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(opens up on Queen Delightful's castle)
Starchbottom: (offscreen) AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (end voiceover) It's hideous, your highness!
(Sir Yipsalot sniffs the spider)
Delightful: Oh, I don't know. He's so small.
Starchbottom: Stand back. I'll protect you.
(Sir Yipsalot sniffs the spider again)
Starchbottom: He's attacking! AAAAHHHH!
Delightful: Hmm. It seems there's only one thing to do.

(cut to The 7D's mine)
(the Bing-Bong Bell plays)
Grumpy: Hey, Sleepy! Do you hear a bell ringing?
Sleepy: Speak up! I can't hear you over that bell!
Happy: It's the Bing-Bong Bell.
Sneezy: The Queen needs us.
Grumpy and Sleepy: To the castle!

(cut to the Glooms' manor and the Bing-Bing Bell is still ringing)
Hildy: Why is she ringing that annoying bell? I mean, we're home.
Grim: I know, right?... Wait. Huh?
Hildy: The only time the Queen rings the bell is when there's trouble. But there can't be any trouble because we're right here. We're not making any trouble. (gasps) Wait a minute! What if someone else is making trouble?
Grim: Oh, that sounds like trouble.
Hildy: Come on.
Grim: Okay. Where are we going?
Hildy: To find out who's making trouble instead of us.
Grim: A-ha. They're gonna be in trouble!
(Hildy and Grim hop on their brooms heading towards Queen Delightful's castle)

(cut to Queen Delightful's castle)
Delightful: (to Happy) You'll be careful, right? I mean, you won't hurt him, will you?
Happy: Don't worry, Your Highness. We'll be gentle.

(cut to Starchy and The 7D)
Sneezy: (struggling) I don't like spiders!

(cut to Queen Delightful)
Happy: Okay. Now, where's that spider?
Delightful: (pointing at the spider) He's right over there.
(the spider winks twice)
Grumpy: Okay, Sneezy. You hold the jar, and I'll get 'im to craw into it.
Sneezy: Me? I'm afraid of spiders.
Grumpy: (to Sneezy) Don't worry, sneeze-man. Just hold the jar and I'll take care of the rest. (to the spider) All right, little fella. Let's go.
Sneezy: We did it!
Delightful: Well done, 7D. You've saved the day again.
Happy: It's what we do.
Starchbottom: Don't worry, Your Highness. I'll protect you. You don't have to be afraid of spiders ever again.
(camera zooms in on Grumpy and the Glooms can be seen outside the window)
Grumpy: Yeah, right.

(cut to Hildy and Grim)
Hildy: The Queen is afraid of spiders?
Grim: She's right. They're icky.
Hildy: This gives me a great idea. Come on, Grim. (Grim and Hildy leave on their brooms) Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Grim: Ha ha!

(cut to The 7D)
Sneezy: Here you go.
Doc: Mission accomplished, boys. Back to the mine.
(the Dwarfs whistle)
(the camera changes as we see a spider crawling)

(cut to the Glooms' castle)
Hildy: (voiceover) Ha ha! (voiceover end) I've done it! I've found a way to get rid of the queen for good.
Grim: Again?
Hildy: The queen is afraid of spiders, right? (music starts up) So...

(Song: Spider Song)
I'll conjure up a spider
That's over six feet tall
One that's very mean and scary
Grim: Disgusting, big, and hairy?

Hildy: Yes! And when she sees that spider
The Queen will run away! (Aah!)
She'll flee in fear, the coast is clear
And we'll be here to stay!

Both: Oh, big gigantic spider!
Hildy: You really think I should?
Both: When the spider sits beside her,
The Queen is gone for good!
(song ends)

Grim: Ah! I love this plan!
Hildy: Good, then get ready.
Grim: For what?
Hildy: I'm going to turn you into a gigantic spider.
Grim: M-m-m-m-m-m-m-me? I-I don't like spiders. I'm afraid of spiders.
Hildy: Oh, don't be silly, Grim.
Grim: No. It's true! Whenever I see one, I freak out and run away screaming! Uhh! (Hildy turns him into a spider)
Hildy: Eeee! Grimmy, you look divine!
Grim: Thanks. I've been working out. Uhh!
Hildy: Yeah, just, um... Don't look in the mirror, okay?

(cut to Hildy and Grim near Queen Delightful's castle)
Grim: (grunts)
Hildy: Grim... Hold still.
(Grim continues grunting)
(We hear that Starchy is taking a shower)
Starchbottom: I am taking a shower
Oh, oh
(Grim and Starchy scream)

(cut to Queen Delightful's castle)
(the Bing-Bong Bell rings)
The 7D: Hi-ho!

