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This article is about the song. For the episode, see Funniest Haircut Day.
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Funniest Haircut Day (song)
Artist(s) Leigh-Allyn Baker, Kevin Michael Richardson, Billy West, Scott Menville and background singers
Composer(s) Sherri Stoner
Parry Gripp[1]
Length 0:39
Episode(s) "Funniest Haircut Day"
The 7D - Funniest Haircut Day (song)00:39

The 7D - Funniest Haircut Day (song)

The song "Funniest Haircut Day"[1] opens the episode "Funniest Haircut Day", sung by Queen Delightful, Happy, Bashful and Sneezy.


Delightful: It's the funniest day!
Crowd: Yeah!
Delightful: Of the entire year
When we each get a haircut
From ear to ear
And the winner for the funniest hairdo doodle
Wins the Funniest Haircut prize kaboodle!

(spoken): You'll get a trophy and a waffle dinner,
All for the Funniest Haircut dinner!

Crowd: Yip-yooray!
It's the Funniest Haircut Day!
Yip-yooray, yeah, yip-yooray, hey!
Happy: It's the silliest haircut...
Bashful: Goofiest haircut...
Sneezy: Wackiest haircut...
All: It's the Funniest Haircut Day!


Song information

Publisher: Walt Disney Music Co.
ASCAP Work #890613310


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