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(opens up on the town, Happy starts singing)
(Song: Jolly Day)
Happy: Jolly Day
The bells are ringin'
'Cause it's Jolly Day
The season's bringin'
Smiles to every face
Just look around the place
I hope the ringing never stops
Grumpy: I think it's givin' me a headache!
(bells ring instrumentally)

Happy: Count down with me
The Jollyberry drop kicks off
The festivities
Queen Delightful bakes the cookies
That are oh, so sweet
And for a yummy treat
The Jolly Day cow's cocoa just can't be beat
(instrumental bell ringing plays, cow moos)

And the joy in our hearts
Will light the gems on the Jolly Day tree
What a sight to see

Oh, Day! (Dopey neighs, song ends)

(cut to the Gloom's manor)
Hildy: Oh, Grim! I so adore Gloomy Day!

(Song: Gloomy Day)
Spiders: Gloomy, Gloomy Day

Hildy: I love feeling gloomy
I wear my blackest dress
And sigh and pout and moan

I adore the sad puppies
They're the perfect touch
To add some gloom to the room

And I love the weary fellow
Who plays his dreary cello
(Man plays cello, dogs howl)

The sad song that he plays
Makes this the gloomiest of days

And soon the weeping willow tree...
Will wilt away mysteriously!

Oh, I love Gloomy Day!
Spiders: Gloomy, Gloomy Day!
(song ends)

Hildy: Oh, please can I open my gift? Can I? Can I? Can I? Please! Pretty please, with pepper on top!
Grim: Yes, Hildy, my impatient imp. As long as I get to open mine!
Hildy: Oh! Uh... your gift?
Grim: Mm-hmm.
Hildy: Uh. Close your eyes, Grim! (Grim closes his eyes) No peeking!
Grim: Oh! Oh! So excited, so excited, so excited, so excited!
(Hildy puts a pillow down on a mat covering the table and wraps it up in a bag. Grim gives the gift to Hildy. Hildy then gives the gift to Grim, who opens it up. Grim sees a pillow.)
Grim: Oh! A pillow! Yaaaaay! Hey, neat. My pillow matches the couch. Your turn! Your turn!
(Hildy opens the present.)
Man on box: Congratulations! You're now the proud owner of a Joybuster! This handy dandy wacky witchy whatchamazapit is guaranteed to drain the joy out of anyone! (in gloomy voice) Leaving them sad and gloomy.
(Hildy opens the box.)
Hildy: I love it, Grim! So tell me, do you have some dastardly delicious plan to take over Jollywood that you're not telling me about, hmm?
Grim: No, ehh... it's just that... uh, well, I didn't want to tell you because I knew it would make you upset, but, uh... it's Jolly Day.
Hildy: Today is Jolly Day?!
(The screen breaks into glass pieces. The camera zooms in on Hildy's head.)
Grim: Uhh... Gloomy Day and Jolly Day fall on the same day this year!
(doorbell rings)
Hildy: Uhh?
Grim: Huh?
(Hildy and Grim meet a group of Jollywood citizens at their door.)
Singing citizens: Ring-ring your Jollybells (sings indistinctly)
(Grim shuts the door.)
Grim: So, I got you the Joybuster!
Hildy: Let's fire it up. (brings out Joybuster)
Singing citizens: For a Jolly Day
We sing yip-yip yooray
(the singing citizens lose joy because of the Joybuster)
Girl at left: I'm sad.
Other girl: I'm going home to bed.
Grim: Wow!
Hildy: It works! It works! Loving it!
Grim: Who's a smarty every day? I'm a smarty every day! (laughing:) Whoo-hoo! Haha! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Hahaha! Ha ha!
Hildy: Now, to make sure that Jolly Day doesn't spoil the rest of our Gloomy Day, let's go and drain the joy out of every single last Jollywoodian! It'll be so fun.

(cut to the Jolly Day celebration in Jollywood)
Delightful: Happy Jolly Day, one and all!
Jollywoodian: Yip-yip-yooray!
Delightful: It's time to kick off the Jollywood festivities! By lowering the largest Jollyberry in all the land. (shouts loudly, Lord Starchbottom shakes) DROP IT DOWWWWWWWWWN!
(camera zooms out to Doc)
Doc: Berries away!
(the large Jollyberry is dropped)
(Jollywoodians cheer)
Jollywoodians: Happy Jolly Day!

