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Grandpa Happy
S1e10a Grandpa Happy
Grandpa Happy, as he appeared in "Grampa Grumpy and the Ogre"
Character Information
Voiced by Unknown[1]
Nickname(s) Speedy (by Grumpy)
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair White
Eyes Black
Family Happy (grandson)
Enemies The Ogre (until the end)

Grandpa Happy is the grandfather of Happy and a member of the original 7D. In "Grampa Grumpy and the Ogre" he aided in the search of the Ogre with Happy and Grandpa Grumpy and his grandson.


Similar in appearance to Happy, wears a light green long sleeved shirt, brown pants, and gray shoes. His pointed hat is orange with yellow and pale blue polka dots and a red puff at its top. also wears large squared glasses and has a very large beard that surrounds his face.


Like his grandson Happy, boasts a joyful attitude and plays a song for any occasion on his ukelele. However, in contrast to Happy, his grandfather is very energetic for his age and likes to crack jokes. Grandpa Grumpy has commented that "The older he gets, the happier he gets. It's mind-boggling!"

In the show

In "Grampa Grumpy and the Ogre" and the aforementioned dwarfs search for an ogre who steals one of the gems that represent one of the original 7D from their home. When Grandpa Grumpy mentioned that candy corn is needed to trade with the Ogre, Happy and his grandpa began to sing a song about the treat, annoying Grandpa Grumpy and his grandson. Later, after obtaining the Flumadiddle from Grandpa Doc, drove it out of the garage with so much speed that Grandpa Grumpy and Grumpy fell out of the vehicle. While they fish for the Ogre, accidentally caught Grumpy while using his lure and Grandpa Grumpy told him to throw Grumpy into the river. After they arrive at the mountains, the Ogre took and his grandson and Grandpa Grumpy to his cave, where they try to persuade him that he can't keep them and must return the gem with other items he swiped. The Ogre was then invited to play Go Fish with and the 7D and their grandfathers.

along with the rest of the original 7D made a cameo appearance in "Doing the 7D Dance".



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