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(The scene starts out as the 7D walks to the flower fields)
Happy: Ahhhh! I love spring. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping. (blows a dandelion) The winds are blowing.
Grumpy: (Hears Sneezy about to sneeze) And the sneezes are headed this way.

(The others starts running from Sneezy's powerful sneeze, but to no avail as Sneezy's sneeze sends them to the town square, landing on the fountain.)
Happy: Ya-ha-hey!
Grumpy: So much for that jelly sandwich in my pocket.
Sneezy: (runs back to the others) Sorry, fellas. (sniffles) Spring makes me extra achoo-ey.
(The villagers gasp)
Villagers: It's Sneezy!
Villager: And it's allergy season! (The villagers start running and screaming in terror, an alarm from the Sky Bucket terminal goes off)
Villager #2: Duck and cover! (hides under the sandbags, the other villagers followed)

(The 7D avoids jumps out of the fountain, just as Sneezy sneezed another powerful sneeze, destroying it, Sneezy then lands on a cart of flowers)
Bashful: Hide! (then hides under the bags)
(Grumpy, Doc and Happy watches as Sneezy sneezes again sending some chickens, a few sheep, a horse, a deer and a narwhal flying; Sneezy then returns to the others)
Sneezy: All done! (Grumpy and Doc starts running away as Sneezy about to sneeze again)
Happy: (runs to Sneezy, then he puts a finger under Sneezy's nose) Sneezy, wait! (smiles as he removes his finger)
Sneezy: Hey, thanks Hap---- (sneezes on the screen)

(Happy then takes out a towel wiping off the gross stuff, Dopey then helps by using a squeegee to remove the rest of it)
Happy: (laughs, then winks at the screen) Clean as a whistle.
Dopey: (whistles, then gives a thumbs up)

(Happy and Dopey turns around to see Sneezy about to sneeze, they get blown along with the others, Sneezy on the other hand flies all the way to the Gloom's mansion, entering via the mansion's chimney.)
Sneezy: Oh boy, you two.
(The Glooms flick their wands and sends Sneezy out of their home and into the sky all the way off-screen, then returns landing on a trampoline held by the other dwarfs.)
Sneezy: Phew, I'm glad that's o- (about to sneeze again)
Grumpy: (Grumpy takes his hat off and covers Sneezy's nose) No, no, no, no, no... (Sneezy lets out a powerful sneeze sending Grumpy flying into space, passing Mars and Jupiter and oribiting Saturn before returning back to Earth landing on the trampoline) Did I miss anything?
(The screen goes slowly around as we can see a part of Jollywood has been crashed)
Sleepy: Winkers.
Bashful: Floom.
Dopey: (sadly whistles)
Sneezy: (sniffles)
Grumpy: Sneezy, that nose of yours is a regular wrecking machine.
Sneezy: (sneezes as well as makes himself drown into water)

(Cut to Sneezy doing an interview inside the 7D's cottage)
Sneezy: My sneezing was making everyone's life miserable. So I went home. I figured if I stayed inside, maybe my nose would stop going kablooie. (About to sneeze again) Kablooie! (sneezes powerfully that makes the cottage crashed and ruined) It was then that I decided I needed to leave and find a place where my nose explosions would stop hurting the folks I cared about.

(Cut to a chase between Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs in the jungle. Then the wolf hides behind a tree to avoid being seen)
Big Bad WolfSome Big Bad Wolf I am. Chased out of Pig Sty Springs by a posse of porkers. Ah, the humiliation. I remember a time when it was all straw and sticks, (appears a thinking bubble with Big Bad Wolf and a house in it) I was the best in the biz at blowing down pig homes. (Big Bad Wolf blowing down house in the bubble. appears again another one with him and a steel house) But now all the homes are made of brick and stucco and reinforced steel frames.

(In the bubble)
Big Bad Wolf: Little pig, little pig, let me in, now.
Three Little Pigs: Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin.
Big Bad Wolf: Then, of course, I'll huff and puff and blow your house in. (blows the steel house but no effects) Wow. (keeps blowing until he gets chased by the pigs, then thinking bubble pops)
Big Bad Wolf: Looks like my huffing and puffing days are over. (as he is saying, a tree blasted by Sneezy's sneeze goes behind him) Awoo-woo-woo! One sneeze and that little dude did that? I think I'm back in business. (comes out) Hi there, friend.
Sneezy: (sneezes again and makes the wolf stuck in a tree)
Big Bad Wolf: Awoo-woo-woo!
Sneezy: Sorry I sneezed at you.
Big Bad Wolf: Don't be sorry. That was exquisite "sneezery."
Sneezy: Really?
Big Bad Wolf: You're just the fella I've been looking for. I'm in a demolition business. My card. (brings out a card) I wreck things for a living. I take down pigs' houses so, uh, they can build new ones.
Sneezy: And my sneezing could help?
Big Bad Wolf: Oh, big time. You'd be the C.S.O--the Chief Sneezing Officer.
Sneezy: I'm in! (sneezes saliva in Big Bad Wolf's hand) Hand sanitizer? (then sprays on and wipe it)
Big Bad Wolf: Ooh, nice. Welcome to Huff and Puff Incorporated.

(Cut to the rest of the dwarfs seeing their house blown down by Sneezy eariler)
Grumpy: Maybe we can sell it as a fixer-upper.
Bashful: (holds Sneezy's note) Sneezy's gone! Grumpy: How do we know he's gone?
Bsshful: Because he left this note! It says "I've gone".
Grumpy: Well how do we know he's not coming back?
Bashful: He says: "I'm not coming back".
Grumpy: Well, maybe he'll change his mind!
Bashful: "I'm not changing my mind!"
Grumpy: Gimme that! (Takes note) "Gone to find a place where my sneezing fits in"
Happy: Hey! I got it! Let's go find Sneezy and cheer him up! Come on guys!
(The 6D follow Happy)
6D: Hi-Ho!
(Grumpy stays behind)
Grumpy: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah! I'm an expert at that!

(Cut to Sneezy and the Wolf standing in front of a house)
Big Bad Wolf: All right! Let the nose blasting begin!
Sneezy: Are you sure this is okay?
Big Bad Wolf: Oh absolutely! (Pulls out paper) I got the Paperwork right here! "Blow down house, 123 Bacon lane." Signed Joe and Beth Oinkers! So! Show me the Sneeze!

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