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S1e10b Happy informs Doc's invention
Name I-Can-Hear-You-Talk-To-Me-Stringy-Tin-Can-Thingy
Purpose Communication between two or more people
First appearance "The Fairest in the Land"
Last seen "Funniest Hair Day"

The two-way I-Can-Hear-You-Talk-To-Me-Stringy-Tin-Can-Thingy is Doc's invention shown in the episode "The Fairest in the Land". It was used for two or more people to communicate; the Old Woman used it as a radio, and Happy and Grumpy used it as a micro. The I-Can-Hear-You-Talk-To-Me-Stringy-Tin-Can-Thingy" is also a network used throughout Jollywood. Queen Delightful used it to call Pied Piper in "Frankengloom". "Funniest Haircut Day" shows the network all converging to an exchange, with Dopey operating the switchboard to talk to animals in an effort to locate Grumpy.


The cans are designed like blue-colored tin cans (but somehow Happy's ones are turquoise), with a long communicating black string attached between a pair of cans.


"The Fairest in the Land"


"Funniest Haircut Day"

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