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(Opens up on Happy singing a song, Grumpy is sitting right beside him on the Sky Bucket)
Happy: Oh, every week, we visit with the grandpas
Grumpy: And every visit is pretty much the same.
Happy: First, the grandpas like to sit and chat a little bit
And then, we play a quiet game
Grumpy: Like Go-Fish!
Happy: It's so peaceful like we're on a small vacation
We leave our cares and worries at the door
And sometimes, they tell us tales about the good old days
Grumpy: That we've heard a hundred times, but we love them anyway
Happy: That's true!
Both: Oh, we can't wait to visit with our grandpas
To visit with the grandpas we... a...dore...
Happy: Let's do it again.
Grumpy: Then, we're done.
Both: A visit with the grandpas we... a...dore...
(song ends)

(they arrive at their grandfathers' location)
Happy: Good morning, Grandpa Happy!
Grandpa Happy: Oh, good jolly-by-golly mornin' to you, Happy!
Grumpy: Good morning, Grandpa Grumpy!
Grandpa Grumpy: What's so good about it? We got robbed last night!
Grumpy: Someone robbed a founding father's retirement home?
Grandpa Grumpy: There should be seven gems in the Crest of Jollywood to honor the seven founding fathers of Jollywood!
Grandpa Happy: Grandpa Doc, Grandpa Bashful, Grandpa Sneezy, Grandpa Sleepy, Grandpa Dopey, Grandpa Happy... ho-ho-ho! That's me! (laughs)
Grandpa Grumpy: The older he gets, the happier he gets. It's mind-boggling. Anyway, the gem to honor me was swiped by an ogre!
Grumpy: There's no such thing as an ogre.
Grandpa Grumpy: ...Says you. An ogre has been swiping stuff from me for years.
Grumpy: If there was such a thing as an ogre, Grandpa, you think I'd woulda seen one by now, heh?
Grandpa Grumpy: Ever seen a hippopotamus?
Grumpy: No.
Grandpa Grumpy: So what's to say an ogre doesn't exist?
Grandpa Happy: Oh, I saw a hippo once!
Grandpa Grumpy: Good for you. (pulls out a cookie) Here's a cookie.
Grandpa Happy: Oh-ho! I got a cookie! Oh-ho-ho! A cookie, cookie, cookie for me! Oh-ho!
Happy: (offscreen) Hey, wait up Grandpa! Don't bury it!
(Grumpy grunts)
(Grandpa Grumpy finds ogre tracks)
Grandpa Grumpy: A-ha! Ogre tracks! Grumpy, you and I are going on an expedition to find that ogre and get back that gem!
Happy: (distantly) Sounds fun!
Grandpa Happy: Can we go too?
Grandpa Grumpy: Fine. But, keep your singin' and merrymakin' to yourselves! Now, findin' that ogre won't be easy, boys. We're gonna stay on our toes.
Happy/Grandpa Happy: Okay!
Grandpa Grumpy: (does facepalm) Ogres are scary big, over twenty feet tall, with a head the size of a small country.
Grumpy: Baloney.
Grandpa Grumpy: No, Guatemala.
Grumpy: You're tellin' one-'a ya tall tales, Grandpa.
Grandpa Grumpy: And they got one big tooth. A sweet tooth.
Grandpa Happy: Hippos have teeth! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!
Grandpa Grumpy: I'm countin' on you, boys. You're young, healthy, and strong. Which means you have to carry our gear!

(scene cuts to Happy and Grumpy carrying stuff on their chairs)
Grumpy: What's in the sack, Grandpa?
Grandpa Grumpy: Ogre food. This is a sack full of candy corn.
(Happy and his grandfather pull out their guitars and start singing)
Happy/Grandpa Happy: Oh, candy corn
I love the candy, candy corn
I think you're dandy...
Grumpy/Grandpa Grumpy: Is the singin' necessary?
Happy: Yup.
Happy/Grandpa Happy: Candy corn, try to keep ya' handy
Whoa-oh candy corn
Grandpa Grumpy: If we're gonna catch up to that ogre, we're gonna need the help of Grandpa Doc... and his Flumadiddle.

(cuts to Grandpa Doc's cabin)
Grandpa Doc: The Flumadiddle will get you wherever you need to go. Where ya goin'?
Grandpa Grumpy: On a quest for an ogre.

