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(Open up on the 7D. Happy is singing)
Happy: (offscreen) Paddle faster 'round the creek
Stroke, stroke.
Let's hope our boat don't spring a leak
Stroke, stroke. Stroke.

(Grumpy gets annoyed, grabs the megaphone and stuffs it over Happy's head)
Grumpy: Stop! Stop! Stop!
Happy: (from beneath the megaphone) Someone needs a time out.
(camera zooms to Delightful and Starchbottom)
Delightful: (sighs) I just love "Whatever Floats Your Boat" Day. It's so relaxing.
Starchbottom: I'm looking forward to "Taking a Nap In a Hammock" Day. Whew!

(cut to Hildy and Grim)
Hildy: Time to destroy the Jollywood Dam and wash Queenie Bo-Beenie right out of my hair.
Grim: Do it, my damaged doodle bug.
Hildy: Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Bust this baby on the double.
(Hildy causes a big wave)
Doc: The Jollywood Dam's burst.
Delightful: Ooh, pretty waterfall.
(Dopey whistles)
(the beavers nearby hear Dopey's whistling and spring into action, building a makeshift dam made out of branches)

(Song: "Beavers to the Rescue")
Beavers to the rescue
Beavers to the rescue
Beavers, beavers, beavers, beavers
Beavers... the rescue.
(song ends)

(The beavers' dam successfully save The 7D, Starchy, and the Queen)

(cut to the Glooms)
Hildy: NO!! No! No, no, no, no, no! The 7D, they ruin everything.
Grim: Yeah, and the Dopey one is a beaver whisperer.

(cut to Queen Delightful's castle)
Delightful: Thank you, Dopey, for saving us from the big splish-splash.
Sneezy: (nearby) Way to go, Dope.
Happy: Yeah.
Sleepy: Nice.
Bashful: You saved Queen Delightful.
(dwarfs cheer) (Dopey whistles)
Delightful: And, thank you, furry friends. Turns out you really can leave it to beavers.
(beaver speaks gibberish)
Grumpy: He says the log's undercooked.

(cut to the Glooms' manor)
(Hildy screams)
Hildy: I just wanna take over Jollywood and become queen! I want to be the queen now! (to Grim) Are you even listening to me?
Grim: Did you say something, my horrendous honey bun?
Hildy: Stop looking at that and pay attention to me.
Witch: Going good has changed my life.
Hildy: Yuck! Feel-good gobbledygook.
Witch: As a bad witch, I never got what I wanted. But now, as a good witch, I always get what I want.
Hildy: Huh?
Witch: Order my "Neeny the Nice Witch" plan today, and I'll include a free wand of goodness with every order!
Hildy: I'll take it!
Witch: It's all yours.
Hildy: I'm going good.
Grim: Whoo-hoo! Wait. For real-sies?
Hildy: No, Grim, I'll be a good witch for pretend-sies, so we can get what we've always wanted.
Grim: Coconut cream pie?
Hildy: No, Grim. To lock the queen up and take over Jollywood.
Grim: Ah. Then the pie?
Hildy: Yes, then the pie.
Grim: Score!

(cut to Delightful's castle)
(knocking sound plays)
Starchbottom: Your Majesty, it's raining cats and dogs out there.
Delightful: You don't have to tell me. I just stepped in a poodle.
Starchbottom: What?
(cats and dogs fall down from the sky)
Sir Yipsalot: Yip-yip!
Delightful: Whoever could be behind such naughtiness?
Starchbottom: Oh, yeah, gee. I wonder.
Delightful: Starchbottom, do you know what we need now?
Starchbottom: A very large litter box?
Delightful: Yes, and the 7D.

(cut to the 7D)
(bells chiming)
Sneezy: It's raining cats and dogs.
Sleepy: Winkers, what a cat-astrophe.
Doc: Let's round 'em up, 7D.
(Dopey whistles)
Sleepy: I gotcha, I gotcha.
Grumpy: I gotcha... (muffled) You got me.
Happy: Nice kitty. Catastrophe averted. Looks like we got 'em all.
(camera shifts to reveal Grim)
Grim: That's what you think, said me, disguised as evil troll. Kitties and pooches, hey, I'm callin'. Don't stop now, keep on fallin'.
(camera shifts over to the dwarfs)
Dwarfs: Uh-oh.
Sneezy: We're gonna need a bigger net.
(camera shifts over to Hildy)
Hildy: Allow me to help. (starts singing)

(Song: La La La)
Tra, la, la, la, la
Goody, goody gumdrops
I'm a good witch
And I'll make the baddy bad stop

