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(The scene starts out as the 7D and Starchbottom coming out of the haunted mansion, carrying buckets)
Grumpy: I bet you're wondering what we're yelling about, why Starchy is with us and what the heck is up with all those buckets. Well, it all started one dark and stormy night.

(Cut to inside the castle's throne room, the 7D are soaking wet)
Delightful: I'm sorry to have to call you here on such a dark and stormy night.
Happy: Oooh, is it raining? (Sleepy squeezes out rain water from his hat) Hadn't noticed.
Delightful: Well, earlier this evening I was awakened with an urgent message via carrier pigeon.
Grumpy: What is it?
Delightful: It's a bird that carries messages from people to other people.
Starchbottom: He means what was the message.
Delightful: Oh. It was-- (the thunder and lightning interrupt her, then the lights go off)
Grumpy: Great. The lights went out.
Doc: Which is strange, since electricity hasn't been invented yet.
(Queen Delightful lights up a lamp, then shows Dopey hanging on to Grumpy, Grumpy grumbles and puts Dopey down)
Delightful: The message was from my Uncle Humidor and it said (mocks her uncle's voice) 'Cats and jammies, I've sold the mansion by the sea and it must be cleared out by tomorrow.'
Sleepy: Wow...
Sneezy: It's amazing...
Grumpy: That was spot on.
Delightful: Oh, thank you. I have been working on it.
Happy: So what do you need us to do, Your Majesty?
Delightful: I need you to go to the mansion by the sea and bring back my buckets.
Grumpy: Your buckets? For this you ring the Bing-Bong Bell?
Delightful: Yes, I must have my buckets. As a young girl, I used to visit Uncle Humidor's mansion by the sea every summer. Oh, how I loved playing on the beach with my buckets.

(A flashback of a young Delightful appears showing her play on the beach)
Young Delightful: Buckets, I love you. (giggles)
(The flashback disappears as the lightning sparks)

Delightful: On a night such as this, we had to flee the mansion by the sea. Oh, it was a night I'll never forget.
Sneezy: Why'd you have to go?
Delightful: I can't remember. But we left so quickly, I didn't have a chance to get my buckets. Oh, if something happens to my bucket's I'll... I'll... (breaks into one of her tizzies)
Happy: We'll find a way.
Bashful: Not me.
Grumpy: Why not?
Bashful: Someone has to stay here and keep an eye on the queen so she doesn't---
Delightful: Do this? (does another tizzy)
Bashful: Exactly.
Starchbottom: (stutters) But that's my job.
Bashful: Beat it, bub. I already called dibs.
Starchbottom: But, then what will I do?
Happy: You come with us. It'll be fun.
Starchbottom: (does a tizzy)

(Cut to the seashore)
Starchbottom: Are you sure you're reading that map right?
Grumpy: You wanna take a whack at it, Magellan?
(The cart stops)
Starchbottom: Okay, go ask that little girl how to get the mansion by the sea.
(The 7D gasp as the camera zooms in the strange, scary mysterious girl)
Starchbottom: (pushes Happy and Grumpy out of the cart)
Happy: Hello!
Sally: Hello, my name is Sally. I sell seashells at the seashore. Would you like to buy some?
Happy: Well, Sally. Your seashells, your shell-shore shell seems swell.
Grumpy: No!
Sally: Then perhaps you purchase a pickled pepper pie pecked by Peter Piper...
Happy: A pickered pie pickaged by Peter pie pie...
Grumpy: No!
Sally: Fancy Franny's fried fish fries?
Happy: Fancy fatty free fry flee---
Grumpy: No!
Starchbottom: What is taking so long?
Happy: Sally swells sweet shoes and pickered pie for Fanny's fancy feel---
Grumpy: That's what taking so long!
Starchbottom: Can't you just ask for directions to the mansion by the sea?
Sally: (throws the plate) The mansion by the sea?! That joint's haunted!
(cuts and zooms in to the mansion by the sea, then cuts back to the scene, Sally is gone)
Happy: Thanks, Sal---.
Grumpy: Where'd she go?
Starchbottom: Forget about her, come on. (Grumpy and Happy climbs back to the mine cart)

(Cut to the 7D and Starchbottom near the mansion)
Happy: Kinda homey.
Grumpy: There's something wrong with you. (They start walking towards the mansion)

(Cut to Happy and Grumpy on the couch at the 7D's cottage)
Happy: For sure the outside may have looked a bit spooky, but when we got inside... (Cuts back to the 7D and Starchbottom entering the mansion) hoo-hoo, it was really spooky.
(As they entered the mansion, the entrance doors closed by themselves)
Dwarfs: (Gasps then jumps onto Starchy)
Happy: Hee-hee. This is cozy. (Drops the dwarfs)

