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(Opens up on the 7D in an extremely hot cave within their mine wearing protective hazmat suits)
Dwarfs: Ooh! Aah! (they proceed to remove a pearl)

(cut to The 7D's cottage)
Doc: It looks like an enchanted pearl of massiveness. But I'll have to run some tests on it to be sure. Makes exploring that new branch of the mine worth it.
(The Bing-Bong Bell plays)
Bashful: The Queen needs us!
Happy: To the castle!

(cut to Queen Delightful's castle)
Dwarfs: The 7D reporting for duty.
Delightful: Oh, good. I need your help. How do I clean a Jolly Berry juice spill?
Sneezy: With a Hi-Ho Hankie! It's a hankie, it's a towel. It's a Hi-ho Hankie! It holds three-hundred seventy-six times its weight in Jolly Berry juice. It's made in Elfy Town, and you know elves make good stuff. It'll have you sayin' "Hi-ho"! (sneezes into the hankie) Ah-choo! (hands the hankie to Queen Delightful)
Delightful: Hi-ho. (sneezes into the hankie herself) Ah-choo! Oh, thank you, Sneezy. Very helpful since I dropped my juice since I saw the dragon.
Sneezy: What dragon?
(loud roar plays off-screen)
Dwarfs: Dragon!
Bashful: Hide!
(goes into a trunk and finds himself next to Lord Starchbottom)
Starchbottom: I'm way ahead of you.
(cut to The 7D looking out the castle window and see a dragon flying around the town, the town citizens are all scared)

(cut to The 7D, Dopey is heard whistling; they are putting on their firefighting equipment and leaves the castle on a fire engine to the village)
(The 7D arrive and Grumpy exits the vehicle, fire hose at the ready. Then the dragon breathes fire on Grumpy and flies away.)
Grumpy: Nurse!
(The nurse comes over.)
(Grumpy licks the lollipop.)
Grumpy: Mmm, boysenberry.
(the nurse leaves)
(townspeople clamor)

(cut to Hildy and Grim watching the dragon on their Crystal Ball)
Hildy: A dragon. Scaring villagers. Scorching shorties. Fire-breathers have all the fun.
Grim: Let's get one, Hildy. A pet dragon.
Hildy: Yes! A young one, so we can train it. We'll have it clear all the villagers out of Jollywood once and for all. Then, we'll take over.
Grim: We're gettin' a dragon, we're gettin' a dragon

(cut to the outside of the pet shop in Spookytown)
Grim: I'm gonna get me a dragon. I'm gonna name it Muffin-top McFluffy.
Spookytown Pet Shop owner: Welcome to Spookytown Pet Shop.
Hildy: Show us your finest fire-breathing dragon.
Owner: Yes, of course. One moment, please.
Grim: Oh, looky. Little leechy-weechies. (cooing baby talk)
Hildy: Ew! Grim, step away from those slimy creepy-crawlies.
Grim: But they're rescues.
(camera cuts over to the owner, who tears pieces of paper and taped them into a lizard)
Owner: A dragon, priced to sell.
(lizard gibbering)
Grim: Ooh, can we get it?
Hildy: Grim, it's just a lizard with taped-on wings. (to the owner) We need a fire-breathing dragon!
Owner: He's got heartburn.
(lizard belches loudly)
Hildy: Come on, Grim. We're out of here. And get those things off you.
Grim: But they're my friends. (looks to his right) I call this one bitey. (looks to his left) That's ouchy, (points at his nose) and that's chompy. And now, I feel fainty. (falls to the floor)

(cut to Hildy and Grim's manor)
Hildy: (offscreen) If we can't get a real dragon, (camera zooms into the manor) I'll get the next best thing.
Grim: What's that?
Hildy: I'm going to turn you into a fire-breathing dragon.
Grim: Foreverly?
Hildy: Unfortunately not. This dragon spell wears off at sundown.
Grim: Whoo!
Hildy: Zim, zalla bim, zalla bim, bim, bim. Make a dragon out of Grim, Grim, Grim.
(a cloud of smoke fills up the screen)

(cut to the town where Grim is suddenly a dragon. Grim is shown breathing fire into the marshmallows and eats them.)
Grim: Marshmallowy gooey goodness. I love being a dragon.
Hildy: Oh! Go scare the villagers.
Grim: Okay, hold my s'mores.
Hildy: (makes disgusted grunt)

(cut to Grim scaring away the villagers)
Grim: Roar! I'm all dragon-y and fire-breathing and stuff. Roar! Roar! Roar, roar!

