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Grandpa Doc
S1e10a Grandpa Doc - transparent
Character Information
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Family Doc (grandson)

Grandpa Doc is is the grandfather of Doc and a member of the original 7D.


Grandpa Doc wears a tall green and turquoise hat, which is striped. He also has a big bushy eyebrows and a beard, which are both colored platinum blonde. He wears a small red bow tie, a bright blue shirt with turquoise suspenders, short, green pants and red circular glasses. He basically shares the same appearance with Doc, the difference being he looks like an older man.


He enjoys inventing, just like Doc.

In the series

In "Grandpa Grumpy and the Ogre," he is shown to own a special gadget known as the Flumadiddle, which he loaned to Grandpa Happy, Grandpa Grumpy, Happy, and Grumpy on the quest for an ogre.


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