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This article discusses the relationship between Bashful and Queen Delightful, a recurring theme in The 7D.


In several episodes, Bashful displays a huge amount of admiration towards Queen Delightful so much that he harbors a crush on her. The first episode to reveal that he has a crush on her is "The Big Bash". During confessions, Grumpy says that in addition to the crush, Bashful gets all "flibbety-gibberty" when he's around her. But Bashful falsely denies this as he's inside a churning bucket, but faints when Grumpy says Queen Delightful's name. So far, Delightful does not know about Bashful being in love with her; however, there are a few occasions that she gave him some affection as a means of saying thanks.

Due to the series' cancellation in January 2016 that led to the reduction of episodes beyond the first season, whether Delightful would fall in love with Bashful remains unresolved.

Season 1

"The Big Bash"

S1e04b bashful sighs quietly
S1e04b delightful in bashful's eyes
S1e04b bashful faints on the lever
S1e04b bashful miserable
S1e04b delightful lands safely

The 7D presents Delightful her golden Sky Bucket as a gift in celebration of Buckets of Fun Day. At first Bashful is given the go-ahead by Doc to bring the bucket down; at the same time he is in admiration of the Queen, who's standing next to him. Delightful sweetly asks Bashful to bring the bucket over, but he still daydreams. Finally he snaps out of it after being finger poked by Doc and went towards the lever. With the presentation finally underway, Bashful overhears Queen Delightful's name during Doc's announcement; this made him faint, pushing the lever down further. He later regained consciousness by the urgent voice of Doc, but it's too late. The golden bucket increased its speed and crashed into the stage, leading to a chain reaction that would have Delightful falling into the village fountain. Bashful tries to catch her by grabbing her left foot; but she slips and went into the fountain, leaving behind her left shoe in the hands of a miserable Bashful.

Later, a bull that was let loose during the events of the failed presentation caught Bashful. This led to a sudden transformation of Bashful to a brave, masked vigilante who does good deeds around Jollywood. When the golden Sky Bucket Delightful is riding is targeted by Grim and Hildy during the resumed celebrations, Grim's spell hits the bucket, causing the Queen to dangle on the bucket from above. Bashful arrives just in time to save Delightful, who lands on the bull. She gives him her thanks, and as Bashful begins to ride off, she shouts out to him about his name. Bashful then replied that he's the Big Bash. In the end, Delightful's missing left shoe is returned to her with a note from the Big Bash, and she doesn't know that the vigilante really was Bashful.

"Let's Get Organ-ized"

S1e03b bashful at the windowsill
S1e03b bashful looks towards the castle
S1e03b bashful wonders whenever she needs him (and the 6d)

When the 7D starts their day at 7 a.m., Bashful looks over his windowsill with Queen Delightful's castle on the horizon. He then wonders about whether the Queen would need their help during the rest of the day.

"The Fairest in the Land"

The Glooms transform Queen Delightful into a troll to ensure she won't win the award for being the fairest of the land for another year. Lord Starchbottom tells the 7D about her new look, which Bashful replies, "Impossible." When the 7D finally gets to see troll Delightful, Bashful faints in response.

"Bathtub Bashful"

S1e12a You're the Queen of Hearts Baby 11
S1e12a Delightful Thanks Bashful 14
S1e12a Delightful Thanks Bashful 15
S1e12a Delightful Thanks Bashful 17

Queen Delightful overhears a beautiful singing voice on her morning jog. She traced the singing to the 7D's cottage, and is told by the dwarfs that the singing is of Bashful inside the shower. Delightful then invites Bashful to sing at her Jollypalooza concert to take Jenny Jollywood's spot. Bashful later learns of this and went into hiding. He is eventually found by the rest of the dwarfs and reveals to them that not only he has stage fright (and he has to sing in front of the Queen), he only sings beautifully inside the shower, but on the outside he sings in his normal voice. Bashful then agrees to be on the stage provided that he would sing inside the tub. His performance of "Baby I Dig You" wowed the crowd (and sending Delightful into a frenzy); and he finally gains confidence to go outside the tub and sing "You're the Queen of Hearts Baby" while wooing Delightful. After the concert, Delightful presents him with roses, telling him that he's wonderful, and she then kisses her fingers to touch Bashful's forehead, causing him to faint.

"Free Teensy"

S1e13b 'oh, hello.'
S1e13b 'she can't get enough of me.'

"She can't get enough of me."

After Queen Delightful calls the 7D to help her move Teensy into a new home and they arrive, she notices Bashful's absence and asks where he is. However, Bashful is already behind her and says hello and she says hello in return. He then remarks that she can't get enough of him while making a grin.


S1e17a starchy - "that's my job."

"But that's my job."

S1e17a "beat it, bub."

"Beat it, bub. I already called dibs."

Queen Delightful wants the 7D to find her buckets during a dark and stormy night. Bashful wants to stay behind and keep an eye on the Queen to protect her back at the castle, leaving Lord Starchbottom to take his place. Starchbottom at first protested, saying that's his job, but Bashful tells him to beat it and that he has first dibs.

