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(opens up outside the Gloom Manor, an animal howls)
Hildy: (inside the manor) How do I look?
Grim: Yummy.
Hildy: Yummy enough to win the Ultimate Supreme Sorceress Pageant?
Grim: Uh, major yummy.
Hildy: Perfect! Now stop drooling and let's get going.
Grim: (bites into a cupcake) Yummy in my tummy.
Hildy: (Grabs Grim by the arm) Come on!
Grim: Oh!

(cuts to Hildy and Grim outside flying their brooms)
Grim: Don't you maybe wanna watch where you're going a little bit?
Hildy: I could fly with my eyes closed.
Grim: Oh! Just like that bird. (bird screeching)
Hildy: (screams, her broom goes out of control and tumbles into a big puddle of mud. She groans) Eww! Grossness! (a pig oinks)
Grim: (lands in front of Hildy and the pig) Oh, good. You landed somewhere squishy.
Hildy: My dress is ruined, my broom is broken.
Grim: And that pig's eating your new shoes. (shows pig eating Hildy's shoes. It burps and Hildy gasps)
Hildy: (whines) No! All I ever wanted was to win the Ulitimate Supreme Sorceress Pageant! How am I supposed to do that now?
Grim: Oh! I have an idea. It's like that story. Once upon a time--
Hildy: Skip to the good part.
Grim: A girl wished and a fairy godmother made her shiny.
Hildy: Do you really think that I could just say "I wish I had a fairy godmother" and then poof, she'd appear?
Fairy Godmother: (to the pig) Oh, Hildy Gloom, right? Yeah, it's me, your fairy godmother. Well, you don't look too bad. (the pig burps
Hildy: Uh, hello? Behind you. Hildy Gloom.
Fairy Godmother: Oh, girl, you are a hot mess. (looks at Grim) And you are a hunk of handsome.
Grim: Oh, thanks. I work out. Pilates.
Hildy: What about me? (the fairy godmother bops her on the head) Oh! Hey, what was that for?
Fairy Godmother: For being sassy and egotistical.
Hildy: But I--  (gets bopped on the head again) Ow! What was that for?
Fairy Godmother: Emphasis. You want to win that pageant, right? 
Hildy: Uh-huh.
Fairy Godmother: Super.Here we go. Friddly-diddly beautiful you, in a puffy dress, and a big hairdo. (waves wand) Oh, now that's a dress.
Hildy: This is just like your dress.
Fairy Godmother: Yeah. No wonder I like it. Stylin'.
Hildy: (complaining) I need structure and shoulder pads.
Fairy Godmother: Yeah, all right, Miss Fancy Pants. How about this? (waves wand again)
Hildy: (In a new dress) Not bad.
Fairy Godmother: Show me your duck face.
Hildy:(trying to make a duck face) Hmm?
Fairy Godmother:(grabs Hildy's faceNo, no, no, no, here. Pinch, pinch in here. Uh-huh, a little bit close. Hmm, flatter. (lets go) Yeah, there.
Grim: Ooh, excee duck face, Hildy.(imitating a duck) Quack, quack.
Fairy Godmother: Okay, moving on. (waving wand) To the pageant, you'll skiddadly-skid aboard a carriage that's made from a-- Oy. What rhymes with skid?
Grim: I know! Squid!
Fairy Godmother: You're handsome and smart. Grr! Aboard a carriage that's made from a squid. (casts wand)
Hildy: Eww! Nasty! (gets bopped on the head) Hey!
Fairy Godmother: What did I say about sass? And to drive you in your coach, a chauffeur made from a-- What rhymes with coach?
Grim: Cockroach!
Fairy Godmother: I could listen to you rhyme all night. (Grim giggles) A chauffeur made from a cockroach.
Hildy: (screams) Big buggy!
Fairy Godmother: And done.
Hildy: Uh-uh. Not done until I get my shoes. And no weird shoes made of rats or slugs or whatever gross things rhyme with shoes. I need the best shoes in Jollywood. (gets bopped in the head again) Oh!
Fairy Godmother: For being a diva.
Hildy: Stop with the bopping before I bippity-boppity-boop you.
Fairy Godmother: The final thing so you cannot lose, I give you Jollywood's most fabulous shoes.
Hildy: (Hildy's shoes change) Now that's what I'm talking about!
Grim: Ooh! All shiny!
Fairy Godmother: Yeah, and it all goes bye-bye at midnight.
Hildy: Only 'til midnight?
Fairy Godmother: What did you say?
Hildy: I mean—M-m-midnight. Wonderful. Thank you.
Fairy Godmother: Yeah. That's better.

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