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Duke and Duchess of Drear
Duke and Duchess of Drear, as they appeared in "Bummer Vacation"
Character Information
Voiced by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne
Occupation Duke and Duchess
Gender Male, female
Hair Duke: Dark Blue

Duchess: Dark pink

Eyes Black
Family Daughter: Hildy Gloom

Son-in-law: Grim Gloom

The Duke and Duchess of Drear[1] are the parents of Hildy Gloom. They appeared in the episode "Bummer Vacation", and are voiced by Hildy's voice actor Kelly Osbourne's real life parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.[1][2]


The Duchess seems to me more concerned with image, saying "I'm not with him" when her son-in-law accidentally squirts lemon juice in his eye. She like her daughter seem to be in control of the relationship, as well has having a good head on her shoulders, being the more calm one when it comes to her husband.

The Duke is more laid back being the "Rock and Roll daddy" as Hildy calls him. He's extremely protective over his daughter calling her "Lumpkin" giving her whatever she wants.

When it comes to their daughter the Duke and Duchess have their full attention and her safety as their number one concern, willing to do anything for their only child.


The Duke back in his Rock and Roll days wanted a golden record, he made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to get one, but in return Rumple would want his first born. At the time "Hildy was only a twinkle in her mothers eye" so the Duke made the deal, though once Hildy was born the Duke and Duchess have been on the run to keep their daughter safe. (As of now Hildy has no idea about her fathers deal, but at the end of "Bummer Vacation" They are seen running away with Hildy and Grim from Rumpelstiltskin.)


Duchess: "Ridiculous man." (looking at Grim's palm tree shirt)



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