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Funnel Tunnels
S103b Delightful Calls the 7D to Move the Pipe Organ 6 The Funnel Tunnels, as shown in "Let's Get Organ-ized". The air from the tubes sucked off some of the dwarfs' hats.
Name Funnel Tunnels
Purpose To travel around Jollywood quickly underground
Type Pneumatic tuves
Owner The 7D
First appearance "Gnome Alone"
Last seen "Say Pest to the Dress"

Funnel Tunnels are an underground network of pneumatic tubes created by Doc throughout Jollywood. It's primarily used to get to Queen Delightful whenever she needs help anywhere urgently, so there are portals conveniently placed around the kingdom. However, it's also used to get to any destination quickly.

In the show

Shown in some episodes, one Funnel Tunnel route is between the 7D's mine and Queen Delightful's castle. That route consists of seven tubes, one for each of the 7D. The castle's portal is on the floor of the Throne Room where the dwarfs shoot up and land. "Doing the 7D Dance" finds the dwarfs stuck upside down on the portal, but quickly corrected their positions. Hildy and Grim once traveled on the Funnel Tunnel to the castle with the Royal Ruby followed by the 7D in "Gnome Alone". The tubes are also connected to the mine from the dwarfs' cottage. The Funnel Tunnels are also used to transport Lord Starchbottom to the 7D's cottage in "Starchy Takes a Break", but in that episode the castle portal had only six tubes instead of seven.

In the beginning of "Uncle Humidor", the ringing of the Bing-Bong Bell in its emergency form require the use of the Funnel Tunnel by the dwarfs to fight off an intruder, but it's really Delightful's Uncle Humidor in disguise. Later in the episode, one of the Shiffle-Nosed Nergandingslinger mistakes Grumpy for a baby and takes off with him. Uncle Humidor used one of the tubes near Mount Jollywood to build up enough pressure to shoot up in the sky and rescue Grumpy.


"Starchy Takes a Break"

"Gnome Alone"

"Let's Get Organ-ized"

"Doing the 7D Dance"

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