(It cuts to a portrait of a girl, the 7D and Starchbottom looks at it)
Sleepy: Hey, I wonder who this is?
(Starchbottom shrugs and the others walks towards the next room; Grumpy stays behind, then looks again at the picture. Then the girl suddenly comes out of the portrait)
Ghost Girl: Where, oh where could my Mopsy be? (strums some more)
Grumpy: (mumbles until Starchy comes back, the girl goes back in the picture frame)
Starchy: This is no time to go gaga over a portrait of a pretty girl.
Grumpy: But the girl, thing, eyeballs, sing...
Starchbottom: Concentrate on finding the Queen's buckets.
(As soon as Starchy left, Buckets comes out again and strums some more which made Grumpy run to the next room, Buckets then gets back to the picture frame)
Grumpy: (finds a bucket) Here you go! Here's the bucket! 6D, hi-ho-home!
Happy: (carrying Sleepy with Dopey) Ba-ba-ba-buh-bye!
Doc: Move out!
Sleepy: See ya!
Dopey: (whistles)

(As they reached the front door, it opens and Starchbottom is standing outside)
Starchbottom: The Queen asked for her buckets, which is plural, which means she meant more than one.
Sneezy: (holds out a bucket) Here's another one, found it by the piano.
Dopey: (whistles and removes his hat, revealing a bucket on top of his head)
Happy: I wonder how many buckets the Queen left here?
(cut to the other buckets inside the mansion)
Starchbottom: We need to search this place from top to bottom and collect every bucket we find.
(The front doors then closed by themselves again)
Ghost Girl's voice: Mopsy, Mopsy, where are you?
Dwarfs: (screams) Yikes! (jumps on to Starchbottom)
Happy: Nice catch! (Drops the dwarfs)
Starchbottom: Look, there is a perfectly logical explanation for that singing.
Grumpy: Like what?
Starchbottom: I have no idea.
Doc: Perhaps, there is a scientific explanation. I present... (A piece of machinery comes out of his hat) my Fiddle-dee Foodle-dee Phantom Finder!
Starchy: How'd that fit in your hat?
Doc: My hat comes with extra trunk space. (Starchy opens a small part of the hat revealing an elephant's trunk blowing Starchy away)
Grumpy: I don't suppose you've got a sandwich up there. (Doc's hat reveals six plates of sandwiches and hands it to the others)
Dopey: (Gulps)
Starchbottom: Hey! Where's my sandwich?! (Looks inside Doc's hat, a lady in a shower is heard screaming) Pardon me, sorry about that. (Lady screams again) I was looking for my... OK, I'm gone.

(Cuts into a room where a piano is located; Doc hovers his Phantom Finder above the piano)
Doc: Oh! I am getting some readings in here! (Pushing the Phantom Finder) Very interesting.
(The Phantom Finder explodes)
Doc: Yup, there's definitely paranormal activity in this general area. (Doc faints)
(The piano suddenly starts playing instantly, causing the dwarfs to jump into Starchbottom again)
Happy: Nice catch!
Starchbottom: Would you stop that?! (Drops the dwarfs; walks towards the piano) There's a perfectly logical reason why this piano played all by itself! This is obviously a player piano.
Sneezy: What's a player piano?
Starchbottom: It's like a music box. You see inside this piano is a roll of perforated paper. (Starchbottom looks inside the piano) There's nothing in here... This is not a player piano. (Starchy looks at the keyboard, which again plays)
Dwarfs: (Gasps then jumps onto Starchbottom)
Happy: You are starting to like this, aren't you Starchy?
Starchbottom: (Starchy then drops the dwarfs) Would you just search for the Queen's buckets?!

(Cut to Happy and Grumpy sitting on the couch at their cottage)
Grumpy: I decided to search the kitchen. My cheese sandwich needed some mustard. (A spider suddenly appeared on screen, scaring Grumpy) Ahh!

(Cut to the kitchen)
Grumpy: (Carrying a lantern; he opens and goes inside the refrigerator) Come on mustard, where are you? (The lantern suddenly floats toward Grumpy) Ah! Found it! Thanks! (Grumpy shivers) Eh, Sneezy? Dopey? Doc?
Ghost Girl: Nope, it's me!
Grumpy: (Squeezes mustard) Ah! (Grumpy petrified with fear)

(Song: "Ghost Girl (Part 2)")
Ghost Girl: I like your flower hat,
I like your face as well
I am happy that you are here,
'Cause I think you are very swell
(song ends)

(Grumpy throws his cheese sandwich to the ceiling and flee in terror)
Aww, I just want to play like I used to with my Mopsy! (Ghost girl suddenly disappears)
Grumpy: (pops up inside a circle onscreen) I calmly explain to Starchy what I had seen.
Starchbottom: Would you stop?! What is wrong with you?! There's no ghost in here! (Grumpy's sandwich falls from the ceiling to Starchy) Just your cheese sandwich which was stuck on the ceiling. (Mustard falls from the ceiling to Starchbottom's face) And I see you found the mustard.
Grumpy: I told ya' I saw a ghost!
Starchbottom: (Wipes mustard off his face) Your mind is playing tricks on you!
Dopey: (Pulls out a magic hat underneath his regular hat)
Starchbottom: Oh, I said it was tricks so you gonna show me a magic trick!
Dopey: (Pulls out a bunny from his hat and whistles)
Starchbottom: Wow! That's pretty impressive!
Dopey: (Hands his hat to Starchy and whistles)
Starchbottom: Oh, you want me to try? (Pulls out a roaring lion) Ahhh!!! (Runs away with Dopey)
Grumpy: I wonder how he did that... (Takes Dopey's hat and looked inside)
Ghost girl: (Appeared out of Dopey's hat) Wanna play?!
Grumpy: Ahhh! (Threw the hat away and ran out of the kitchen) Hey, Starchy!!!