Everything is puppy dogs and rainbows
The sun is shining when I'm here
I'm a cupcake, freckle, frosting, twinkle good witch
Don't you ever, ever, ever, ever fear

Tra, la, la, la, la
Goody, goody gumdrops
I'm a good witch
And I'll make the baddy bad stop
(song ends)

Hildy: It is I, Hildy the Good.
Bashful: You're that wicked witch, Hildy Gloom!
Hildy: No, silly strange hiding man. I've changed my ways to become a good witch.
Grumpy: Oh, yeah. Sure. And I'm a flying monkey.
Hildy: Oh, hello, flying monkey! Now, eat your banana! (forces banana in Grumpy's mouth)
Sneezy: If you're good... ahhh... ahhh.... ahh... (sneezes) PROVE IT!
Hildy: How's this? I know who's behind this wicked shenanigan. (points to bush) It's that horrid troll.
(Grim pops up from the bush)
Grim: Hello! I was behind a shenanigan. Doesn't look very wicked, though. Maybe a little prickly. (touches bush) Ooh! Ouchies.
Hildy: Just read the script!
Grim: Oh, yeah. Okay. (reading) "I am a troll, and I will destroy you all!" (done reading) Ya ha ha!
Hildy: And so, I banish you from Jollywood. Buh-bye!
Happy: Hahaha!
Sneezy: All right!
Grumpy: Nice.
(the other 4D talk inaudibly)
Happy: She's good!

(cut to Delightful's castle)
Hildy: And now, for my second official act as Hildy the Good, I will find loving homes for all these puppies and kitties.

(cut to Happy)
Happy: Dopey wanted to help get all the poochies and kitties a good home!

(cut to Grumpy)
Grumpy: Unfortunately, it was our home.
Cat: Meow! (climbs up to the inside of Grumpy's hat)
Grumpy: Hey! Come out of there!
(Cat screeches and hangs its paws outside of Grumpy's hat)

(cut to Delightful's castle)
Delightful: (to Hildy) Thank you! (to Starchbottom) Maybe she is good.
Starchbottom: In your dreams.
Delightful: Am I dreaming? Oh, that explains why you're wearing pajamas.
Starchbottom: These are my regular clothes.
Delightful: Oh, I'm sorry. We'll go shopping later.

(cut to them shopping)
Shop owner: (opens pickle jar) Pickle?
Delightful: Are these baby gherkins fresh?
Shop owner: Positively, abso-tutely, Your Majesty.
(Grim appears in front of the screen)
Grim: Coconut cream pie! Get your creamy coconutty pie over here! (reads script and starts spell) Make the Queen spin 'til she's dizzy. Then, make her fly into a tizzy.
(Queen Delightful spins and flies in the air)
Delightful: Ooooooweeeeeoooooooweeeeoooooooweeeooooweeee (etc.)
Starchbottom: Oh no. That's not good!
Bashful: We have to save the Queen! Dopey, hurry!
(Dopey starts inflating the mattress)
Hildy: Oh, no worries, 7D! I'm on it!

(Song: I'm a Good Witch)
Hildy: Tra-la-la-la-la
Goody goody gumdrop
I'm a good witch
And I'll make the baddy bad stop
(song ends)

(Hildy grabs Delightful by the hand)
Hildy: Oh, let me hand a sanitized helping hand.
Bashful: The Queen is saved!
Citizens: Yip-yip yooray for Hildy the Good!
Hildy: Oh, thank you. It really wasn't anything, but thank you. (to herself) What is this funny tickly feeling in my tummy? Is this what being good feels like? Ew! (to citizens) Thank you, oh thank you. Thank you!

(cut to Grumpy and Happy)
Happy: By week's end, Hildy the Good had rescued the Queen dozens of times! There were the land sharks.

(cut to Hildy saving the Queen from the sharks, she turns them into little fish in a tub)

(cut back to Grumpy and Happy)
Grumpy: ...Rampaging gingerbread men.

(cut to Delightful being chased by gingerbread men)
Gingerbread man: Run, run, as fast as you can.
(Hildy creates a glass of milk)
Gingerbread man: You can't catch me, I'm the... Oh wait, there's milk. Let's take a dunk.
(gingerbread men dunk into the glass of milk)

(cut to Hildy losing the keys to the kingdom)
Happy: And when the Queen lost the keys to the kingdom, guess who found them? (Hildy uncovers the Queen's hat, where the keys are)

(cut to Grumpy and Happy)
Happy: Why, all of Jollywood celebrated Hildy's change of heart.

