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(Open up on the 7D at the beach at sunset. They are whistling their song while Sneezy carrying a pearl)

(cut to the Glooms' castle)
Hildy: Mm, what a perfect night for a moon tan.
Grim: Yes, your skin is looking paler and pastier than ever, my ghastly ghoul girl.
Hildy: Oh, Gwimmy. You always say what I want to hear.
Announcer: (on radio) Hey, you're listening to K-Scare. Witches and warlocks, have I got a contest for you. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO! Answer a riddle by sundown tonight, and you'll win a fabulous designer witch's cloak made of midnight silk.
Crystal Ball: Hey, did you see this? Check it out. (shows cloak) Fancy schmancy.
Announcer: (on radio) And it's lined with black diamonds. OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Hildy: Oh, Grim. I want it. And I will look fabulous! in it. My annoying nemesis Snazzy Shazam will be so green with envy, she'll melt.
Snazzy: (in Hildy's thought bubble) Oh, Hildy. I wish I was you. (she turns green and melts)
Hildy: (in her thought bubble) I know you do, Snazzy. (thought bubble disappears; sighs) One can dream.
Announcer: (on radio) Now, here's the riddle, brothers and sisters. What do you call a witch at the beach?
Hildy: (wondering) What do you call a witch at the beach? I have no idea. Crystal!
Announcer: (on radio) Oh, and by the way, witch, don't even think about using your crystal ball to give you the answer to the riddle. It's against the rules and you'll lose.
Hildy: Bats! What's the point in having a crystal ball if you can't use it to win contests?
Crystal Ball: Well, I may not be able to help, but I know something that can.
Hildy: What's that?
Crystal Ball: Look at this. The 7D... (flashes image of Delightful's castle) ...just returned from the Enchanted Sea with a new knick-knack for Queen Delightful.
Hildy: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh...
Grim: What is it?
Crystal Ball: It's called the "Pearl of Wisdom", and it's inside a crystal oyster, and it's got one heck of a magical power. Get this: once you open the oyster, you can ask the Pearl of Wisdom a single question, and it will give you the answer. Isn't that amazing?
Grim: How do you get it open?
Crystal Ball: I don't know, magic words or something. It's an oyster! Hey, did you hear about the oyster that didn't share his pearl? Do you know why? Because he was shellfish! Ba-boom! (laughs)
Grim: (laughs) I love the ball!
Hildy: Stop joking around and tell me where the Queen keeps the Pearl of Wisdom. Or I'll break you!
Crystal Ball: (feeling pressured) Oh! Relax, witch girl. It's in Queen Delightful's knick-knack room.
Grim/Hildy: (laughs)

(cut to Queen Delightful's castle)
Delightful: Isn't the Pearl of Wisdom just the prettiest thing you've ever seen?
Starchbottom: Yes, indeed, Your Majesty. And don't worry. I'll keep a watchful eye on your precious knick-knack.
Delightful: Ah! You said the word!

(Song: Knick Knack Paddy Whack)
Delightful: Knick-knack paddy whack, give the dog a bone
(feeds Yipsalot the bone)
Starchbottom: (rolls down hill) This old man came rolling hooooooooooooooooome
(crashes) Whoooooooooooooooooooooo!
(song ends)
Delightful: Hahaha! We love playing this game, right?
Starchbottom: Yes, we do.
Delightful: Can't help ourselves! Every time someone says "knick-knack", I say "knick-knack paddy whack, give the dog a bone." And then I give a bone to Sir Yipsalot, and...
Starchbottom: I say "this old man came rolling home."
Delightful: And you go rolly, rolly, rolly down the hill, don't you?
Starchbottom: Oh-oh. Yes, I do.
Delightful: Oh! (laughing:) Hoho! It's so much fun!
Starchbottom: Oh, yes it is.

(cut to the knick-knack room)
Starchbottom: Aha! Your Majesty, the, uh, Pearl of Wisdom is now safely put away among your knick-knacks. Oof! (covers mouth)

(Song: Knick Knack Paddy Whack)
Delightful: Knick-knack paddy whack, give the dog a bone
(feeds Yipsalot the bone)
Starchbottom: (rolls down hill) This old man came rolling home
(crashes) Woo!
(song ends)
Delightful: (laughs) I love this game!
(We see Lord Starchbottom trying to get back up.)
Starchbottom: Oh-oh! Aah.
(camera fades to Queen Delightful)
Delightful: Be safe, all my pretty things! (shuts door)
(Camera shifts over to Grim.)
Grim: (opens window) The coast is clear.
(Grim and Hildy fly over to the Pearl of Wisdom.)
Hildy: Ooh, there it is! Oh, Grim! Just, look at it!
Grim: I am.
Hildy: (whispers) Well...
Grim: Well, what?
Hildy: (whispers) Take it.
Grim: I thought we were just looking at it.
Hildy: Now!
(Grim and Hildy take the Pearl of Wisdom and immediately fly out of the castle.)
Hildy: The Pearl of Wisdom is ours! And soon, the cloak will be mine!
Grim: Woo-hoooooooo!
Starchbottom: (behind bush; gasps) The Glooms!

