Hubba Hubba Headpiece

The Hubba Hubba Headpiece is a large gold crown appeared in the episode "Surely You Jest". If someone wears it, everyone will obey the one who wears it.


In "Surely, You Jest", the Glooms see Lord Starchbottom dusting it while happily humming the 7D theme theme song in their crystal ball. Hildy decides to formulate a plan to obtain it as a way to take over Jollywood. When Peaches get covered with flyers for help at the castle made by the 7D, Hildy decides that she and Grim apply for jobs to get close enough to the magical headpiece. When they see a flyer for court jester auditions in their ball, the Glooms sign the ball up for the auditions to keep Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom occupied while Hildy swipes the crown.



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