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(Opens up with Queen Delightful riding in a designed sky bucket, waving around and sings a song)
(Song: "Funniest Haircut Day")
Delightful: It's the funniest day!
Crowd: Yeah!
Delightful: Of the entire year
When we each get a haircut
From ear to ear
And the winner for the funniest hairdo doodle
Wins the Funniest Haircut prize kaboodle!

(spoken): You'll get a trophy and a waffle dinner,
All for the Funniest Haircut dinner!

Crowd: Yip-yooray!
Grumpy: This holiday again. (Grumpy and Gizelle moves out waering a gag glasses)
It's the Funniest Haircut Day!
Yip-yooray, yeah, yip-yooray, hey!
Happy: It's the silliest haircut...
Bashful: Goofiest haircut...
Sneezy: Wackiest haircut...
All: It's the Funniest Haircut Day!

Sleepy: Winkers, Grumpy's not here.
Happy: Hey. Come to think of it, he wasn't hear last year.

(Cuts to flashback)
Grumpy: Gizelle's got a family reunion. Gotta go.

Doc: Hm. According to my calculations, I'm detecting a pattern.

(Queen Delightful flew down using an umbrella)
Queen Delightful: Oh, detecting. I love a good mystery. What's the pattern?
Doc: The pattern is, Grumpy never shows up for Funniest Haircut Day.
Queen Delightful: Oh, poofy snoggins. If Grumpy doesn't want to be part of Funniest Haircut Day, you know what I'm gonna do?
Bashful: What?
Queen Delightful: I'm going to, pout.

(Queen Delightful starts to pout; the crowd starts to shout)

Lord Starchbottom: Oh no do something! The queen's pout, we can't take it!
Bashful: I am powerless over the pout.
Doc: Quick, into the shielding safety huddle!!

(The 6D starts to huddle)

Dopey: (whistles) Doc: Dopey's right. There's only one way to stop the pout, we have to make Grumpy participate in the Funniest Haircut Day.
Sleepy: But how are we gonna find him?
Bashful: Well I'm the best finders of hiders there was. But floom, there's so many places to hide. We need to narrow it down.
Doc: And we will, to the Stringy Tin Can Thingy Control Center!

(Cuts to the Stringy Tin Can Thingy Control Center)

Doc: Dopey, you can talk to all the critters of the land. Find out where Grumpy is.

(Dopey contacted multiple animals,and finally a lion found Grumpy)

Dopey: (whistles)
Doc: We found Grumpy! And that line is connected to, the Hooptie Doo Hidey Hole Forest.
Happy: Oo. That forest is famous for its three-trillion and three hiding spots.
Sleepy: We'll never find Grumpy there.
Bashful" I'll find him fellas, and I'll bring him back. To the Hooptie Doo Hidy Hole Forest! Heigh Ho!

(Happy breaking the fourth wall)
Happy: Meanwhile back in Jollywood...

Doc: Bashful's gone to get Grumpy.
Queen Delightful: Oo. Alright then, pout's over.

(The crowd shouts, then stops shouting)
Crowd: Yip, yip yooray!

(Happy breaks the fourth wall)
Happy: We all headed to Snippy's to get our funny haircuts, when it turned out the Snippster wasn't even there.

Hildy: Hello lucky citizens of Jollywood. I am...
Grim: And I am Chad.
Hildy: We are the most talented and magnefic hairstylists that have ever been borneded.
Grim: Word of your Funniest Haircut Day is world renound...
Hildy: And we have so long since we were petite crescents to be the artists that make with the funny hair-do-dos.
Queen Delightful: So far I'm buying this.
Lord Starchbottom: But where's Snippy? Grim: Oh your normal barber?
Hildy: We sent him on a sweat hut vacation. Ooh la la.

(Cuts to Snippy) Snippy: Well the iced tea's delicious, but I don't get the point of the chains.

(Cuts back to Jollywood) Hildy: Shall we commence? Now, sit back as we make funny hair-do-dos on your heads.

(Hildy breaks the fourth wall) Hildy: This was my most brilliant plan to date. All we needed was a lock of hair from every citizen of Jollywood for our spell and the, and the land would reduce to rubble.
Grim: And Rising from the dust and rubble, Hildywood. Legal couldn't quite clear of Grimwood.

(Cuts to Hildy and Grim busy)
Grim: Hoo. I have finally found my true calling my wretched.
Hildy: Keep your eye on the goal Grim. This is about destroying Jollywood, not hair-do-dos.
Grim: But my life is hair. I am Chad, hairdresser extraordinary.
Hildy: He's bonkers.

(Cuts to Grumpy)
Grumpy: He he I'm gonna hide out in this hidy hole forest long enough to miss this whole haircut shebame.
Gizelle: Whyyy?
Grumpy: I'll tell you whyyy. I took this flower pot a few times in my life, and it always ended in a fiasco. Glad you asked. It all stated when I got my first haircut.

