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(Opens up inside the 7D's cottage)
(Song: Jollywood Jolly Day)
7D: Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day.
Happy: Oh, the goodies we'll bake and the joy we'll make, it's a Jollywood Jolly day!
Putting up the decorations, it's a celebration, it's a Jollywood Jolly Day!
Oh, the fall is leavin' and the breeze is freezin' and the snow is glistening all day.
We're gonna break the weather just to get together on a Jollywood Jolly Day!

Grumpy: You know what I want for Jolly Day? Earmuffs! To block out that noise!

Happy: Say hi-ho as you tie that bow in just a perfect way.
'Cause it's all worthwhile just to see a friend smile on a Jollywood Jolly Day.

Grumpy: Now could you pipe down a little? I'm trying to read!
Happy: Oh, Grumpy. Just spreading a little jolliness.
Grumpy: (gets hit by the cake dough from Bashful on the face) Ah, for the love of peppermint! If I can't find peace and quiet around here, I'll find it someplace else! (gets trampled by assorted things from the closet)
Doc: And while you're at it, how about catching us a fish for dinner?

Happy: It's a Jollywood Jolly Day!

Grumpy: (gets hit by the frosting from Dopey) Jolly Day is getting on my last nerve!

(Cut to where Grumpy is doing ice fishing)
Grumpy: What is it with Jolly Day, anyway? No one works, it's all singing and baking! Meanwhile, I gotta do everything else!
Gizelle: (disagrees) BEEEEEEH!
Grumpy: Alright, we gotta do everything else.
Gizelle: Beeeeeh! (Suddenly both hear someone shouting for help, then Grumpy sees an elf is drowning in a fishing hole)
Elf: Help! I can't swim! Help!
Grumpy: Jumpin' cheddar jack!
Elf: I fell through the ice.
Grumpy: Hold on! I'm coming for you!
Elf: Help me! (completely drowned)
Grumpy:I got you! (he successfully catches the drowning guy) Uh, are you okay?
Elf: (awakens) Whoopie-pie! I'm as grateful as a cookie fresh out of the oven!
Grumpy: Heh?
Elf: Macaroons, where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gingersnaps. I'm a Pfeffernüsse elf and my people hail from...
Grumpy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down there, buddy!
Gingersnaps: I owe you a great debt indeedy!
Grumpy: Forget it. Sayonara, shortcake. (sees Gingersnaps standing right in front) Whoa! You're a fast one, aren't you?
Gingersnaps: Whoopie-pie! And because you saved me, I am required to spend the rest of my life serving you! It's a Pfeffernüsse law.

(cut to Grumpy and Gizelle)
Grumpy: I wasn't really in the market for a servant, but, then I saw him in action.

(cut to the lake, Gingersnaps is seen carrying heavy objects)
Grumpy: All right, Gingerbread.
Gingersnaps: That would be Gingersnaps, sir.
Grumpy: Gingersnaps. Maybe you can help out after all.
Gingersnaps: Whoopie-pie!

(cut to the 7D's cottage)
(Song: Jollywood Jolly Day)
Background singer: Do you like Jolly Day
Yeah, we like Jolly Day
It's our favorite holiday
We love Jolly Day

By golly, hip hooray
We love--
(song gets cut off)

(Grumpy walks in)
Grumpy: I'm back!
Doc: Did you catch anything?
Gingersnaps: MEEEEE!
6D: You!
Happy: And, who exactly are you?
Gingersnaps: I'm Gingersnaps! I'm a Pfeffernüsse elf, and Mister Grumpy saved my life! Now, I have pledged myself to serve him!
Grumpy: Ehhh, that's right! Jinglesnaps here--
Gingersnaps: Gingersnaps, sir.
Grumpy: Gingersnaps is gonna be my servant from now on.
Happy: Well, a friend of Grumpy's is a friend of The 7D!
7D: Heigh ho!

(cut to the outside of the 7D's cottage, a rooster crows, then cut to the inside of the cottage upstairs with Gingersnaps and Grumpy. Gingersnaps brings Grumpy's breakfast over to him)
Gingersnaps: Breakfast in bed, Mister Grumpy!
Grumpy: Chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup and whipped banana toppin'?
Gingersnaps: Allow me!
Grumpy: Knock yourself out.
Gingersnaps: (spoon-feeds Grumpy with a fork) Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum. Who's a big boy? Who's a big boy?
Grumpy: Me.
Gingersnaps: (continues spoon-feeding) Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Whoops! Dap-dap-dap-dap-dap-dap-dap-dap! A boo! A boo! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
(Grumpy gulps down the food)
Grumpy: Maybe you fellas better look into savin' some elves of your own, huh? (chuckles) Hit me again. (Gingersnaps spoon-feeds him)

(cut to Gingersnaps and Grumpy walking downstairs, Gingersnaps starts humming and brushes Grumpy's teeth, which shine afterward)
Grumpy: So, how is the porridge?
(Bing-Bong Bell chimes)
Sleepy: It's the Bing-Bong Bell!
Bashful: The Queen needs us!
Happy: To go decorate the Jolly Day tree in town square!

