S103b The 7D Move the Organ with How Do You Do 12

How-Do-You-Do is a robot built by Doc used mainly to push Queen Delightful's broken pipe organ out of the castle to make way for a replacement in "Let's Get Organ-ized". It has three functions: push, paddy cake and handshake to greet someone while also saying, "How do you do?". The machine is possibly voiced by Jess Harnell, since the machine's name is not seen on the credits.

In the show

The 7D are called upon by Delightful to move her broken pipe organ that she uses to wake up her subjects each morning and to signal them for bedtime at night. After much difficulty to move the organ out of the room, they bring in How-Do-You-Do. Doc gives the dwarfs a demonstration and uses its handshake function to greet them. The robot pushed the organ back inside the room while the 7D figure what to do next. Lord Starchbottom walked past him and saw it as a nuisance. He forcefully pushes the lever, and How-Do-You-Do lift him up and threw him down the stairs.

Earlier in the episode, Hildy and Grim (as buzzards) caused the pipe organ's problematic playing by dispensing rocks into the pipes over the castle. After offering Delightful and Starchbottom a new organ dressed as salespeople, they hauled the replacement to the castle. But the replacement contains a key that when pressed while performing the same tune used by the queen will turn the people of Jollywood into stone. With the help of The 7D, the disguised Glooms hauled their organ up the stairs. How-Do-You-Do comes down the stairs, pushed the Glooms' organ down the stairs, and crashed into the queen's organ outside (The 7D already had it out there thanks to an idea of Dopey's by removing its pipes). The rocks inside the queen's pipe organ were found and How-Do-You-Do threw pipes from the Glooms' organ down the stairs and towards the Glooms, making them fall into the moat. In the end, Queen Delightful's pipe organ was repaired by nighttime and with How-Do-You-Do still at the castle, he gently rocks an injured Starchbottom back and forth instead of hurting him more.


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