(Cuts to little Grumpy) Grumpy: No haircut, flowerpot stay on head.
Grumpy's mom: Now Grumpsy. we discussed this. If you get your hair cit, we'll take a trim to the cheese shop.
Grumpy: Cheese? Okay.

(The barber removed Grumpy's flowerpot, and then Grumpy's hair bursted out; the crowd laughs at him, while Grumpy in tears. Flashback ends, Gizelle cries, making Grumpy annoyed)

Grumpy: After my story of whoa, Gizelle was inconsolable. I had to send her to the vet, I was in my own. I needed to find another place to hide until this Funniest Haircut shmagoo was over.

(Grumpy hides in a log)
Grumpy:Yeah, No one will find me here.

(Bashful suddenly appeared)
Bashful: Such an obvious place to hide.
Grumpy: (yells)
Bashful: Noob.

(Grumpy hides under a hole)
Bashful: So double obvious.
Grumpy: (yells)
Squirrel: Double noob.

(Grumpy runs, ending him over the tree) Grumpy: Nice costume Bashful. (blows a raspberry)

(The hummingbird cuts the tree, under him is Bashful, and Grumpy runs again)
Bashful:I'll get him.

(Cuts to Jollywood) Hildy: Number ninety-six.
Grim: And you my Queenie Bo Beenie will be the bell of the ball. I am Chad.

(Puts a jar in the shelf) Grim: Ninety-seven.

(Grumpy runs, until he got suck by the elephant's trunk) Grumpy: I got to find a place to hide where Bashful will never find my..

(He got suck by the elephant's trunk) Bashful: Triple noob. I learned this gag from Sneezy.

(The pepper sucked inside the elephant, making it sneeze Grumpy. However the hippopotamus opens its mouth, ended up sneezing him too)
Bashful:Floom. Quit goofin' around Grumpy. You know you can't hide from me. I got no choice. I gotta use Mousie.

(Bashful shows a mouse to the elephant, making it scared. Bashful went inside the elephant's trunk to sneeze him and Grumpy away) Grumpy: Okay, you got me.
Bashful: And your going to Funniest Haircut Day.
Grumpy: Oh cheese balls.

'(Cuts to Jollywood)
Grim: O Chad you are brilliant, Chad a genius. This is magnific. I am Chad.
Hildy: Whatever Chad.

(Puts a jar in the shelf)
Hildy: Ninety-nine, and that's our last customer. We did dinety-nine haircuts! And now, we have hair clippings from everyone in Jollywood. Let's rock this spell.
Grim: Uh oh.
Hildy: Bubble bubble hair do trouble.
Grim: Uh Hildy, a couple of bottles fell of the shelf.
Hildy: Don't bother me when I'm on a role, Chad.

(Cuts to the program)' Female villager: Chad did it.
Male villager: I have the latest Chad.
Doc: Mine has guacamole.
'Lord Starchbottom: (While laughing) All right. On the count of three, everyone remove your hats or boxes or what have you, and reveal your funniest hairdo!

(Cuts inside the salon) Hildy: Double double hair do trouble, turn Jollywood into rubble.
Crowd: One, two, three!

(The villagers, as well as Queen Delightful, Lord Starchbottom, and the 7D revealed their funniest hairdos, leaving Hildy dismayed)
Hildy: Nothing happened What's the deal?
Queen Delightful: Wait. We can't pick a winner yet, Bashful and Grumpy still have to get their funny haircuts. The're not back yet.

(Cut to the salon)
Hildy: Why didn't this work?
Grim: We're short two haircuts my feindesh one.
Hildy: What!?
Grim: I know, we needed hair from all one-hundred-and-one Jollywooders to take down the town.

Present Jollywooians: (gasps)
Hildy: Uh, spoiler alert?
Grumpy and Bashful: Incoming!!

(Grumpy and Bashful crashes down the salon, leading to the Gloom sent away; Grumpy's hat took off by itself)
Grumpy: Here it comes, the moment I relive my childhood trauma.

(Grumpy's hair expands, leading the villagers to laugh at him)
Queen Delightful:' Grumpy, I absolutely love love love your hair! Do you know why?
Grumpy: Why?
Queen Delightful: Because it's just like mine.

(The Queen rings the bell design in her hair, leading it to expand, like Grumpy's)
Queen Delightful: I declare Grumpy winner of the Funniest Haircut Day!
Grumpy: No your majesty, you win. Your hair is hilarious!
Queen Delightful: Oh let's call it a draw. I'll take the trophy, you take the waffles.
Grumpy: Deal.
Snippy: Plus, you get free haircuts for a year.
Grumpy: Oh joy.
All locals: (in fourth wall) Yip yip yooray! Heigh ho!

(ends the segment)

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