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S1e09a Gizelle is carrying Grumpy's fish buckets
Character Information
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (voice effects)[1]
Age Unknown
Occupation Grumpy's pet
Gender Female
Episode Appearances
First Appearance "Starchy Takes a Break" (cameo)
"Gnome Alone" (first mentioned by name)
Last Appearance "A Royal Pain in the Castle"
Enemies The Glooms
Finders Keeper

Gizelle is Grumpy's goat who (might) produces cheese for Grumpy as his favorite food. Gizelle is a cameo character as it appeared in minority (less than 50%) episodes of the show and sometimes appeared along with Grumpy in a fourth wall break ("Gnome Alone", "The Enchanted Shoes", "Starchy Takes a Break"). It's revealed by Grumpy in "Whose Voice is it Anyway?" that she was raised by bloodhounds, and it's also revealed by Doc that she had raised Dopey during his infancy.

Although Gizelle isn't really an important character in the series (as she is a recurring character), in "Finders Keepers" she takes on a major role along with Peaches as they are sent into Lost Acres by a troll named Sid.


Gizelle has three shades of gray for most of her body (dark around her eyes, back, and nose; light on her muzzle, belly, legs and hooves; the rest in a regular shade of gray). She has pointed horns on the top of her head.

In the series

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  • Although her name is spelled Gizelle, the closed captions call her "Giselle".
  • She enjoys eating pancakes.
  • Gizelle can also speak in English, as revealed in "Finders Keepers" and "Funniest Haircut Day".
  • Although Gizelle's voice actor wasn't credited in the show, Dee Bradley Baker confirmed that he provides the vocal effects on his website. He was only credited for Dopey.
  • Gizelle's full name was revealed in "When Pigs Fly". It is Gizelle Munchen, a reference to real-life supermodel Giselle Bundchen.


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