(cuts to inside Grandpa Doc's cabin)
Grumpy: The legendary Flumadiddle.
Grandpa Happy: Uhh... where's the crank?
(zooms in on Grandpa Grumpy's face)
Grandpa Grumpy: Very funny.
Grandpa Doc: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... you mean the hand crank. (gives Grandpa Happy the hand crank) Here ya go!
(Grandpa happy cranks the Flumadiddle)

(scene cuts outside the back part of the cabin)
(the crew rides the Flumadiddle)
(music starts playing)
Everyone: Whee!
Grandpa Doc: Good luck!
Grumpy: Slow down, you're goin' too fast!
(both Grumpys land in mud)
Grandpa Grumpy: Better let me drive.

(cuts to Grandpa Grumpy driving the car)
(Happys start singing)
Happy/Grandpa Happy: Oh, slow, slow, slow, we go, slowly down the road
Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly
Slowly down the road
Grandpa Grumpy: Do ya mind? I can't think straight with all that racket.
(the dwarfs land in water)
Grumpy: Can't drive straight either.
(ducks swim across the pond)

(scene cuts to the dwarfs, after having gotten the Flumadiddle un-stuck)
Grandpa Grumpy: (looking with spyglass) There's a bridge up ahead. Better stop here. (everyone gets out of the car) Ogres hide under bridges. Grumpy, guard our stuff. Make sure the ogre doesn't swipe it. We'll take a look around.
Grumpy: Ogres. Ha! I'll believe it when I see it.
(a suspicious man comes out of the bush)
Guy: I see something for me. Oh-ho, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. (steals the sack from Grumpy and the chair too) Oh, I like this very much. But what is it? (puts the chair on his head) A hat for me. Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.
(cuts to the dwarfs)
Grandpa Grumpy: My rockin' chair is gone.
Grumpy: Maybe it flew off the back of the Flumadiddle when Speedy (Grandpa Happy) here was drivin'.
Grandpa Grumpy: Or, it was swiped by an ogre!
Happy: The ogre. I saw him! Runnin' into the swamp! He had one big tooth, and a rocking chair for a hat!
Grandpa Grumpy: To the swamp!

(cuts to the swamp as the dwarfs are arriving)
(music from earlier plays)
Grumpy: Grandpa! Watch out! Put on the brakes! NOOO!
(they land in the swamp, however the Flumadiddle has bigger wheels to save them, the dwarfs laugh)
Grumpy: I'm likin' this Flumadiddle! Now, it's a swamp buggy!
Grandpa Happy: Sweet ride! (seconds later) Stop! There! Is that the ogre? Going in that swamp cave?
Grandpa Grumpy: I don't know. Who here among us is brave enough to see if that's the ogre?
Grumpy: I'm gonna prove once and for all that there are no such things as ogres!
(Grumpy jumps across crocodiles's heads)
Grandpa Grumpy: Grumpy!
Happy: Grumpy!
Grandpa Grumpy: Grumpy!
Happy: Grumpy!
Grumpy: I'm lookin'! Gimme a break!
Grandpa Grumpy: It's not an ogre, Grumpy!
Grumpy: I know, Grandpa! (brings the crocodile out) This is not an ogre. It's... (in surprise; gulps) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
(crocodile chases him while he runs away from the crocodile)
Grumpy: (on the Flumadiddle) Let Grandpa Happy take the weel!
(Grandpa Happy becomes the driver)
Grandpa Happy: Hoo-hoo-hoo!
(instrumental song)
Happy: Ha ha! Whaddaya know? The Flumadiddle's a sailboat too!
Grandpa Happy: Rub-a-dub-dub, four men in a boat. (laughs)
Grumpy: Can we go home now? I'd love that quiet visit we have every week, a game of Go-Fish...
Grandpa Grumpy: That's it! We'll fish for that ogre! Ogres hide underwater!
Grumpy: What'll we use as bait?
Grandpa Grumpy: Ogre food. (pulls out the candy corn) Ha-cha!
Grumpy: Candy corn?
Happy/Grandpa Happy: Oh, candy corn
I love the candy, candy corn
I think you're dandy
Guy: Candy corn, try to keep your handy
Whoa-oh candy corn