"Uncle Humidor"

The 7D races to the castle upon hearing the Bing-Bong Bell in its emergency form. They then faced a mysterious man in armor appearing to endanger Queen Delightful, prompting Bashful to say, "Leave the Queen alone, you meanie." It then turns out to be a prank by Delightful's Uncle Humidor.

"Leaf It To Sneezy"

Sneezy saves Delightful from the Leaf Monster by blowing him away with his sneeze, and the Queen falls into his arms. He then asks Bashful to keep her safe before defeating the Glooms, and Bashful responds with an enthusiastic "Okay!"

"Doing the 7D Dance"

The 7D find themselves as celebrities as their dance craze spread through Jollywood. The Glooms -- disguised as bus tour guides -- offered them a tour in what it later turned to be a trap. Noticing that Delightful will be along for the ride, Bashful acts giddy.

"Big Rock Candy Flim-Flam"

S1e23b delightful screams at bashful's sudden appearance


S1e23b "you're my hero."

"You're my hero."

S1e23b bashful falls

All of time in Jollywood is frozen around midnight, and the 7D is being summoned into the castle. But at first, the Queen has a case of the hiccups. Bashful appeared behind her from above and says "Boo!", effectively scaring Delightful. She then thanked him and sweetly declares that he's her hero. Bashful faints, and crashed into the floor below. He got up and says "I'm okay," before losing consciousness again.

Season 2

"When Pigs Fly"

An army of pigs with the ability to fly (thanks to the Glooms) invade Jollywood's food festival. One of them is about to crash into Delightful, but Bashful got her in the nick of time.

"Knight School"

S2e03b delightful swoons first time
S2e03b delightful kisses bashful
S2e03b bashful fainting

A suave knight makes his arrival in Jollywood, and his attractive appearance and charm caught the attention of Queen Delightful, making her swoon over him. After he fought off a dragon, she swoons again -- twice. Bashful is concerned that Sir Charms-A-Lot is taking her away from him (and also wanted to make Delightful swoon three times), so he decided to become a knight-in-training for roughly a week over at the Knight School. Meanwhile, Sir Charms-A-Lot, looking for a place to stay, is over at the castle. Delightful's admiration of the knight is soon faded away by Sir Charms-A-Lot's increasingly stuck-up attitude and body odor (he requires himself to be under his suit of armor at all times).

Back at the Knight School, Bashful fails to successfully joust his opponents and gets injured each time. After encouragement from Grumpy, Bashful found a way to win by the only way he knows how -- by hiding. He then jousts his final opponent using his special skill -- his instructor -- and is granted knighthood. While Bashful is on the way to the castle, Sir Charms-A-Lot is revealed to be an impostor, and the dragon he "fought" against earlier is part of a deal to win Delightful's affections. Bashful arrives at the castle with the 7D and is being gentlemanly towards Delightful. Then, the dragon returns with his brother to confront Sir Charms-A-Lot, and the fake knight is exposed to be a dwarf in stilts and he retreats. With the castle still in danger, Bashful sent away the dragons by hiding and playing the lute to soothe them, a skill picked up while in training. The 7D celebrate Bashful's actions, and Delightful swoons over him three times, then kisses him on his forehead. Bashful also swoons three times, then faints.

"Delight Me, Delight Me Not"

S2e04b bashful sighs at delightful's portrait
S2e04b bashful snatching the delightnotium
S2e04b 'try these on for size.'

Today's the day of Queen Delightful's annual address to her subjects. Bashful has a pen pal who sends out airplane letters. Awaiting a response, Bashful sighs at a small portrait of the Queen next to him. When the response finally arrives, he accidentally writes back on what turns out to be Doc's map of the location of Delightnotium, a gem recently discovered inside the mine that can drain the delight away from the Queen, and sent it out. Bashful then freaks out when he finds out that his pen pal is no other than Grim Gloom.

Bashful is so miserable that he's afraid to tell his friends what happened, and he sets out on his own to save Queen Delightful from the Glooms, who decided to use the gem on her. The Glooms enter the mine and find the Delightnotium; they cause a cave-in, which briefly traps Bashful. The 7D finds Bashful and he tells them what happened. Then they all went over to the castle to stop the Glooms. At their arrival via the Whoopty-Doopty Schmoodly Tube, Bashful leaps into the air and snatches the Delightnotium away from the Queen, who's already turned into a monster; she's now back to her beautiful self. With the gem on his hands, Bashful runs away from the Glooms and throws it to Happy, then he put in their backs Gloomnotium, a gem to drain the gloom away. Queen Delightful then delivers her address to the people of Jollywood.

"Whose Voice is it Anyway?"

Starchbottom tells the 7D that the Queen is in danger, though he has trouble remembering her exact location and give out the name of a wrong location several times. Bashful runs out of the castle, yelling "Floom! I'll save you Queen Delightful!", and instead gets trapped in quicksand. (Happy and Grumpy rescued him in the end.)

