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Ghost Girl
Ghost Girl, as she appeared in Buckets
Character Information
Voiced by Kate Micucci
Occupation Queen Delightful's imaginary friend
Gender Female

Ghost Girl is Queen Delightful's imaginary friend in the episode "Buckets", though she doesn't know that she is actually a ghost. She was also known by her nickname of "Buckets", while Delightful's was "Mopsy". They were childhood friends.

Physical appearance

Ghost Girl wears a shirt with a flower depicted on it, along with a flowery headband. She also carries a guitar so she can play songs.


Although her being a ghost cause the 7D and Lord Starchbottom to be afraid of her, she is very friendly and likes to sing and play.


Ghost Girl lived in a haunted mansion close to the sea, and when Queen Delightful was still a little girl, she was her imaginary friend and they used to play together on the beach building sandcastles, wishing on shooting stars and singing songs. Little was Delightful aware that Buckets was a ghost, and she gave Delightful the nickname of "Mopsy". For some reason Delightful and her family fled the mansion, possibly because of Bucket's presence.

Years later, Queen Delightful sent the 7D and Lord Starchbottom to find her childhood friend, however they misunderstood what she meant and thought she meant actual buckets. When they arrived at the haunted mansion, the ghost kept appearing and reappearing and despite being friendly towards them; the 7D and Starchbottom always kept freaking out every time they saw her, screaming and running away in fear. Ghost Girl followed them back to the castle and was reunited with Queen Delightful, though in the end, her family of ghosts also unexpectedly pops up from the buckets the 7D returned with.


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