S1e10b Jollywood Bowl

The Jollywood Bowl is a venue located not far from Jollywood's village. It hold concerts and shows organized by Queen Delightful and her subjects.


The bowl resembles the real life and renowned Hollywood Bowl, an amphitheater located in Los Angeles.

In the show

The Jollywood Bowl made its first appearance in "The Fairest in the Land". That night, the venue hosted the Jolly Awards, including the most important award: the Fairest in the Land Award, including the Jollywood Gemstone Wand. Hildy and Grim Gloom made sure that Delightful (a perennial winner) won't get the award by making her ugly. Lord Starchbottom and the 7D had to conceal her transformation from the crowd by dressing her in a dive suit. At the ceremony, Hildy came onstage and demanded that the presenter, the Magic Mirror, to give her the award. The Magic Mirror refused, stating that she only looks at a person's inner beauty. Although the queen's atrocious face revealed on stage, she is crowned as the Fairest in the Land again; and while the Jolly Gemstone Wand transformed Delightful back to being beautiful, it made Hildy ugly, too after she attempted to steal it.

In "Bathtub Bashful", Delightful is hosting the Jollypalooza concert, where Jollywood's citizens showcase their talents. She wanted Bashful to appear there to fill an open spot because of his great singing voice while in the shower. Bashful refused and went into hiding; later he revealed that he has stage fright and he sings in his normal voice outside the bathtub. He then agreed to go on the idea that his friends will provide the bathtub onstage while he sings. Eventually, Bashful overcame his stage fright and wowing the crowd and Delightful with his beautiful singing voice outside the bathtub.

In "The Jollywood Jam", the Jollywood Bowl hosted the Heroes' Day concert, and the queen commissioned Happy to compose and conduct a musical piece featuring the 7D as the musicians. The Glooms planned to ruin the event by using their new powerful wand that can read minds. Both the 7D and the (disguised) Glooms collided at the crossroads while on the way to the concert; during impact Happy's conductor's baton got swapped with the Glooms' wand. Unknowingly, Happy used the wand and it made the entire show into a magical spectacle. The Glooms try to get the wand back, which at the time in possession of Sir Yipsalot, but he stopped them thanks to a pile of pickles he had thought about having some. The 7D were commended for their performance, though they had no idea what had happened.


The Fairest in the Land

Bathtub Bashful

The Jollywood Jam

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