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Hot Air Looney Blimparooni
S1e01a Queen Delightful Summons the 7D to Catch the Giant 7
Name Hot Air Looney Blimparooni
Purpose Provide transportation on air
Type Hot air balloon
Owner Doc
First appearance "The Littlest Giants"

The Hot Air Looney Blimparooni is a hot air balloon invented by Doc. In "The Littlest Giants", the 7D used it for traveling to Queen Delightful's castle and to defeat the Glooms later in the episode.

In the series

In "The Littlest Giants", a giant attacks Jollywood, so Delightful uses the Bing-Bong Bell. The 7D hear the bell while having dinner at the table, and Doc pushes down a lever, sending them -- and the dinner table with them -- to the mine. They landed on a mine cart traveling over a railway going down a hill and, with another push of the lever by Doc, the 7D are now flying in the air, and their mine cart is now the Hot Air Looney Blimparooni, complete with a huge balloon. Using one of their tunnels throughout Jollywood, the 7D ascend up from the floor of the Throne Room at the castle, and reported to the Queen for duty.

In the episode's climax, the giant is revealed to be a mechanical one operated by Grim and Hildy, and they are on their way to the castle to overthrow Delightful. To defeat them, the 7D modify the Blimparooni with something bigger to scare them away -- a scary caricature of Grumpy, and it worked.

The Hot Air Looney Blimparooni reappears in "The Rock of Sages", when the 7D fly to the castle over Jollywood while it was under threat by a volcano.

The 7D Dwarf Track Builder

In the video game The 7D Dwarf Track Builder, the Hot Air Looney Blimparooni is one of the obstacles the player has to get around during gameplay.


"The Littlest Giants"

"The Rock of Sages"

The 7D Dwarf Track Builder

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