(Cut to everybody running around, screaming)
Starchbottom: Hold it! Stop! (The dwarfs fell and landed onto Starchy) Why is everyone screaming? I am screaming on account of the lion!
Grumpy: I am screaming on account of the ghost!
Sneezy: I was screaming because you were.
Sleepy: I was screaming because Sneezy was.
Doc: I was screaming because Sleepy was.
Dopey: (Whistles)
Happy: I was screaming because it looked like fun!
Starchbottom: (Put his hand on his forehead)
Happy: Look at the bright side, Starchy, check out all the buckets we found!
(Cuts to many buckets on the floor)
Doc: Nice work, 7D! Our job here is done!
Starchbottom: Not so fast! How do we know these are all the buckets?
Happy: Well, we don't. We just gather all the buckets and place inside, could be lots more!
(Lightning strikes, causing the 6D to jump onto Starchbottom once more)
Happy: Hmm, I love this running gag!
Starchbottom: I don't! (Drops the dwarfs)

(Cut to Sleepy and Grumpy on the couch back at the cottage)
Sleepy: I suggested we get a good night sleep and gather the rest of the buckets in the morning!
Grumpy: Sleeping sleep answered to everything. (Sleepy sleeping) So we spent the night.
(The spider again appears, frightening Grumpy)

(Cut to the exterior shot of the mansion with heavy rain)
Happy: (Appearing inside the circle onscreen) Grumpy was having trouble to sleep, so I sang him a soothing lullaby.

(Cut to Grumpy in bed with Happy sitting on a chair next to him. Happy begins to sing)

(Song: "Ghost Girl (Part 3)")
Happy: Let pretty pictures fill your head
Ghost Girl: Like gargoyles lurking beneath your bed
Happy: See peaceful visions in your sleep
Ghost Girl: Like howling red-eyed zombie sheep
Happy: You drift away to the land of dreams
Ghost Girl: Where nobody can hear your screams
(song ends; an close up of Ghost Girl's face shown)

(Happy and Grumpy are trembling with fear when they saw her. They proceed to back away, only to stumble over a secret entrance to a room)
Happy and Grumpy: Ow!
Ghost Girl: Yaysies! You found our secret room! This is where Mopsy and I will play if we weren't on the beach!
Grumpy: What do you want from us?!
Ghost Girl: I want someone to play with me. What do you want?
Happy: We... we just want Queen Delightful's buckets! Ok?
Ghost Girl: (Spinning around) Wee! Wee! Wa-hahahaha!
Happy and Grumpy: Ahhh! (they run away through a wall)
Ghost Girl: Wee! Wee! Wee!
(Everyone ran out of the mansion by the appearance of the Ghost Girl carrying buckets, bringing back to where the episode started)

(Cut to Grumpy and Starchbottom on the couch at the 7D's cottage)
Grumpy: So this is where we came in, but that's not where the story ends.
Starchbottom I was certain we had collected every bucket in that mansion!

(Cut to Queen Delightful's Castle)
Grumpy: (voiceover) But when when we return them to Queen Delightful, we got a big surprise!
Delightful: These are all lovely buckets but I was hoping you will give me back m buckets!
Bashful: (Comes out from a bucket) Psst, is not a bucket.
Grumpy: Then, what is it?
Ghost Girl: It's me!
Queen Delightful: Buckets!
Ghost Girl: Oh, Mopsy!

(Cut to Grumpy and Bashful at the cottage)
Bashful: Buckets was Queen Delightful's imaginary friend. They used to play together, all the time!
Grumpy: (now covered in silk on a spider web) Now she tells us.

(Cut to Queen Delightful's castle)
Queen Delightful: Let's play!
Ghost Girl: Oh, let's!

(Song: "Just Like a Bucket and Mop")
Delightful: I’ve got my Buckets
Ghost Girl: I’ve got my Mopsy
Delightful: I’m super glad
Ghost Girl: And I’m super happy
Both: Just like a bucket and mop
We go together a lot

Delightful: Like a mermaid and a tail
Ghost Girl: Like a barnacle and whale
Delightful: Like the ocean and a fish
Ghost Girl: A shooting star and make wish
Both: Like a pail and a shovel are we
Building sandcastles by the sea

Boop, boop ba dop ba dop
Boop, boop ba dop ba dop
(song ends)

(Cut to Grumpy)
Grumpy: Hey, you think we oughta' tell the Queen that her imaginary friend is a ghost?
(A family of ghosts appear from the buckets)
Ghosts: No! Boo!
(The 7D and Starchbottom scream and run away from castle and out towards the village)
The 7D and Starchbottom:: Hi ho!
(the end)

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