(cuts to the dwarfs)
Grumpy: Now, this is relaxing. Fishing with our grandpas.
(Grandpa Happy's rod grabs Grumpy)
Grumpy: (being thrown) OHHHHH!!
Grandpa Happy: Woo-hoo! I caught something!
Grandpa Grumpy: Is it an ogre?
Grandpa Happy: (after fishing Grumpy) It's a Grumpy.
Grandpa Grumpy: Throw it back!
Happy: Oh! Got a bite! Is it an ogre? (it turns out all he got was Grumpy) It's a Grumpy.
Grandpa Grumpy: Throw it back!
Grumpy: (arrives on the surface) Gimme that pole! (takes Happy's pole; mutters) "Throw it back." Why, I... oh! Caught somethin'! It's big. (catches a shark which bites off his top)
Grandpa Grumpy: Is it an ogre?
Grumpy: (high-pitched) Doesn't look like it from in here.
Grandpa Grumpy: Throw it back.
(Grumpy abandons the rod and ends up on the boat)
Grandpa Happy: Well, clear sailing ahead! Oop!
(the screen zooms out to reveal that they're over a waterfall, the dwarfs fall down and scream, fortunately the Flumadinger turns into a plane to save them)
Grandpa Happy: The Flumadinger's a flying machine, too!
Happy: That Grandpa Doc thinks of everything!
Grandpa Grumpy: (using his spyglass) Mysterious Mountain. Ogres live in caves on that mountain.

(cuts to Mysterious Mountain after the dwarfs land)
Grandpa Grumpy: Grumpy, did you remember the sack of you-know-what?
Grumpy: Candy corn?
Happy/Grandpa Happy: Oh, candy corn
I love the candy, candy corn
I think you're dandy
Whoa-oh candy corn
(Grumpy retrieves the candy corn from the plane, a big ogre-sized guy walks by; Grumpy gasps as he sees his grandfather being picked by the guy)
Guy: Friends for me, yes, these are friends for me.
Grumpy: It's a... it's...
Grandpa Happy: It's not a hippo!
(Grandpa Happy reveals that the giant is the ogre he has been talking about is indeed the ogre that robbed him:)
Grandpa Grumpy: Now, do you believe in ogres?
Grumpy: Yes! Grandpa wasn't tellin' tall tales. That is a real ogre. (gasps) Candy corn.

(cuts to the ogre's mine, where it's revealed that's where the ogre keeps stolen stuff)
Grandpa Grumpy: My trophy, my cheese grater, my keys, my fancy going-to-town socks...
Grandpa Happy: And your rockin' chair.
(Grandpa Grumpy finds his gem and gasps)
Grandpa Grumpy: And that gem from the Crest of Jollywood.
Ogre: I see something for me. Yes, it is for me. (plays tug-of-war with Grandpa Happy's guitar)
Grandpa Grumpy: Now, I might not like Happy's incessant singin' and strummin' and annoyin' caterwaulin', but I will not let you swipe his guitar!
Ogre: But I likes it. It is for me!
(Grumpy is seen walking in the background)
Grumpy: No! This is for you! (pulls out candy corn)
Ogre: Candy corns for me?
Happy/Grandpa Happy: Oh, candy corn
I love the candy, candy corn
I think you're dandy
Whoa-oh candy corn
Ogre: I like singing music. (dances) Candy corn is for me. I like to bite off the tips. (eats candy corn) Yummy-nummy-num-num.
Grumpy: Want some more candy, ogre?
Ogre: Yes, yes. It is for me.
Grumpy: Uh-uh-uh. If you like somethin', you can ask to use it or borrow it, but you have to ask first. And you never, ever swipe stuff.
Ogre: Oh, I did not know that. Please, may I have the candy?
Grumpy: I'll trade you. All this candy for everything you've got in here.
Ogre: And my friends too?
Grandpa Grumpy: We can't stay wit cha, Ogre. But we can always be friends wit cha.
Ogre: Friends for me. Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.

(cuts to Grandpa Happy and Grandpa Grumpy's house)
Grumpy: Sorry I didn't believe you Grandpa. About Ogres being real?
Grandpa Grumpy: I know you'd come around. Ya done good, grandson. I love ya. (pats Grumpy)
Grandpa Grumpy: Here ya go, Happy. (gives Happy the red gem) There, good as new. The seven gems of the seven founding fathers of Jollywood. I'm back!

(cuts to the dwarfs inside the house)
Grumpy: Finally! A game of Go-Fish with our grandpas!
(scene zooms out to reveal all the other 5D with their grandfathers, both Sleepys are heard snoring)
Grandpa Doc: (laughs)
Grumpy: Got any sixes, Grandpa?
Grandpa Grumpy: Go fish.
Ogre: Please, friends for me. May I have the eights for me? Thank you. Eights are for me. Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.

(cut to Happy and Grumpy)
Grumpy: We'd like to dedicate this show to all our grandpas.
Happy: And all your grandpas.
Both: Everywhere.
(a girl pops up)
Girl: And grandmas too!
(black bars circle in on the girl as the episode ends)

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