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Fiddle-dee Foodle-dee Phantom Finder
S1e17a ...the phantom finder!
Name Fiddle-dee Foodle-dee Phantom Finder
Purpose To detect paranormal activity
Type Detector
Owner Doc
First appearance "Buckets"

The Fiddle-dee Foodle-dee Phantom Finder is an invention built by Doc and appeared in the episode "Buckets." Doc used this to prove that there is a scientific explanation about the strange things that are happening in the mansion by the sea.

In the show

In the aforementioned episode, Doc theorized that there's a scientific explanation about what's going on in the mansion and brings out his latest invention, which is the Fiddle-dee Foodle-dee Phantom Finder. This led to Lord Starchbottom asking how did he fit his invention on his hat. Doc picked up some readings at a room where the piano is. As he approached the piano, the readings went way too high until the invention shortens out and explodes.


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