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(Opens up on The 7D, bell rings)
Happy: Suppertime! Come and get it!
Dwarfs: Ooh! Ahhh!
Doc: You've outdone yourself, Happy!
Happy: Hee hee! I guess I got a little carried away.
Grumpy: (Pats Happy's back) If that's getting carried away, may it happen every day.
Happy: That sounds like a song!
Iiiiiiiiiiiii-f that's getting' carried away,...
Grumpy: Not while I'm eating, it'll make me urpy. (stomach growls; Grumpy sniffs his soup) Ah, sweet succotash soup! My favorite! (hears Bing Bong Bell) Yike!
Doc: The Bing Bong Bell!
Bashful: The Queen needs us!
Happy: To the castle!
Grumpy: But we just sat down to dinner!
Doc: Don't worry, it'll be here when you get back.
Parry Gripp: Dopey, Bashful, Doc, and Sneezy
Are you ready for the 7D?
Happy, Grumpy... and Sleepy
Are you ready for the 7D?
Heigh ho!
Heigh ho!
Heigh ho!
Heigh ho!
Heigh ho!
Are you ready to go?

(The scene cuts as a familiar girl is seen running through the forest.)
Girl: Help! Help!!! I'm being chased through the woods by three mean old bears for no reason at all!
(bears growl)

(cut to the bears at their home)
Mama Bear: First of all, we're not mean or old. We're just very disappointed.
Papa Bear: And who wouldn't be? That girl came into our house while we were out and ate our food!
Mama Bear: And broke our furniture.
Baby Bear: And busted all my toys! (his broken jack-in-the-box is revealed to us) Ehh.

Girl: I'm cute and adorable, and I gotta find a place to hide, from those mean old bears! (sights Jollywood; gasps) This oughta do! (breaks into the cottage)
(the camera changes to a view of the bears running around without the girl in their sight)
Girl: (sighs) Phew! Oh, that was a close one! (realizes the 7D's dinner) Ooh, now, what do we have here? (walks over to the dinner table) Mmm! Yum-num-nummers! (with cute girl voice) Being chased through the woods by three mean old bears makes me hungry in my tum-tum-tummy! (sits down and puts the cloth on her lap) Hmmm. (exhales) Ahh. Let's see. (licks her tongue across her mouth, and then proceeds to eat the 7D's dinner food; burps; eats more food; burps)

(cut to Queen Delightful with Lord Starchbottom, along with the 7D floating in the air)
Dwarfs: The 7D reporting for duty!
Dopey: (whistles)
Delightful: I'm so glad you're here, 7D.
Happy: What's up, Queen Delightful?
Delightful: Pretty stars...
Starchbottom: Uh, they mean why did you call them?
Delightful: Oh! Yes. There are three angry bears running around Jollywood.
The 7D: Bears?!
Delightful: They're scaring everyone!
Starchbottom: Except me, of course. I have nerves of steel.
Sir Yipsalot: Yip yip!
Starchbottom: (gets scared) Aaaah! (hangs on to the ledge of the castle; whimpers)
Grumpy: Hey, Starchy, did somebody steal your nerve?
Starchbottom: Well, I may be, a, ya know, little jumpy.
Doc: Have no fear, Your Highness. We'll build a foolproof trap that'll catch those bears.
Delightful: Excellent. I knew I could count on you, 7D.
Starchbottom: (hanging on the ledge) Uh! (stammers; falls off ledge; screams)
(The 7D try to catch Lord Starchbottom in a net)
Grumpy: Over here! No, he's gonna be—Get under him!
(The 7D miss and Starchy falls flat on his face.)
Happy: Sorry, Starchy. Missed you by (pulls out his thumb and index finger to indicate how far Starchbottom was away from the net) that much.
Starchbottom: Well, you gave it a try. And that's all anyone can ask of—I have to go. (faints)

(the scene cuts to the cottage)
Grumpy: Hey, who left the door open?
(The dwarfs peek. They then gasp.)

