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Encyclopedia Enchantica
S1e22b Doc's encyclopedia enchantica
Name Encyclopedia Enchantica
Purpose The source of all information about magic
Type Book
Owner Doc
First appearance "For the Love of Cheese"

The Encyclopedia Enchantica is Doc's handy encyclopedia which contains a lot of information about Jollywood. Doc uses it as the main source of all the answers to his questions. It made its first appearance in "For the Love of Cheese". Doc used it to find out about the love stone and how it makes people fall in love with whoever is holding it. This is also the first episode where it is mentioned by name. In "Grim the Dragon", when Doc determined whether an object the 7D is holding really is a massive pearl. In "Bing Bong Beans" it was searched through by Doc who wanted the solution of how to get to the Kingdom of the Clouds (simply by planting the Bing Bong beans which can be bought at Bargain Bean Barn).

It was revealed that the Encyclopedia Enchantica will have the ability to talk in a Season 2 episode "Water Ya Doin', Dopey?" and is voiced by Fran Drescher.[1][2]


"Water Ya Doin', Dopey?"


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