Doc's hat is one of the most important objects relating to Doc because he regularly needs it to take on any task he has in mind. As to why his hat seemingly hold an endless array of gadgets, Doc even replied that it "comes with extra trunk space" (in the episode "Buckets"). He also has a mechanical version of his hat dubbed the Tells-Me-Who's-Knocking-at-the-Fedora that can tell who's at the front door in advance.


S1e24 sage doc hides a piece inside hat

Sage Doc places the indigo gem inside the hat.

It is revealed in "The Rock of Sages" that the hat was passed down to Doc from many generations as a heirloom. It originated from one of the Seven Sages that bore resemblance to Doc and was one of the locations that protected each part of the very powerful gem known as the Rock of Sages that led to the founding of Jollywood, and the hat is also known as the Conical Cap of Truth. However, in the Season 2 episode "Dr. Jingleheimer" Doc stated to the audience that his hat -- was stolen by the titular character to build a device to shrink the kingdom -- was his invention.

Season 1

Sneezin' Season

Doc's hat employed a pair of mechanical hands using a clipboard and a pencil to record findings for the source of Sneezy's severe allergies. Later in the episode, the hand shows the dwarfs the true source -- Bob.

Mirror, Mirror

A lantern comes out of the hat to provide light for The 7D to dig their way to the Glooms' manor to rescue the Magic Mirror and to find the mirror at their destination.

The Big Bash

Doc uses a megaphone to address the crowd during the presentation of Queen Delightful's brand-new golden Sky Bucket.

Sir Yipsalot and the Goose

Doc uses a magnifying glass to read Sir Yipsalot's the kidnappers' ransom note.

Starchy Takes a Break

The magnifying glass is also used to examine the extent of Starchy's leg injury.

The Littlest Giants

The hat becomes a scale to weigh gems at the mine.

Gnome Alone

Doc inspects the Royal Ruby, then a whistle signaled the end of the work day.

For the Love of Cheese

A mechanical hand once again appeared to discard the Love Stone out of the cottage.

Let's Get Organ-ized

The mechanical hand made another appearance using a feather to force Sneezy to blow Delightful's pipe organ out of its room to make way for a new one.

Grim the Dragon

The mechanical hand is used to hurl water balloons at Grim the dragon.

Hildy the Good

Doc's hat employed a net to catch all the cats and dogs cascading from the sky, a work of the Glooms.


At first, the mechanical hand pulls out the Fiddle-dee Foodle-dee Phantom Finder, and then an elephant's trunk blows Lord Starchbottom away after Doc remarked that his hat has ample space. Later, five sandwiches on platters are handed out to rest of the 7D (except Bashful). Curious, Starchbottom begins to take a gander inside the hat, but he sees a woman taking a shower, leaving him embarrassed.


As part of preparing and grooming Roar for his upcoming recital, a brush is used to clean his teeth. Later, the pair of hands appear as a part of Doc's reaction to Roar's sudden rampage.

Big Bad Sneezy

A telescope appeared to show Sneezy where the Big Bad Wolf is headed next.

The Very Important Thingy

The mechanical hand with a pencil and clipboard appeared again to jot down notes on how the thingy should be.

The mechanical hand gives out a handkerchief after Sneezy sneezed on Doc's plans.

The mechanical hand also uses a bevel protractor for measuring Doc's plans. It's also used when Doc is at the Tranquil Desert.

A pair of hands appears when Doc laments he has to search for more quiet places.

The handkerchief appeared again to wipe Doc's glasses.

The lantern again appeared to help Doc see working on his plans for his thingy.

Leaf It To Sneezy

A propeller comes out from the top of his hat to fly him and Sneezy to Memory Lane.

The Queen's Quest

The mechanical hands participated in a game of volleyball while Doc reads.

Bing Bong Beans

A light bulb came out of the hat so Doc can learn about the Bing Bong beans underground.

The Rock of Sages

In "The Rock of Sages," Doc's hat is also known as the Conical Cap of Truth, the location of the indigo gem.

Season 2

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Dr. Jingleheimer

In "Dr. Jingleheimer", Dr. Jingleheimer has his hunched assistant Bingo kidnap Doc to he can use the hat's tools to make a shrink ray so to shrink Jollywood for his Enchanted Forest train set.