(cut to Dopey and Delightful)
Doc: When we arrived home, we realized the front door was ajar.
Delightful: (misinterpreting the word "ajar") How could a door be a jar? It's a door! This (pulls out her pickle jar) is a a jar. Of course, it's a pickle jar, and I do adore it, so maybe you're right!
Doc: Our, uh, front door was, uh, was open.
Delightful: Oh, my! Pickle? (Yipsalot eats it)

(the dwarfs are in their cottage standing on top of each other)
Sneezy: (gasps) Look! Someone was here!
Bashful: Sittin' in our chairs!
Grumpy: Eating our dinner.
Sleepy: And there she is.
Girl: Hello! I'm Goldilocks, and I'm all cute any tiny and adorable!
Grumpy: What are you doing in our house?
Goldilocks: I had to hide here, 'cause I was being chased through the forest by three mean old bears! And all that chasing made me hungry in my tum-tum-tummy. So I helped myself to a snack.
Grumpy: (realizes a bowl is empty) Gone. (puts his face through the hole) All gone!
Goldilocks: I hope you don't mind.
Sneezy: Oh, no, no.
Sleepy: Oh, that's okay.
Happy: We're just glad you're safe.
Doc: That's what's important!
Goldilocks: You're not mad?
Happy: You being all cute and adorable and such, how could we be mad at you?
Grumpy: I could. She ate our dessert, too! An entire cheesecake!
Goldilocks: Was that wrong? (burps) Excuse me.
Sleepy: Ooh!
Sneezy: Ha ha!
Grumpy: She has got to go!
Happy: Oh, come on, Grumpy. Give her another chance.
(banging on door is heard)
Goldilocks: (gasps) It's the Three Bears!

(cut to the bears in their home)
Papa Bear: We went door to door to warn everyone about this little girl.
Mama Bear: But not many people answered on account of us being bears.
Papa Bear: We get a bad rap in most fairy tales. We're actually quite cuddly.
(Baby Bear gurgles)
Papa Bear: Uh, please stop.
(Baby Bear continues gurgles)

(cut to the 7D's cottage)
Goldilocks: They're right outside! We've gotta hide!
Happy: That sounds like a song!
Oh, they're right outside
Grumpy: Eh-eh-eh. Save it for later.
Bashful: And leave the hiding to me!
(everyone hides, the bears knock at the door, they give up and walk away)
Goldilocks: Ah, phew! They're leaving.
(the dwarfs pop out of their hiding spaces)
Goldilocks: You saved me! I wanna thank each and every one of you. (to Happy) Thank you, (to Sneezy) thank you, (to Doc) thank you, (to Bashful), thank you, (to Dopey) thank you, (to Sleepy) thank you-- (cute girl voice; to Grumpy:) Sorry! No thank-yous for you!
Grumpy: I'm losin' it.
Doc: We'd better start building that bear trap. Come on, Dopey!
Dopey: (whistles)
Goldilocks: Weeeeeeellllllllllllll... (cute girl voice) I guess I best be going! Even though it's all dark and scary outside and there are mean old bears lookin' for me.
Happy: No! You should stay here tonight!
Grumpy: W-Wait, what?!
Goldilocks: Gee, thanks, but where will I sleep?
Happy: You can use one of our beds.
Goldilocks: Okay. (she suddenly disappears; distantly:) I'm upstairs! All tucked in tight! (the dwarfs go upstairs) I picked out the coziest bed because I'm all cute and tiny and adorable! And 'cause it had this guy. (shows a sleepy toy)
Sleepy: Mr. Hicklepips! He sleeps with me!
Goldilocks: He told me he wants to stay with me while you sleep downstairs on that hard bench!
(clanking and rattling noises play)
Sleepy: She has got to go.
Grumpy: What I said.
Happy: Oh, come on, guys, give her another chance.
Goldilocks: Oh, by the way, I'm a light sleeper. Do any of you snore?
Grumpy: I don't, (points to Happy) but he does.
Happy: I don't, (points to Bashful) but he does.
Bashful: I don't, but (points to Sneezy) he does.
Sneezy: I don't, (points to Grumpy) but he does.
Goldilocks: Bench!

(cut to the bench, where the 7D are sleeping uncomfortably)
(dwarfs snore)
(camera zooms out outside the cottage, where the moon is shown, the crickets chirp)
(it shifts to day time, the sun is shown, the birds sing)
(zooming in on the cottage, Sleepy's eyes are all red)
Sleepy: I didn't sleep a wink, and that's not like me.
Doc: We didn't sleep either. We were up all night working on our Beyond Compare Bear Snare trap.
Dopey: (whistles)
(the rest of the dwarfs fall off the bench one by one)
Grumpy: My achin' sacroiliac.
Bashful: Worst night's sleep ever.
Goldilocks: Hey, (cute girl voice) look at my shiny shoes! They got all dirty when those mean old bears chased me! So I cleaned 'em up with these rags!
("these rags" turns out to be Sneezy's hankie collection)
Sneezy: (gasps) My prize hankie collection... destroyed! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She. Has. Got. To go.
Sleepy/Grumpy: We're with you.
Goldilocks: Uh-oh.
(Happy appears)
Happy: Come on, guys, give her another chance.
(the bell rings)
Doc: It's the Bing Bong Bell!
Dwarfs: Heigh-ho!
(they walk through the door, Sneezy angrily comments in front of the door:)
Sneezy: To be continued.
Goldilocks: In your dreams, hankie boy!
Sneezy: (sneezes himself away) AAAAAHCHOOOOOO!