"Miss Fortune Teller"

S2e07a bashful pops out of the stove
S2e07a 'come with me.'
S2e07a bashful falling down with a rope
S2e07a 'hello, bashful!'
S2e07a 'sneeze us home, sneezy.'

In another attempt to take over Jollywood, Hildy becomes Miss Fortune, the fortune teller. While giving Grumpy a reading on her Crystal Ball, she falsely declares that Queen Delightful will be in danger. This prompts Bashful to unexpectedly jump out of a stove, picks up Hildy and they rush towards the castle. Later, Hildy reads Delightful her future and says that a tornado would destroy Jollywood within its path. To prevent it from occurring, Hildy persuades the Queen to turn the crown over to her while Delightful herself will have to travel around the world backwards.

Bashful, along with Sneezy and Doc aboard the Whoopty Doopty Floaty Flyer Whirly-Windy, catches up with Delightful traveling on a canal in Venice. He then says, "I'm on my way, Queen Delightful" before jumping down on a rope. Delightful happily says hello to him as soon as he got a hold on her and together they go up to the aircraft. For a brief moment, they held hands.

"Which Witch is Which?"

S2e08b bashful stares lovingly at delightful

During the final scene of the segment after the 7D defeated the Glooms, Bashful stares lovingly at Delightful.

"The Family Pickles"

S2e09a 'i never thought you were.'

When Starchbottom confesses that he's not royalty so he can get the job as Delightful's assistant and she wants him to stay, Bashful again stares at her with a smile.

"Chicken Soup for the Troll"

At the Jollywood Pickle Barrel 500, presenter Queen Delightful suddenly comes down with the Yodelay flu, with its side effects include nonstop yodeling and floating up in the air. Before the 7D left the event in search for its cure, Jollywood Jane chicken noodle soup, Doc wants to Bashful to stay at the event and lends him a fishing lure to keep the Queen close to the ground. Bashful's task makes him queasy because he has to spend time with Delightful to keep her from floating in the air. Later, Delightful is now in the skies above, taking Bashful with her before Doc finally arrives with the soup and they finally land.

"Bedknobs and Gloomsticks"

S2e14a bashful reacting at the sight of delightful
S2e14a 'hello, bashful! may i come in'

The 7D throw a party to residents of Jollywood at their cottage at night, and by the next morning they were asleep at various places instead on their beds. Bashful was sleeping on the floor at facing the front door, where he heard a knock. He was a bit cranky at first when he questioned who's knocking at that hour,but he then freaked out at the sight of Queen Delightful, who asked him if she could come in. Bashful then told her to wait, and continued to freak out and told the 7D that she can't come in while the cottage was in a mess.

"The 7D and the Beast"

S2e15b bashful grabs the antidote from sleepy
S2e15b bashful kisses delightful!

At the end of the episode, Queen Delightful eats an candied apple that she made from a batch of apples given to her earlier in the day by the Wicked Witch. The apples were cursed with a sleeping spell, and when Delightful, Starchbottom and Baroness BonBon ate them, they fell asleep. When Sleepy says that a person can awaken by a true love's kiss, Bashful quickly kisses her, making it the first time that he kisses her in return!

"The Jollywood Games"

S2e17a delightful-bashful kiss 1
S2e17a delightful-bashful kiss 2

The 7D, including Bashful, were participating in The Jollywood Games. The winner gets to have his request granted by Queen Delightful. One of Bashful's oponets was a disguised Grim going by the name of Zippidee. The competition eventually comes down to Bashful and Grim, and Grim was declared the winner, though Hildy helped him win by her magic (the official rule book does not prohibit that). Grim, however, handed his win over to Bashful because of the sportsmanship they both displayed during the games. Bashful gets to ask two requests to Delightful, but they were both denied. He then gave Delightful a request of her own, which is to construct sphinxes of the 7D as a tourist attraction. However, one of Bashful's denied requests do get granted by the Queen at the end -- she willingly kissed Bashful on the lips!


The Glooms and the Shapeshifter are behind the theft of a gem in an attempt to destroy Jollywood led Bashful to embark on another persona -- Agent Bash, the super spy. Impressed, Delightful later joined him and the rest of the 7D at a stakeout at the arcade using her own persona -- Lotta Glamour. Later, Agent Bash and Lotta Glamour was captured by Shapeshifter, then tied up in front of the laser using the gem to destroy them. Agent Bash then defeated the villains with the help of the 7D, and while Lotta Glamour wanted to thank him he is already gone.

"There's a Monkey in My Hat"

Queen Delightful asked her temporary advisor Nanners if Bashful is hiding behind her. After Nanners says yes, Bashful appears and says "Hi" dreamily while waving at her, then runs off.

"A Sneeze in Time"

Grumpy's Chilipeeney Peppereenie cheese made Sneezy sneezed himself and his pals across time throughout the episode. After they realized they were a week ahead in the timeline, Jollywood was already taken over by the Glooms with their army of angry geese. The Glooms then meet the 7D with Delightful being held captive, who's a goose. Bashful is then horrified at the sight of her and attempted to get her out of her cage, but then got chased away by the Glooms' geese.

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