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Season 1, Episode 16B*
S1e16b Title Card
Half hour production code: 116B[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate November 16, 2014
Disney Channel airdate March 11, 2015
Episode Credits
Directed by Jeff Gordon
Written by Shea Fontana
Storyboards by Mark Maxey
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"The Enchanted Shoes"
Suceeded by →
"Big Bad Sneezy"

"Hildyrella" is an episode that premiered on November 16, 2014 with "The Enchanted Shoes" on Disney XD.[2] Before it was officially announced, it was confirmed by Shea Fontana on her website.[3] Along with "The Enchanted Shoes", the premiere doesn't air in its entirety (see trivia below).

It is the thirty-second episode in the series.


Hildy faces off against her arch-nemesis Snazzy Shazam in the Ultimate Supreme Sorceress Pageant.

Guest Star


At the Glooms' manor, Hildy is preparing for her entry into the Ultimate Supreme Sorceress Pageant. As she flies to the event with Grim while putting on makeup, she is about to collide with a bird. She avoids it, but she fell into a pig pen full of mud; her shoes are then digested by the pig. Grim suggested to Hildy that she should wish for a fairy godmother. The Fairy Godmother appears, and Hildy has to keep her sassy behavior in check if she wants to go to the pageant and win by midnight. Hildy eventually gets her wish, and along with a new dress she receives a squid coach with a cockroach servant and a new pair of shoes.

Meanwhile, the 7D answers the Bing-Bong Bell and reported at Delightful's castle for duty. The Queen participates in her roller derby team known as the Raging Regals (they're playing for the championship tonight) and her roller skates are missing. The dwarfs suspect that the Glooms are behind this since Delightful told them that the skates vanished as she opened its box. They followed the Glooms' trail and ended up at Shriek Auditorium where the pageant is being held; the 7D went in disguised to avoid detection from the evil witches and wizards while becoming the judges by accident. Starchbottom substituted for Delightful at the roller derby until she get her skates back.

One of the participants at the pageant is Hildy's rival, Snazzy Shazam. Later, a dance competition is being held during the pageant. Hildy takes the stage and dances, showing off what are actually Queen Delightful's roller skates. She then loses her balance and fell into the judges' table, revealing the 7D's disguises. As the dwarfs flee, Hildy casts a spell to turn them to Chihuahuas on her wand; the spell missed and instead hits the emcee, Snake Charming. The 7D then escaped the flying spells from the enemy wizards, reached the queen, and Delightful got her skates back and entered the derby.

At last, the pageant is about to crown its winner. The Fairy Godmother appears before the announcement is made; the clock strikes at midnight and Hildy is reverted back to being covered with mud from the pig pen. Despite not being in the pageant the Fairy Godmother is declared the winner while she flirts with Snake Charming. Back at the derby, Delightful and her team wins the championship.

Featured Song


  • With "The Enchanted Shoes", the half-hour premiere was not shown in its entirety during its premiere broadcast. The last minute of each segment was interrupted by commercials, only to return at the same scene when it returned from the breaks. After the final break during "Hildyrella," the episode itself reduces to a box where Disney XD runs the end credits for its shows for a few seconds before it started airing Phineas and Ferb. The ending of "Hildyrella" first aired on November 18, 2014.
    • A similar thing was reported to have happened with a Doraemon rerun the previous morning, whereas it flashed the last few seconds of the first segment after the commercial break in a creepy manner.
  • Sir Yipsalot somehow spoke real words in English instead of "yip", which were "You think?" (after Queen Delightful told the real facts about her skates being shoes at the same time).
  • "Hildyrella" marks the third time where Sneezy sneezes snot and saliva, instead of powerful gusts of wind, the second being "Knick Knack Paddy Whack" and the first being "Bathtub Bashful".
  • This is one of the few episodes that takes place entirely at night.
  • Delightful's participation in roller derby was inspired in real life by segment writer Shea Fontana's love of the sport.


  • Innuendo: The opening scene shows Grim seemingly mouth watering over the sight of Hildy wearing her special dress, but it turned out that he's only interested on a plate of muffins. The background music that played over the scene is quite obvious.
  • The Disney/ABC press site for Disney XD lists the episode as "The Enchanted Shoes / Hildy-rella"

Cultural References

  • During the Ultimate Supreme Sorceress Pageant, Sneezy's question and the witch's answer is an obvious reference to the Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina viral video.


  • When the Fairy Godmother rearranges Hildy's lips into a duck lips, she's shown doing the infamous duck face gesture.
  • At one point, Hildy quotes "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boop", a reference to the song "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" from Disney's 1950 film Cinderella.


S1e16b 'get those skates!'S1e16b the 7d escaping with the skatesS1e16b the spell over the 7d's heads
  • When Sneezy told the 7D to get Delightful's skates, Bashful (his hat is seen on the top right of the screenshot on the left) is there, but as they leave Bashful is absent (middle). He is then seen running as Hildy's spell flies overhead (right).
S1e16b the 7d running out of the auditorium
  • As the 7D ran out of the auditorium, Sneezy can be heard saying "I'm allergic to Chihuahuas!", then he sneezes. However, as the above screenshot shows, his mouth remained open during the entire shot. The error is repeated again in the next scene when the 7D arrive at the roller derby arena with him calling Delightful's name.


International Premieres

  • May 9, 2015 -- (Disney Channel Asia)
  • November 2, 2016 -- (TV5 Philippines)


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