(cut to the 7D just around the castle)
Parry Gripp: Wahoo
(the 7D ride up the hill)
(tires screech, car alarm chirps)

(cut to the inside of the castle)
Delightful: (spinning around) Ooh-whee-ooh-whee-ooh-whee! (to the 7D) I'm afraid it's gotten worse! Now it seems those awful bears are breaking into homes, eating people's dinners, and sleeping in people's beds!
Doc: Don't worry, Queen D. Dopey and I are almost finished building our foolproof bear trap.
Delightful: (gasps) Wonderful! Is it in your hat?
Doc: Eh--- my hat?
Delightful: (looks inside Doc's hat) I don't think a bear would fit in here! Unless it was a tiny one.
Doc: Uh...I-I left it back at the cottage. Wait right here. (starts making off) We'll go and get it.

(cut to the outside of the 7D's cottage)
Doc: So, guys, after I tighten the gears, we can load it onto the cart and bring it up to-- (to Goldilocks) What are you doing?!
Goldilocks: Fooling around with this nutty thing. What's it do? (pushes the button)
Doc: No! Don't touch that button! (gets jammed into the machine) Whoa! Oooh! Ow! (gets blasted out of the pipe, some gears fall off in the process) She has got to go!
Happy: Aw, come on. Give her another chance.
Goldilocks: Oh, I love your hat! Can I wear it? (steals Bashful's hat) Look at me! I'm pretty!
Bashful: My hat! My hat! Gotta hide! Gotta hide! (tries on a gold lookalike hat) Eee! (part of his hair's sticking up, which is unsatisfactory to him, so he tries the top of the light stand) Oooh!
Goldilocks: You know what would go great with this hat? A flower! (puts a flower on) Now, I'm even prettier!
Dopey: (barks and howls; his way of saying "she has got to go)
Bashful: (Under the light stand hat) She has got to go!
Dopey: (whistles in agreement)
Happy: Come on, guys, give her just one more chance?
Grumpy: Not a chance!
Doc/Sneezy: No way!
(Bing Bong Bell tolls)
Grumpy: Once again, saved by the Bing Bong Bell!
Goldilocks: Heh! (blows raspberry)

(cut to the outside of the castle)
Parry Gripp: Wahoo
(crash, car alarm chirps)

(cut to the inside of the castle)
Parry Gripp: Heigh-ho!
(dwarfs gasp at sight of the Three Little Bears)
Delightful: Look who came for tea! The Three Bears. Yay! They just dropped by to tell me:
Papa Bear: We're not the ones breaking into people's houses. It's a little blond girl.
(dwarfs gasp)
Grumpy: Would she perchance be all (using cute girl voice) cute and adorable (cute girl voice stops) and whatnot?
Papa Bear: Do you know where she is?
(the other dwarfs face Happy)
Happy: She's at our place!

(cut to the 7D's cottage, Goldilocks is playing music using Happy's guitar)
Goldilocks: Hi! (giggles)
Strum strum strum thum
(strings pop loose)
Goldilocks: (cute girl voice) Ah, this thing's a piece o' junk! (throws Happy's guitar) Ha!
(the guitar gets split into thirteen pieces, Happy starts up an angry reaction but tries to resist it)
Happy: She has definitely got to go.
Dwarfs: Heave-ho!
(they surround Goldilocks to try to confront her)
Goldilocks: Uh-oh. Buh-bye! (runs off)

(cut to Queen Delightful's castle)
Delightful: Well, we don't know what happened to Goldilocks, but the bears haven't left. (makes big smiling face) Yay! Huh.
(Baby Bear gurgles)
Papa Bear: Stop now.
(Baby Bear is still gurgling)

(cut to Grumpy and Happy)
Happy: As for Goldilocks... (starts singing)
Oh, I'm guessin'
She learned her lesson
Grumpy: And I'm guessin'
She'll do it again

(cut to Goldilocks, who is having a repeat of what happened earlier)
Goldilocks: Help me! Help me! Oh, help! I gotta find a place to hide! (cute girl voice) I'm being chased through the woods by the 7D for no reason at all! (smily face)
(Three Little Pigs sigh)
Goldilocks: This oughta do! (giggles) Heh-heh-hoo-hoo-heh-heh-hoo-hoo-hoo!

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