Jollywood Dump
S1e05b Starchy's Literally Down in the Dumps 1
Location Jollywood
Type Commercial
Notable inhabitants None
First appearance "Starchy Takes a Break"
Latest appearance "Starchy Takes a Break"

The Jollywood Dump is a location in Jollywood where all the kingdom's trash are headed. In "Starchy Takes a Break", Lord Starchbottom breaks his leg after a mishap on the slippery floor caused by The 7D and Queen Delightful. Grumpy temporarily takes Starchy's place while the Queen's assistant rests over at the dwarfs' cottage. However, Starchbottom (with his leg still broken) leaves there after the dwarfs went out and returned to the castle to find out that his belongings are being transported to the dump, leading him to believe he's being fired. He went over to the Jollywood Dump to get his items back, but a part of the wooden ramp caved in and he falls, breaking his other leg. Literally being down in the dumps, he called for help. The 7D found him and formed a human chain to lift Starchy up from the dump and he slammed into higher ground, putting his broken legs back into place. In the end, his items were only in the dump because Grumpy and Delightful are doing something nice to surprise him when he returns: They were redecorating his bedroom complete with new furnishings.


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