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Kingdom of the Elves
S2e14b kingdom of the elves overview
Location Kingdom of the Elves
Type Kingdom
Ruler Gingersnaps (at the end of "Take Care of Your Elf")
Notable inhabitants Elves
First appearance "Take Care of Your Elf"

Kingdom of the Elves is the home of the world's elves, including Grumpy's former servant Gingersnaps. It appeared in the episode "Take Care of Your Elf!". During the episode, Gingersnaps was next in line to claim the kingdom's throne, and he was crowned as the king of the elves by Queen Delightful during Yip Yip Hooray for Elves Day. The kingdom and the elves were without a king for 502 years prior to the episode's events.


The kingdom contain many hills and bodies of water, with trees and bushes in hues of blue, green and purple with vines hung below. It also contain trees occupied by walruses called walrus trees, and several of the animals fell on Grumpy. The kingdom's palace is a special boat floating on a pond.

In the series

Grumpy along with Doc went to the Kingdom of the Elves to set things straight with the elves whom he was angry at earlier, causing them to walk away from their jobs back in Jollywood during their special day. During their trek, several walruses fell on top of Grumpy from the walrus trees. Then, the duo were captured by wild, gibberish elves. They were taken to the palace, where they meet Gingersnaps who is about to be king, but not without Grumpy having to turn the elves' faces red by complimenting them. At an outdoor stage filled with elves, Grumpy at first failed, but a mishap involving his pants falling down made the elves' faces turned red with laughter. All is forgiven, and back in Jollywood Gingersnaps is crowned as the new king of the elves.


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