(cut to the Glooms trying to ruin Jolly Day)
Hildy: Let's start with the gizmo guy.
Grim: Ooooohhhhh, you bad.
(Hildy uses the Joybuster on Doc)
Doc: The thrill is gone.
Grumpy: You look down, Doc. (Hildy's Joybuster removes his joy.) Uhh... allow me to join ya.
Grim: I want a turn, I want a turn.
Hildy: All right, Grim. But leave the 7D for me.
(Grim sucks the joy out of two Jollywoodians.)
Two Jollywoodians: Ooooh...
Hildy: The gloomification of Jolly Day has officially begun! (laughing:) AHAHAHAHAHA!

(cut to Happy, seeing a sad Grumpy and Doc)
Doc: I'm as morose as a mud-head.
Happy: Huh? Grumpy, Doc, turn those frowns upside down!
Doc: Come get me when things get fun again.
Happy: But, what about Jolly Day?
Grumpy: Blah-blah. Who cares?
Happy: You care, Grumpy! But, you like Jolly Day!

(cut to Queen Delightful)
Delightful: Let the Jolly Day Wing Ding Cookie Fling begin!
Jollywoodians: Yee-haw!
(music starts playing)
Delightful: Swing your partner round and round!
Fling 'em right above the ground!

Fling your partner in the sky!
Catch a cookie way up high!
(song ends)

(scene shifts to the Glooms using the Joybuster)
Hildy: So long, Snoozy. (removes Sleepy's joy)
Sleepy: Oh, I've lost all interest in baked goods.
Hildy: Now, to take the jolly out of Jollywood's jolliest.
Sneezy: I got it! I got it! I got-- (loses joy) Postnasal drip.
Hildy: Ugh! Missed him!
Grim: Yeah, but you got the snoozer and the sneezer, my glamorous gloomster.
Hildy: Your turn, Grim. The villagers are all yours.
Grim: Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah.

(cut to Grim sucking the joy out of the Jollywoodians, he sucks the joy out of 10 total)

(cut to Happy playing music, he notices the Jollywoodians are sad)
Happy: Wha--?
(camera zooms out to reveal the villagers are sad) Delightful: Oh, dear! What's happening?
Starchbottom: I don't know!
(Happy tries to cheer up the Jollywoodians.)
Happy: Smithy. You can't leave now!
Smithy: Oh! I cannot stay, Happy. I'm feeling bogwoggled. (leaves)
Happy: W-why the long face, Puffy? (follow Puffy)
Puffy: I feel low, down, sad, and blue, Happy. Good day.
(the other Jollywoodians moan as they leave, Happy starts talking to Sneezy and Sleepy before they start leaving the festival)
Happy: Sneezy, Sleepy, you're leaving too?
Sneezy: Uh, I think I'm allergic to Jolly Day. (sniffles)
Sleepy: I should've stayed in bed.
Happy: What's goin' on? This is Jolly Day, not Down in the Dumps Day! Down in the Dumps Day isn't till next August!
Bashful: Happy? (waves to Happy)
Happy: What is it, Bashful?
Bashful: There's no Jollybells ringing. Don't you think that's strange?
Happy: It is strange. Maybe, that's why everybody's bummed out!
Bashful: Let me take a peek around. Maybe I can find out what's goin' on.

(cut to a young girl with a cow)
Young girl: Step right up, get your Jolly Day cocoa from Mrs. Mooey, the Jolly Day cow!
(Mrs. Mooey moos)
Delightful: I'll have a grande, low-fat peppermint cocoa with extra whipped cream, please!
Young girl: You got that, Mrs. Mooey?
(Mrs. Mooey moos and makes Queen Delightful her cocoa,, which Delightful drinks)
Delightful: Mrs. Mooey, this cocoa is utterly delicious! (drops cocoa) Oops! (barely audible over the sound of the Joybuster sucking the joy out of Mrs. Mooey and the young girl:) We set a deal!
(the Joybuster sucks the joy out of Dopey, he whistles slowly while walking away, Starchbottom walks over to where Queen Delightful is)
Starchbottom: Your Majesty, something's very wrong. This is the saddest Jolly Day ever. (loses joy to the Joybuster) I'm drained. I'm so drained.

(cut to Hildy and Grim, Bashful is seen popping out of the pot)
Hildy: And now, the delightful Queen Delightful will be nothing more than the sad Queen of Sad.

(cut to Delightful and Starchbottom)
Delightful: Starchbottom, you're not drained. You're just a little blue! (gets joy sucked by Joybuster) Ooooweeeeeooooooweeeeoooooweeeeeooooweeeeoooooweeeeeooooweeeeeooooweeeeoooo...whhooo (during Hildy's following line)
Hildy: She's a tough nut to crack.
Delightful: (turns blue) I feel sad!

