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Giggleberry Season
Artist(s) Kevin Michael Richardson
Composer(s) Sherri Stoner
Parry Gripp[1]
Length TBD
Episode(s) "Giggleberries"

"Giggleberry Season"[1] is a song sung by Happy at the beginning of the episode "Giggleberries".


Oh, down in Giggleberry Valley
It's a very special time
'Cause in the Giggleberry orchard
On the Giggleberry vine
Grow the ripe and juicy Giggleberries
And they're ripening for a reason
Yip yip yooray
It's Giggleberry season
Oh, yip yip yooray
It's Giggleberry season


Song information

Publisher: Walt Disney Music Co.
ASCAP Work #890613311


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