(at the balcony of Queen Delightful's castle as Starchy attempts to leave on a Sky Bucket)
Dwarfs: We're here, Your Majesty!
Delightful: Oh, I'm so glad, 7D. It seems, we have another spider.
Starchbottom: And this one is really big!
Grumpy: No problem. We'll get rid of it, just like the last one.
Happy: Where you goin'?
Starchbottom: I have to protect the Queen.
Delightful: Oh, Starchbottom, I'm fine.
Starchbottom: I'm sorry, Your Majesty. I can't let you stay here where it's unsafe. I have to get away from that spider. Umm... you. I have to get you away from that spider. (jumps into the suitcase; grunts) Load me!
Doc: Heh heh heh. Don't worry, Your Majesty. We'll take care of this.

(cut to The 7D at work)
Grumpy: All right, Sneezy, same drill. I'll get the spider to come out, then you trap 'im.
Sneezy: You got it, Grumpster.
(Grumpy opens the door)
Grumpy: Where are you, spidey, spidey, spidey? I know you're here. Come on out, little guy. I'm not gonna hurt you. You can't hide from me. (sees a giant spider; stammers) AAAAAHH! (runs away and bumps into the door)
Grim: (chuckles) Wow, that is one very jumpy little guy. (sees a tiny spider)
Itsy-Bitsy Spider: (croaking) Mama.
(elephant trumpet sound plays; Grim screams) (The 7D come in to see the spider)
(Grumpy gets scared)
Grumpy: (jabbers)
Sleepy: What are you scared of? That spider's not that big.
Doc: Ah, you can handle him.
Grumpy: You really think so?
Sneezy: Oh, come on. It's just a spider.
Dopey: (whistles)

(cut to Grim)
Grim: Uhh! Hildy! Where are you? There's a spider in here!
Itsy Bitsy Spider: (croaking) Mama.
Grim: (screaming and panting)
(the camera zooms out and we see the spider walking around on the side of the castle)

(cut to The 7D)
Sneezy: What are you afraid of, Grumpy? You caught the spider last time.
Doc: Yeah. You can do it again.
Happy: And if you still need our help, just give a little whistle.
(Dopey whistles)
Grumpy: You really think I can handle this?
Doc: Absolutely.
Happy: Sure.
Grumpy: Alright. Stand back!
Doc: Atta-boy.
Happy: You go get 'im.
Doc: You're a grump machine!
Sneezy and Sleepy: Yeah!
Sleepy: You, yeah, what, uh huh.
Grumpy: I'm taking this spider out! (sees Grim as a big spider, starts jabbering)
Grim: (sees himself in the mirror) Aah!! I'm hideous!! (runs out)
(small spider gets in the room)
Grumpy: That... saw... BIG... chuck... look! (the dwarfs get in the room, see the small spider) What I tell ya, big spider, right?
Sleepy: It's not that big.
Grumpy: Are you kiddin'? That thing is huge!
Doc: It's important to overcome your fear, Grumpy.
Grumpy: No, no. There's no way I'm going back in that bathroom!
Happy: Alright, alright. We'll get that spider for you.
Grumpy: Hah! You're gonna need a bigger jar!

(cut to where Grim is hiding)
Grim: (gasps, then Hildy shoots him)
Hildy: Grimwold, get back to scaring the Queen, or I'll turn you into a bigger spider!
(Grim instantly runs away; after opening several doors, he gets back to where Grumpy is standing)
Grumpy: (sees Grim) BIG SPIDERRRR!!!! (runs away)
(cut to Doc holding the small spider's filament, putting it into the jar)
Doc: There we go, little fella!
Grumpy: (offscreen) BIG... (onscreen, crashing the other dwarfs) SPIDERRRR!!
(Doc accidentally drops the jar, which rolls to Grim, small spider croaks out)
Itsy Bitsy Spider: Mama.
Grumpy: Big, big spider!!
Grim: It's after me, it's after me.
Grumpy: It's a big spider... (sees Grim again) BIG SPIDERR! (crashes other dwarfs)
Bashful: Who are you calling a spider?
Grumpy: He went that way!
Doc: C'mon, boys! We gotta get that little spider.

(cut to Grim, crawling downstairs)
Grim: I'm outta here, I'm outta here, I'm outta here, I'm outta here... (Sir Yipsalot blocks the way, barking) Aah, nice doggie... (being chased, then Grim gets in the closet) Psst, go away, go away.
Starchbottom: Your Majesty, please do not move back inside. It's not safe.
Delightful: I'm not leaving without Sir Yipsalot.
Starchbottom: (sees Sir Yipsalot) What's the matter, Sir Yipsalot? Wh..Why are you barking at the closet door?
Delightful: He wants you to get my coat, it might be windy in the sky buckets.
Starchbottom: My pleasure, Your Majesty. (he opens the closet door then sees Grim, jabbers but luckily takes one of the Queen's jackets out)
Delightful: We'll leave soon, Sir Yipsalot, once Lord Starchbottom fetches my jacket. Oh no no no, not that one, Starchbottom. The pink one, please.
Starchy: (reopens the closet door, covers Grim's head with the jacket) Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! (crashes the 7D)

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