(cut to The 7D's cottage)
Bashful: So, is it an enchanted pearl of massiveness?
Doc: Get off my back about it, Bashful.
(the camera reveals Bashful is literally standing on Doc's back, then steps down)
Bashful: Sorry.
Doc: I'm not certain yet.
(Bing-Bong Bell rings again)
Happy: The Queen needs us.
Bashful: That's my line.
Happy: To the castle.

(cut to Delightful's castle)
Dwarfs: The 7D... (they create a hole on the floor at their usual landing spot by the throne and fall down but got back up) your service.
Delightful: Oh, Sneezy, I wanted to thank you for the Hi-Ho Hankie. It really does make clean-up a breeze.

(Song: "Hi-Ho Hankie")
Happy: Oh, to wipe up filth and sanitize,
Mop up and deodorize
To scrub that dirty grease and grime
Use Hi-Ho Hankie every time
Sneezy: Hi-Ho Hankie, and away!
(song ends)

Delightful: And I should know, because I spilled my juice again when I saw the second dragon.
Dwarfs: Second dragon?!
Bashful: Hide!
(goes back into the trunk as he did the first time, this time joined in by Starchy and Sir Yipsalot)
Bashful: These hiding holes are getting crowded.
Starchbottom: Pigs in a blanket?

(cut to The 7D as they're getting prepared to fight the dragon, arming themselves with water balloons)
(The 7D arrive at the village in a showdown with Grim the dragon)
Grumpy: Soak him.
(after soaking the dragon, Mama Dragon returns and protects Grim, thinking he's her baby, and again breathes fire into Grumpy)
Grumpy: Nurse!
(The nurse comes over, sprays him, and gives him another lollipop.)
Grumpy: Rhubarb?
Nurse: I'm out of boysenberry. (she leaves)

(cut to Mama Dragon carrying Grim)

(cut back to Hildy)
Hildy: Hey, get back here with my dragon hubby. (hops on her broom and flies towards them) Drop him, you slimy serpent. (the dragon breathes fire on her broom and she yells) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! (Hildy falls into a pond below)

(cut to Mama Dragon's cave)
Grim: Kinda pushy and whatnot, huh? You remind me of Hildy.
(the dragon feeds Grim swamp sludge)
Grim: Swamp sludge. Soothing. Which is nice, 'cause breathing fire makes my mouth taste melt-y.
Hildy: Grim, are you in here?
Grim: Hildy, this is wild. The dragon thinks I'm her baby. Funny, huh? Maybe not funny "ha-ha", more funny... ooh.
Hildy: Shh! We have to get you out of here. It's almost sundown.
(dragon roars on Hildy and breathes fire at her, then knocks her out of the cave, sending her to the thorns)
Hildy: Nurse! (the nurse helps her, gives her a lollipop, and leaves. Hildy then tries out the lollipop) Ew, rhubarb. (drops lollipop) No fire-breather gets the best of Hildy Gloom.

(cut to The 7D's cottage)
Doc: As it turns out, this is not a colossal pearl of massiveness.
(someone knocks on the door and Happy opens it)
Happy: Hello, who are you?
Hildy: I'm Little Bo Peep. (falsely cries)
Sneezy: Oh, here. Have a Hi-Ho Hankie.
(Hildy blows her nose loudly)
Hildy: I've lost my dragon.
Grumpy: I thought you had sheep.
Hildy: (looks at the audience) Sheep are too needy. (continues crying) The big dragon stole my little dragon, and took him back to her cave.
(what The 7D thought was a pearl of massiveness turns out to be an egg; the egg hatches)
Doc: Aha, it's a dragon egg. That explains everything.
(Dopey whistles; talking to the audiencw)
Grumpy: (To the viewers) And that explains nothing.
Baby dragon: Mama. (purrs)
Grumpy: No, not your mama.
Doc: Bo Peep, if my calculations are correct, the dragon's cave is above the cavern where we found that egg.
Happy: (voiceover) We came up with a plan to lure the Mama Dragon out of her cave, so Grumpy could sneak in with the baby dragon, and swap it for Little Bo Peep's dragon.

