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Baroness BonBon
Bon bon love
Character Information
Voiced by Candi Milo
Occupation Baroness
Gender Female
Hair Orange
Eyes Light Blue
Enemies Hildy Gloom

Baroness BonBon is a character in the episode The 7D and the Beast, voiced by Candi Milo.[1]

In the said episode, Baroness BonBon vanishes, leading the 7D to search for her. She is later revealed to be the furry monster transformed by Hildy by eating a cursed bon bon that was sold to her.


As a human, Baroness BonBon is a woman with a slender figure. She has long light curly brown-ish orange hair, light blue eyes, red lipstick, and her outfit consist of various purple hues: her top part of her dress is dark purple with a more dark purple "V" on her waist and her sleeves are lavender. The bottom half of her dress is lavender and lighter lavender in the middle. She wears a disc like hat that is lavender and has white circles and dark purple lines in a pattern. In addition, she wears golden jewelry: a golden necklace and two matching golden bracelets with dark blue jewels.

As a beast, BonBon has light purple fur, with a lavender underbelly fur up to her head. The fur below the muzzle is plum colored, along with the color of her hands and feet. In addition, she has black claws and has light blue eyes, just like her human self.


Baroness BonBon is a sweet (literally), upbeat, and mischievous young woman. Her mischievous side shows when she always eats a bon bon every year she attends Jollyween Candy Jam.

As a monster, she has animal like instincts and is completely savage (animal wise), throwing and resisting the advances of the 7D trying to hug or kiss her.



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