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Did You Swipe the Soupy
Artist(s) Kevin Michael Richardson
Composer(s) Parry Gripp
Sherri Stoner
Deanna Oliver[1]
Episode(s) "Chicken Soup for the Troll"

"Did You Swipe the Soupy"[1] is a song sung by Happy in "Chicken Soup for the Troll". After he asked his friends about who stole Jollywood Jane's chicken noodle soup, Happy asked the Glooms, but gets interrupted by Hildy. The song is based on the real life song "Who Took the Cookies from the Cooke Jar".


Happy: Did you swiped the soup from the soupy pot?
Grim: Who, me? Are you talkin' to me?
Happy: Yeah, you. Who do you think I'm singing to?
Grim: Not me.


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Song information

Publishers: Walt Disney Music Co.
ASCAP Work #891224108


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