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Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf, as he appeared in "Big Bad Sneezy"
Character Information
Voiced by Jeff Bennett
Nickname(s) Creep (by Little Red Riding Hood)
Grandma (by Sneezy)
Alias(es) Bad
Age Unknown
Occupation Owner of Huff and Puff Inc.
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Eyes Black
Family Unknown
Enemies Sneezy, citizens of Pig Sty Springs, Little Red Riding Hood

Big Bad Wolf is a wolf who first appeared in "Big Bad Sneezy", where he tricked Sneezy into blowing down all the pigs' houses in Pig Sty Springs after observing his incredibly powerful sneeze which blasts off a tree and inviting him to his "huffing and puffing cooperation." But in the end, he was shot by Sneezy's strongest sneeze (intentionally) so far in the show which made him go around Earth until he got back to the ancient era of the dinosaurs. He briefly reappeared during the final scene of the Season 2 episode "The Enchanted Forest Ranger" among a group of villains headed by a mysterious squirrel. It is unknown how he returned to the present. He's also among another group of villains in "Shapeshifter".

Physical appearance

Big Bad Wolf is a blue-greyish wolf with a white collar and a blue and red striped tie, though in subsequent appearances his tie is solid blue.

In the series

In "Big Bad Sneezy", Sneezy meets the Big Bad Wolf after leaving his fellow 7D behind because his sneezes were causing more harm around them during allergy season. The wolf's job is getting increasingly difficult because a growing number of new homes in Pig Sty Springs are built with stronger material. He likes what Sneezy can do and appoints him as the "Chief Sneezing Officer" of Huff and Puff Incorporated and Sneezy has much success destroying the houses. Meanwhile, the Big Bad Wolf's true motivation is to steal food from the pig families and his next move is to go to Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's house. The 7D later found Sneezy, heard about the plan and later informed Red, and Sneezy confronts the wolf (while in disguise as Red) and strongly blows him away.


  • Big Bad Wolf's voice accent resembles the American actor Christopher Walken, and he pauses between each of his sentences.
  • Shea Fontana, the episode's co-writer, answered a question based on Big Bad Wolf's voice, and said: "The very funny Jeff Bennett played the Big Bad Wolf and brought the Christopher Walken vibe to the character. When writing it, I wasn't thinking specifically Walken, but what Jeff did was hilarious."


  • "Awoo-woo-woo-woo!"


"Big Bad Sneezy"

"The Enchanted Forest Ranger"

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