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Fourth Wall Breaks are recurring scenes in The 7D when at least one character speaks to the viewers in a seemingly empty room, or the corner of the screen (because unlike in many novels, we cannot read their minds).

Here is a list of fourth wall breaks in The 7D:

Season 1

Sneezin' Season

  • Queen Delightful: "The Jolly Berry Pie Festival was started by my great-great-great-great grandmother Queen Whimsical. That's right, Sir Yipsalot. Once I stuffed Lord Starchbottom into a pie crust by mistake. (chuckles)
  • Grumpy: "Now you know why we call him "Sneezy"."
  • Doc: "It became clear to me that the problem here was Grumpy; Sneezy was allergic to him. So there was no choice but to keep Sneezy and Grumpy apart 'til I can find a cure."
  • Grumpy: "Doc said I had to be the one to move out on the count that he needed Sneezy around for more tests, so I decided try to find a new place to live."

The Big Bash

  • Grim: "Confidently, our sky bucket stinks."
  • Grumpy: "Bashful, has a crush on the Queen. He gets all flibberty gibberty when he's around her."
  • Bashful: "Well, maybe next time."

Starchy Takes a Break

  • Lord Starchbottom: "I needed to get out of the 7D's cottage, so I decided to trick them."

Gnome Alone

  • Grim: "We had no idea which 7D it was."
    • Hildy: (Guessing what is Sleepy's name) "I believe it was Derpy."

Bathtub Bashful

(Flashbacks of Doc letting Bashful down multiple times)


  • Bashful: ""Buckets" was Queen Delightful's imaginary friend and they used to play together all the time."
    • Grumpy: "Now he tells us."

Big Bad Sneezy

(Happy and Dopey cleans the screen)

  • Happy: "Clean as a whistle."
    • Dopey: (whistles)
  • Sneezy: "My sneezing was making everyone's life miserable, so I went home. I figured if I stayed inside my nose would stop going kablooey. (Destroyed the cottage by sneezing it) KABLOOEY!! I was then that I decided I needed to leave."

Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps

  • Doc: "Back when I studied at O U Smarty U, I took a course on elf lore. From what I recall, an elf cannot stop serving a person until they save that same person's life."


(The main characters of the show breaks the fourth wall by grinning at the end of the episode; Happy bids the viewers)

  • Happy: "Happy Jolly Day!" (grins while the iris appeared)

Leaf It To Sneezy

  • Sneezy: "Happy Fall-Into-Fall Day!"

7 Frogs

  • Delightful: After years of balancing books on her head, my dear friend, Princess Prettyhead, is graduating from Hoity-Toity Tech. They have quite rigorous curriculum.

The Queen's Quest

  • Hildy: "This, was my most brilliant plan to date."

Finders Keepers

  • Grumpy: "Lost Acres is a magical place where trolls send all the lost thing they find. Your keys, your other sock.."
    • Grim: "Your dreams, your self respect."
    • Grumpy: (Awkward silence) "Uh, yeah. We have to get in there, get our pets, and the all kitten kaboodle."


  • Happy: "Turns out Dopey's magic cabinet was set up right in front of a big 'ol bear cave."
    • Grumpy: "And the bears, weren't big magic fans. Unfortunately, we came to an agreement."

Bing Bong Beans

Grumpy: "But nothing happened."

Big Rock Candy Flim-Flam

(The Cuckoo kissed the screen)

The Rock of Sages

(The narrator narrates the half of the episode)

  • The Glooms: "We can't stop the volcano!"

Season 2

When Pigs Fly

  • Grumpy: (laughing along with his friends) "We switched the Glooms' potion, with Starchy's smootheroonies!"
    • Lord Starchbottom: "It may not be hit as a smoothie, but it's a very popular expectorant."

(Talking to the audience, grinning at the audience at the end of the episode)

  • The 7D: "Almost anything!"

Knight School

  • Grumpy: "So Bashful enrolled in Knight School. And I decided to go with him, figured some of my bravery would rub off on him. Besides, turns out this school's famous for its All-You-Can-Eat Cafeteria."

In Yer Dreams, Pal

  • Sleepy: "Hey ho hi. I bet the most of you are familiar with the Sandman, the fella who sprinkles magic dust in folks' eyes, so they can go to sleep at night, but I bet you didn't know that we were best buds."
    • Grumpy: "You may also not be quite so familiar with the Sandman's colleague, Sunny the Morning Sprite."
    • Grumpy: "Sunny here, hoist to sun up each morning to wake us up."
    • Sleepy: "Oh, wooh. So, thanks to Sunny and the Sandman, Jollywood is able to dream-sweet-dreams."
    • Grumpy: "Until last night, when every went all Catty Wampus."
    • Sleepy: "And that led up to the most exciting night of my lifetime."
    • Grumpy: "You see, it was the night before the first annual, Breakfast Brouwhaha-haha."

Oh Happy Grumpy

  • Happy: "Kids, you might wanna cover your ears."
  • Bashful: "I couldn't stand the though of Grumpy being alone the rest of his life. I decided to have a talk with that nasty witch."

Whose Voice is it Anyway?

  • Happy: "Grumpy was always betting me I couldn't stop singing a day, and hour, even a minute. I never would. How could I stop singing? But then I remembered something that happened the day before."
  • Hildy: "Grimmy getting the voice of one of the 7D turned out to be a "happy" accident."


  • Doc: (chuckles) "The cheese wheel was just what we needed to plug up the volcano. What happened next, well you'll just have to see it to believe it."

What Are You, Five?

  • Doc: "But before we could put on our big boy pants, first we had to make them. So, we did."
    • Grumpy: "Evidently".

Bummer Vacation

  • Hildy: "The 7D don't realize I've been getting singing lessons from my rock-and-roll daddy."

They Growl By Night

(Grumpy did most of the narration in the episode)


  • Doc: "Shapeshifter hid Sleepy and switched places with him."

There's a Monkey in My Hat

  • Sneezy: "The monkey-in-a hat fad was great, until The Banana Cabana ran out of bananas."

Regular Fourth Wall Breaks

At least one of the 7D breaks the fourth wall by talking to the audience about what happened or what will happen next in the episode, usually while sitting on their couch. We sometimes see the Glooms doing such, and Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom rarely. In "Finders Keepers", Grim and Grumpy sat on a stump in the forest while describing their experience.

S2e02b 'pizza pie ho!'

The usual ending in an episode.

Multiple episodes end with all the 7D, or one of the members, bidding the viewers "Heigh-ho!" / "Heigh <blank> ho!" / "<blank> Heigh-ho!", a random phrase, relating to the past situation of an episode, or the characters grinning to the camera without saying a word. They as well would sometimes say the phrase when they were about to do their mission in various episodes.


  • In "Grump-Tiki", we hear Grumpy telling (in his head) about the days on his sailing adventure while writing it in his travelogue and showing off montages. Later in the aforementioned episode, Doc is sitting at the same chair talking to the audience about the huge cheese wheel they will use to reach the castle before the Glooms.