schmoodily Doo

Bashful: Baby I dig you
Baby I dig you
Baby I dig you
Baby I dig you


  • At the end of the song, the closed captioning says "woobdy doobdy schmoodalee-doo" instead of "whooptie-dooptie schmoodily doo".


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