(cut to Mama Dragon's cave, where Grumpy and the baby dragon waits outside)
(the baby dragon is squeezing Grumpy's nose)
Grumpy: Ow! Hey, that's not a toy.
(the baby dragon turns sad)
Grumpy: Oh, all right, it's a toy.
(The baby dragon then continues to honk Grumpy's nose, with Grumpy grinning)

(cut to the rest of The 7D along with Hildy riding on a plane resembling a dragon. Mama Dragon comes out of her cave and spew flames at them, causing them to fall from the sky)

(cut to Doc and Dopey talking to the audience)
Doc: When our fake dragon backfired, Dopey came up with a three-part plan that was a doozy.
(back to the cave, the dwarfs are screaming)
(back to Doc and Dopey to the audience)
Doc: Part one of Dopey's plan worked perfectly. So, it was full steam ahead with part two.
(in the cave, the dwarfs scream)
Doc: (To the viewers) We had the dragon right where we wanted her. Which brought us to part three of Dopey's plan.
Happy: Is this where I sing?
(Dopey whistles)

(Song: "Sleep Mama Dragon")
Happy: Oh, sleep, mama dragon
Close your eyes
Happy's gonna sing you a lullaby

Rock-a-bye dragon
If you're asleep, you can't turn us
Into barbecue
(song ends)

(back to Doc and Dopey to the audience)
Doc: (To the viewers) Dopey's plan worked. That dragon was so tired from chasing us, that Happy's lullaby put her right to sleep.

(back to the cave)
Hildy: Grim, are you all right?
Grim: Yeah, I've been sleepin' on twigs. It's all sorts of ouchie.
(a closeup at a part of Grim's dragon body with twigs stuck on his skin is shown)

(cut to Grumpy bringing the baby dragon into the cave)
(the baby dragon coos)
Grumpy: Go on, go to your mama. (cries) Bye, little buddy.
(Mama Dragin grabs Grim)
Hildy: Hey! That is not your baby! (points at baby dragon) That is your baby!
Baby Dragon: Mama.
Dwarfs: Phew.
(Grim turns back to his human self)
Grim: Hey, Hildy. The spell wore off. Funny, huh?
Hildy: Not funny ha-ha, Grim.
Dwarfs: The Glooms!
(after getting pulled by Mama Dragon, she tries to tell the difference between Grim and Hildy and her real baby. The Glooms laugh nervously)
Grim/Hildy: Hi.
(The Glooms get knocked out of the cave and they scream.)

(cut to Happy to the viewers)
Happy: (To the viewers) Mama dragon was so grateful to us for returning her baby, we all became fast friends. And boy, does she know how to barbecue!

(cut to The 7D, Queen Delightful, and Starchbottom eating at the castle's courtyard. Mama Dragon is cooking burgers at the grill with her flames)
Bashful: (comes up at a barrel) Veggie burger?
Starchbottom: (from inside the barrel) If you could put mayonnaise on that.

(cut back to the 7D)
Grumpy: (Notices baby dragon being spilled by a ketchup) Oopsie.
Sneezy: No problemo. The Hi-Ho Hankie will clean up any mess. It's a rag, it's a napkin, it's an apron.
(Grumpy sniffs)
Grumpy: It's also a diaper, and this one needs changing. Knock yourself out, Sneezy. (Sneezy grabs the baby dragon) Hey, you know who's missing? Nurse!
(The nurse sprays Grumpy with him doing a smirk face, and gives his sarsaparilla)
Grumpy: Mmm, sarsaparilla?
Nurse: Our flavor of the month.
Everyone except Grumpy: Sarsaparilla?! Nurse!
(the nurse goes over to them)
Grumpy: I hope she gives those guys the rhubarb.
Dwarfs: Heigh-ho!
(the end)

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