(cut to Grumpy and Gizelle)
Grumpy: Truth is, decorating the Jolly Day tree is one thing about this holiday I enjoy. Especially puttin' the hat on the top. It's nice and quiet and requires a certain artistic eye, which I happen to have.
Gizelle: Beeeeehhhhhhhh!
Grumpy: Which, we, happen to have.
Gizelle: Beeeehhh!

(cut to the 7D)
(Song: Jollywood Jolly Day)
Happy: Oh, the goodies we'll bake
And the joy we'll make
It's a Jollywood Jolly Day!

Puttin' up the decorations
It's a celebration
It's a Jollywood Jolly Day
(song ends)

(The 7D hop out of the sled)
Grumpy: Your Majesty, I'm thinking of taking my time and truly enjoying each precious moment of decorating the tree this year.
Delightful: Well, did you?
Grumpy: Did I what?
Delightful: Enjoy each precious moment of decorating the tree?
(camera zooms out to reveal Gingersnaps decorating the tree)
Gingersnaps: (places the hat on top) WHOOPIEEEEE-PIE!
Grumpy: Ginger-whoosits.
Gingersnaps: All done, Mister Grumpy, sir!
Happy: Well, I'll be.
Grumpy: Now, he's gone too far.

(cut to the 7D's cottage)
Happy: Grumpy, don't you want to join us for caroling?
Grumpy: I'll pass. I've had enough Jolly Day excitement for one day. I'm just gonna catch up on my book.
Happy: Well, all right. Enjoy.
6D: Goodbye, Grumpy!
Grumpy: Yeah, yeah. Great. All right. And now, A Brief History of Cheese...
(Gingersnaps joins in)
Gingersnaps: Mister Grumpy, sir!
Grumpy: I'm not in.
Gingersnaps: Let me read it to you!
Grumpy: Nah, that's okay.
Gingersnaps: I insist! (starts reading) Ahem! "The History of Cheese"! (reads fast) Gouda. (reads fast) Cheese dip. (reads fast) Baby Swiss. (reads fast) Mozzarella. (reads fast) Cheese balls. (reads fast) Fondue. (reads fast) Gorgonzola. (reads fast) Grilled cheese sandwich. Theeeee... end!
Grumpy: Give me that! (grabs book) How about you go out and get some firewood or somethin'
Gingersnaps: Whoopie-pie! (exits the cottage)
Grumpy: That oughta keep him busy for a while.
(Gingersnaps comes in with a stack of firewood)
Grumpy: Enough is enough, Jimperjams!
Gingersnaps: Again, Gingersnaps, sir!
Grumpy: Whatever your name is, get this firewood out of here now!
Gingersnaps: Yes sir! Mister Grumpy, sir! (removes firewood) Will there be anything else, sir?
Grumpy: No. Nothing! Thank you for everything, you've been great, you did a fine job, but it looks like your work here is done! Your debt is more than repaid! Okey-doke? (shuts door) Buh-bye! (sees Gingersnaps, he screams after getting scared)
Gingersnaps: Mister Grumpy, sir, according to the laws of the Pfeffernüsse elves, I cannot stop serving you, the one who saved my life, until you-- (covers mouth) Duh-oh!
Grumpy: Until I what? What? What?
Gingersnaps: I cannot tell ya! I can't!

(cut to Grumpy and Gingersnaps with the rest of the 7D)
Grumpy: He can't tell me.
Gingersnaps: True! It's a law of the Pfeffernüsse elf!
Doc: I may have a way to help.

(cut to Doc talking to the viewer)
Doc: Back when I studied at O.U Smarty U, I took a class in elf lore. From what I recall, an elf cannot stop serving the person who saved his life until the elf saves that same person's life.

(cut to the 7D trying to get rid of Gingersnaps)
Happy: So, we need to come up with a foolproof plan to make Gingersnaps think he saved Grumpy's life.
Grumpy: Then, he can go home!
(7D put their hands together, including Gizelle)
Gizelle: Beeeeeeeeh!
7D: Heigh-ho!
Gizelle: Beeeh!

