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S2e14b 'we all quit!'"We all quit!" ("Take Care of Your Elf!")
Character Information
Occupation Service workers
Gender Male, Female
Hair Various
Eyes Black
Enemies Grumpy

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The elves are minor characters on The 7D. They were first mentioned by Sneezy in "Grim the Dragon" as his Hi-Ho Hankie were made by elves at Elfy Town. A Pfeffernüsse elf named Gingersnaps appeared in "Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps" and became Grumpy's servant after he saved his life. Many more appeared in the episode "Take Care of Your Elf!" after they walked off from their jobs after being offended by Grumpy. The elves are from the Kingdom of the Elves, and are ruled by the King of the Elves. Prior to the events of "Take Care of Your Elf!", a special day called Yip Yip Hooray for Elves Day was being observed to crown their next king by Queen Delightful, as they didn't have one for 502 years.

Physical appearance

The elves are of various builds and have different hairstyles and colors. All of them wear clothing of many styles with tints of green.


The elves are very proud of their hard work providing services to the people of Jollywood, and their goods are of high quality. However, they can be easily offended if anyone insults them and will walk away from their jobs, refusing to provide their services to anyone. The only way for the elves to forgive the offender is to make them faces turn red by making them laugh.

In the series

In "Take Care of Your Elf!", Grumpy is furious at the hat shop owner that her elves inadvertently left a smudge on his hat. Grumpy then went to the elves' work area, telling them that they done a poor job. The elves at first begged him not to cross the line, but his angry words caused them to walk off the job, followed by other elves around Jollywood where news of Grumpy's actions had spread. Even worse, this occurred during the elves' special day to crown their new king. A postcard from the Kingdom of the Elves then delivered to Grumpy, and he has to travel there along with Doc to make amends so that elves would return to their duties. When the elves were gone, Bashful, Sleepy and Sneezy were giving away "hats" to disappointing customers, while Happy and the other Jollywoodians are singing a song in support of the elves and wanted them to return.

After they arrived at the kingdom, Grumpy and Doc were captured by wild gibberish elves, and they were taken to the kingdom's palace, which is a boat sitting on a pond. While inside, they were approached by a mysterious figure, who turned out to be Gingersnaps, and says that he's the next in line to become the king of the elves. However, he can't be crowned unless Grumpy has to make the elves' faces turn red and the special day resumed, but the elven laws forbid Gingersnaps to say what he could do. At Doc's suggestion, Grumpy twice has to compliment the angry elves onstage. His efforts failed, and Gingersnaps then said that elves won't have their faces turn red by complimenting them. Grumpy became angry, and his pants fall down revealing his underwear, making the elves turn red with laughter. Grumpy is eventually forgiven, and Yip Yip Hooray for Elves Day finally resumed, with Gingersnaps being crowned at their king by Delightful.


  • The elves are believed to live in Elf Realm, as revealed in the front side of the postcard Grumpy was given, in "Take Care of Your Elf!"


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