(cut to Delightful and the Jollywood citizens)
Delightful: I now declare this day Hildy the Good Day!
Citizens: Hildy the Good Day! Yip-yip yooray!
Hildy: Ugh! Again with that giggly good feeling. Power through it now, Hildy. And you'll be back to your bad self in no time. (to citizens) Thank you! Oh, thank you!
Starchbottom: (in a circle at the top left of the screen) And before we continued shopping for something that didn't look like I was wearing pajamas...
Happy: ...Queen D and Hildy became gal pals!

(cut to Starchbottom serving Delightful and Hildy)
Starchbottom: Ice cream, as requested. Funky fudge fingleding, or hippy dippy doodot?
Delightful/Hildy: Funky fudge fingleding, please! Hahaha!
Starchbottom: Sprinkles? (pours sprinkles on Hildy's ice cream)
(Hildy tastes ice cream)
Hildy: Yuck! I hate sprinkles, and spa days, and being gal pals! I hate being good! I can't take it anymore! (to Delightful) Oh, queenie! Would you like to hear my deepest, darkest secret?
Delightful: Ooh, do tell.
Hildy: Here it goes. I'm not good. I'm bad! I've been bad all along. This has all been an act.
Delightful: Well, you are quite the little actress! (claps hands)
(Hildy turns back to her normal self, Yipsalot growls.)
Hildy: Can it, doggie.
(Sir Yipsalot gets put inside a can)
(Sir Yipsalot yips)
Delightful: Sir Yipsalot! Oh no!
Hildy: Whoo-hoo! It feels good to be bad! And now, queenie weenie, time to...
Starchbottom: ...Ring the Bing-Bong Bell! (Before he gets to ring it, his path is blocked by Grim.)
Grim: Nuh-uh. It's a Bing Bong bye-bye for both of you! (snorts)
Hildy: The kingdom's mine now. You have no power. I banish you to the highest tower! (sends Delightful to a tower)

(cut to the tower)
Delightful: Oh no! I didn't bring my ice cream! Oooooweeeeooooweeeeoooweeeeoooweee!

(cut to Starchbottom trying to fend off the Glooms)
Starchbottom: (gasps) You can't do that to the Queen!
Grim: You defy us! Okay, fine! You'll spend eternity in the mine!

(Starchbottom disappears, and gets trapped in a stone in the mine)
Starchbottom: Oh-ho-ho!
Grumpy: Huh. This rock looks just like Starchbottom.
Starchbottom: (muffled) Get me out of here!
Happy: It is Starchbottom!
(Starchbottom yells as The 7D mine the stone from the wall)
Happy: (in circle at top left of screen) Starchy told us everything that happened with the Glooms.
Doc: There was only one thing to do. We'd use my new Get Me Outer Water Spouter to get to the tower.

(cut to Delightful trapped at the tower)
Delightful: I'm so sorry Sir Yipsalot. Can you ever forgive me? Ha ha. I said can. Too soon?
(The 7D ride a geyser up to the tower)
Bashful: We've come to rescue you, Your Majesty!
Delightful: (gasps) I hope you brought a can opener with you.

(cut to Hildy and Grim outside the castle)
Hildy: Oh, Grim, look at us. Out for our evening walk like we own the place. Oh, wait! We do!
(Hildy and Grim laugh)
Grim: Ooh! A water show! Fancy.
(Bashful jumps into the window
Hildy: The 7D! NOOO!
Delightful: (to Bashful) You did bring a can opener.
Yipsalot: Yip-yip!
(Sir Yipsalot isn't in the can anymore, everyone gets back on land)
Sneezy: All right, Glooms! The jig is up!
Hildy: That's what you think. My good witch scheme worked. I'm Queen now, Jollywood loves me!,
Happy: Hit it, Dopey.
(Dopey whistles and chitters)

(Song: Beavers to the Rescue)
Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum
Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum
Grim: Uh-oh. It's the beavers again.
Hildy: Ha! What are they gonna do? Build a new dam?
Doc: Not exactly. Beavers to the rescue
Beavers to the rescue
Beavers, beavers, beavers, beavers
Beavers... the rescue.
(the beavers build a box and trap Grim and Hildy inside it, song ends)

Hildy: Hey! Let us out!
(Dopey whistles and puts a photo on the box of the beach)

(camera cuts to the beach, where the Glooms get delivered to the beach)
Hildy: I just wanted to take over Jollywoo-hoo-hoooooood!
Grim: Ooh! Vacay, Hildy my Wildy! Chillax.
(a screeching monkey throws coconuts)
Grim: Ooh! Coconut cream pie time! (whispers) Score!
(episode ends and credits run)

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