(cut to Grumpy with Gingersnaps on his back)
Grumpy: Hey, Gingerrrrrr...snaps. Today is such a lovely sub-zero temperature day. You wanna go out ice fishin' with me?
Gingersnaps: Whoopie-pie! I sure would!
Grumpy: All right, then. Grab my gear and let's...
(Gingersnaps grabs gear)
Gizelle: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

(cut to the 6D planning out a fake bear suit)
Happy: All right. So let's go over this one more time. Gingersnaps and Grumpy are on their way to this very spot. When they arrive, and Grumpy says "ice fishing", all of us wearing a scary bear costume will jump out and fake-attack Grumpy.
Bashful: I like that part.
Happy: Gingersnaps will come to Grumpy's rescue and we'll run away in fear!
Doc: And whoopty-doopty schmoodily doo, the debt will be repaid, and Gingersnaps will be free to go home!
7D: Heigh-ho!
Bashful: What could possibly go wrong with this plan?
(The 7D hop inside the suit.)
Doc: So, my leg goes here...
Happy: Wait, that's where my arm goes!
(Sleepy is heard snoring)
Bashful: Sleepy, wake up!
Sneezy: AAACHOOOOOO! (sneezes)
7D: Ewwwwwww!
Happy: Sneezy.
Bashful: You sneezed up the suit. Ew.

(cut to Gingersnaps and Grumpy)
Grumpy: Here we come, me and Gingersauce--
Gingersnaps: Snaps.
Grumpy: Snaps. We are here to do fishing. (no response) I said, "We are here to do!"
(cut to the 7D in the bear suit)
Sneezy: Hey, get your foot out of my face!
Sleepy: Watch it.
Doc: And Happy, look out!
(bear suit falls over)
Happy: (laughs) That tickles!
Sneezy: AAAACHOOO! (sneezes)

(cut to Gingersnaps and Grumpy)
(growling noise is heard)
Grumpy: Finally.
Gizelle: (runs away) BEEE-EEE-EEEEH!
Grumpy: Huh. That bear suit looks better than I expected.
(bear threatens to eat Grumpy)
Grumpy: (weak voice) Oh, no! A bear! Not a fake bear! But a real live one! Great costume guys, looks just like a real bear. (to Gingersnaps; in weak voice) Gingersnaps! You've got to save me from this ferocious beast!
Gingersnaps: (gasps) Oh, my! Have no fear, sir! I will save you! (to bear) You best back off, bear!
(bear roars; Gingersnaps spins the bear and Grumpy around)
(both the bear and Grumpy end up in snow)
Grumpy: (runs over to Gingersnaps) Gingersnaps, you save-ed my life! Gee, I hope the fellas are all right.
Dwarfs: (nearby; in bear suit) We're fine!
(camera zooms out to reveal the 7D)
Grumpy: Wait, if you're here, (points to left of screen) and, the bear is there (points to right of screen) then...then...then...then...then... that means that bear was real! (almost faints)
Gingersnaps: Oh, Mister Grumpy, sir! (prevents Grumpy from fainting)
Happy: Good going, Gingersnaps. You saved Grumpy's life for real.
Grumpy: So, you're free now. You're free to go!
Gingersnaps: Whaddaya mean, sir? I'm still very much in service to you! Saving your life doesn't set me free. That may be true for other elves, but not for we, the proud Pfefferni!
Grumpy: Thank you, Mister "I took a class in elf lore."
Doc: Well, I was sick one day.

(cut to the cottage)
Grumpy: Thanks, Gingerbean.
Gingersnaps: Gingersnaps, sir.
Grumpy: Whatever. Looks like you're here to stay, so, here, have a cookie. (gives cookie to Gingersnaps)
Gingersnaps: (gasps; flashes pink for a few seconds) Ya done it!
Grumpy: Heh?
Gingersnaps: By givin' me this cookie, you have set me free! To my people, a cookie is the best thing imaginable, and to own one means I am a forever-free Pfeffernüsse. elf! Thank you, Mister Grumpy, sir! For breaking the chains that bind! It has been a pleasure serving you! (leaves cottage; in tears) Buh-BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE!
Grumpy: That was it? All I had to do was give 'im a cookie to get 'im outta here?
Doc: Oh, I suppose that makes sense. After all, both Pfeffernüsses and Gingersnaps are kinds of cookies.
Happy: This calls for a celebration!
Grumpy: No, it doesn't.
Happy: Yes it does! Let's take it from the top! (starts singing)

(Song: Jollywood Jolly Day)
7D: Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day.
Happy: Oh, the goodies we'll bake and the joy we'll make, it's a Jollywood Jolly day!

Grumpy: (sees present) Huh? What's this?

(reads) "To Grumpy, thanks for the cookie. Your pal, Gingersnaps." (opens the box to see what his present is while Happy is still singing)

Putting up the decorations, it's a celebration, it's a Jollywood Jolly Day!

Happy: (singing Jollywood Jolly Day) Oh, the fall is leavin' and the breeze is freezin' and the snow is glistening all day.
(Grumpy puts on earmuffs)

(inserts ear plugs into his ear; sighing) Haaaa!

(barely audible) We're gonna break the weather just to get together on a Jollywood Jolly Day!

Grumpy: Okay, I got to admit it. I like Gingersnaps.
(We hear Happy singing again.)
Happy: It's a Jollywood Jolly Day!
7D: Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day, Jolly Day!
(episode ends)

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