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Jollyball is a sport existing within the series' universe. In "Jollyball Anyone?", the Gnome King made a bet with Queen Delightful that if he wins, he and his gnomes will take over Jollywood. The bet is then to be decided over a game of jollyball. Delightful enlists the 7D to play to help her win the bet along with jollyball's greatest coach, Coach Coachy.


Jollyball is, in many aspects, a mixture of the real-life sports kickball, American football and basketball. On the mound, a player proceeds to throw the ball towards a member of the opposing team, who then kicks it. The ball will finds its way into the hands of any player of the two teams, and he must run the ball towards one of the two hoops at the other end of the field, one provided for each team. The player's opposing team will have to tackle him to steal the ball. If the player is successfully not tackled upon, he then throws the ball through the net, and scores one point. The first team to score seven points is declared the winner.



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