(cut to Happy and Bashful)
Happy: Oh no!
Bashful: (grabs Happy) It's the Glooms! They got a machine that takes everybody's joy away!
Happy: That explains it.
Bashful: (scared) We're next, Happy! We're next!
Happy: I don't think so! Tell you what we're gonna do, Bashful... (whispers indistinctly to Bashful) And... (starts whispering again)

(cut to Hildy and Grim)
Hildy: Only two jolly dwarves left.
(Happy laughs; camera shifts to reveal Happy and Bashful using toy dummies)
Bashful: You sure do like Jolly Day. Don't ya, Happy?
Happy: Like it? Ho-ho! Bashful, I love it!
(Hildy uses the Joybuster)
Hildy: Got 'em!
Happy: Oh, look at me. I am so sad and gloomy! (toy's head falls off)
(camera cuts behind the desk, revealing Happy and Bashful behind the puppetry)
Bashful: Also, I am too. Boo-hoo, waaa.
Grim: Whoo-hoo! That's every single last one of 'em!
Hildy: Our work here is done, Grim! Let's go home and watch our Gloomy Day weeping willow wilt!
(the Glooms teleport home)
Happy: The Glooms may have taken the joy away, but we're gonna put it back!
Bashful: But, how?
Happy: We're the last two folks that still have joy, Bashful! So, it's up to us to get everybody to rally around the Jolly Day Tree.
Bashful: And when everybody sees that tree all lit up nice and pretty, they'll get their joy back.
Happy: At least, that's what I'm hopin'! Come on!

(cut to the cottage, Happy starts singing)
Happy: Do you wonder why
You're sad and blue?
The Glooms took the joy
Away from you

Grumpy: The Glooms?!

Happy: They're trying to ruin Jolly Day
By taking all your jolly joy away!

Oh, will we let the Glooms
Ruin Jolly Day?
Jollywoodians: We will not let the Glooms
Ruin Jolly Day

Happy: Then, everybody follow me
Our joy will light
The Jolly Day Tree

(cut to the Glooms' manor)
Hildy: What is that horrid noise? (looks through telescope)
Grim: Jollybells?
Hildy: Impossible! (camera shifts to show Hildy's view of the action) It's that cheerful crooner (camera zooms in) and his skittish little hider! I thought we'd left them joyless! (camera shifts to Hildy) Come on! Let's go finish the job!

(cut to Happy singing)
Happy: Who puts the jolly in Jollywood?
Jollywoodians: We put the jolly in Jollywood!
Happy: Who makes the cocoa that's yummy good?
Jollywoodians: Mrs. Mooey makes the cocoa that's yummy good

(Hildy and Grim appear)
Hildy: All right. This time for sure. (powers up Joybuster) So long, smiley.
Happy: Bashful, look out! (Hildy attempts to rid him of his joy)
Hildy: This one's even tougher than the Queen!
(Happy slowly turns to a light blue coloring, indicating loss of joy. Happy faints.)
Hildy: (laughing:) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Got 'im!
(Joybuster is overpowered. It starts going rapidly unstable.)
Grim: Uhhh... Uh-oh! The Happy dude's joy is too much! The machine can't handle it!
(The Joybuster explodes, giving back joy to all the Jollywoodians.)
Happy: Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Who bakes cookies and gives 'em a fling?
Jollywoodians: The Queen gives cookies a wing-a-ding-fling!

Happy: Jollywood, yummy-good
Ding-dong ding
The wing-ding-fling

Yup, it's Jolly
Yup, it's Jolly, Jolly Day!

(joy is restored to everyone)
Delightful: Happy, you did it! Jolly Day is saved!
Happy: Yes, it is! And now, we can light the tree!
Oh, Jolly Day Tree
Oh, Jolly Day Tree
More jolly we can't possibly be

Jollywoodians: Our hearts are filled with happiness
And though it might be sappy, yes

Grim: Feel that, Hildy?
Hildy: No! I don't want to!
Grim: What is that?
Hildy: I don't know, Grim.
Grim: I think it's...I think it's.... joy!
Hildy: Yes! I do feel it! EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Happy: Our joy will light the tree!
(to Hildy and Grim) Come on, you two!
Jollywoodians/Happy: Our joy will light the tree!
Our joy, our jolly joy will light the tree!
(song ends, tree lights up; and the 7D, the Queen, Lord Starchbottom, Sir Yipsalot, and even the Glooms are smiling at the camera)

Delightful: From all of us in Jollywood...
Happy: Happy Jolly Day!
(episode ends and screen reduced on an iris in on Happy with a smiling face)

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