(cut to Delightful and Starchbottom inside the castle)
Delightful: Oh! They took the Pearl of Wisdom! Oh no! Ooooweeeeoooooweeeeeeoooooweeeeeooooweeeeeeoooweeeeooooweeeeee!
Starchbottom: (during Delightful's line) Now, Your Majesty. Don't worry. I'll get back the knick-knack. (covers mouth) Oo-mmph!
Delightful: Ah!
(Starchbottom feels guilty.)
(Song: Knick Knack Paddy Whack)
Delightful: Knick-knack paddy whack, give the dog a bone
(feeds Yipsalot the bone)
Starchbottom: (rolls down hill) This old man came rolling home!
(crashes) WHOAAAAA!
(song ends)
Delightful: Time to ring the Bing-Bong Bell! (pushes red button, Bing-Bong Bell appears)
Starchbottom: Oh, uh.
(Delightful rings Bing-Bong Bell)
(7D appear)
7D: Heigh-ho!
Doc: What's wrong, Your Majesty?
Delightful: It's the Glooms again. They stole the Pearl of Wisdom which is my newest favorite--
7D: Knick-knack!
(Starchbottom gets nervous)
(Song: Knick Knack Paddy Whack)
Delightful: Knick-knack paddy whack, give the dog a bone
(feeds Yipsalot the bone)
Starchbottom: (rolls down hill; squeaky voice) This old man came rolling home!
(crashes) Whoa!
(song ends)

(cut to the Glooms)
Hildy: All right. Here it goes. Pearl of Wisdom, what do you call a witch at the beach?
(the pearl stays quiet)
Grim: Not a very chatty Pearl of Wisdom, is it?
Crystal Ball: The pearl's inside? You gotta open the shell first, like a hamburger. You don't go bun, bun, meat or meat, bun, bun. You go bun, meat, bun. You understand? The pearl's on the inside. Am I the only pro here?! I'm tired of working with amateurs!
Hildy: Agh!
(Grim lifts both hands and forms a "what?" pose)

(cut to Delightful's castle)
Doc: Fear not, Queen Delightful. I'll think up a plan. And we'll get back your Pearl of Wisdom.
(Dopey nods yes)
Delightful: Oh, well, I just knew I could count on you!

(cut to the Glooms)
Hildy: (impatiently bangs oyster) OPEN! OPEN! OPEN! (the oyster won't open up; Hildy attempts crushing it open, it still won't budge, she uses her wand which also doesn't work) OOOOOHH! Why won't it open, Grim? All I wanna do is ask the Pearl of Wisdom a simple riddle and win that cloak! (bangs her hand on the oyster) OPEN!
Grim: According to the spell book, the only way to open the Pearl of Wisdom's shell is with the magic word.
Hildy: What's the magic word?
Grim: It doesn't say.
Hildy: Do you have any idea how unhelpful you are?
Grim: Oh, sure, yeah.
Hildy: Well, at least that's a start. (attempts to open the oyster) Open, you oyster! (the oyster spits water at her, she gets angry)

(cut to Starchbottom)
Doc: To get back the Queen's knick... (Starchbottom covers Doc's mouth) Mm-hmm? (Starchbottom uncovers his mouth) ...Pearl, I came up with the best plan ever.
Grumpy: You think you two could give me a little privacy?

(cut to the exterior of the Glooms' castle, where Dopey is whistling the theme song, they arrive at the door to the Glooms' castle, where Sleepy pops up underneath the suit)
Sleepy: Knock on the door, Dopey. I gotta hold this box.
(Dopey knocks on the door, Grim welcomes Dopey)
Grim: Yes?
(Dopey shows Grim the snail)
Grim: You're sellin' snails? Excellent.
(We see Bashful sneaking into the Glooms' castle while Dopey is keeping Grim occupied. The scene immediately shifts back to Grim.)
Grim: What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?
(Dopey blinks)
Grim: Cat got mine once and it hurt.
(the scene shifts to a flashback of a cat hanging on to Grim's tongue)
Grim: But Hildy, it won't let go.
(flashback ends, Hildy walks to the front door next to Grim)
Hildy: Who is it?
Grim: I'm calling him the silent salesman.

(cut to Doc explaining his plan)
Doc: I'll admit my plan had a few flaws.
Grumpy: Like putting the one of us who doesn't talk on top? Yeah, that's a flaw.

(cut back to the outside of the Glooms' castle)
Grim: Thank you! Ah, that guy could sell snails to a knucklehead.
Hildy: And he just did.
(Hildy and Grim walk inside the castle, Bashful's trying to hide from the Glooms)
Grim: Loving my new pets.
Bashful: Oh! (hides behind couch)
Grim: Snails rule! (makes kissing noises)
Hildy: (to oyster) Open sesame! Uh... presto open-o!
(doorbell rings)
Grim: Oh! I hope it's the silent salesman with more snails!
Hildy: Argh! Grim, I don't have time for this! The contest ends soon and I want that cloak! (sets the Pearl of Wisdom next to the chimney, giving Bashful the chance to grab it, her and Grim walk to the front door) What is it?
Doc: Eh! Pizza delivery!
Hildy: Well, we didn't order any pizza.
Doc: You musta. Why else would we-a be here?
Hildy: How should I know?
Doc: Now, take your pizzas and go home.
Hildy: I am home!
Sneezy: (sneezes) Achooo!
Grim: Is that extra sneeze?
Sneezy: Our special of the day-a. Enjoy-a!
(Bashful is hesitant to grab back the Pearl of Wisdom.)
Hildy: Grim, your snails are making a mess!
(Grim brings the pizza boxes in.)
Grim: Bad snails. Bad snails. Eh, they're just having fun.
Hildy: Now, listen here, you oyster. What's the magic word? Alakazaam? Simsalabim?
(doorbell rings again) Argh!
Grim: (eats pizza slice) Mmm. (after eating the pizza slice) Hildy, you gotta try the extra cheese.
Hildy: (at the front door) What?!
Happy: We are Dainty Dwarfs.
Grumpy: Wanna buy some Dainty Dwarf cookies?
Happy: We have Peanut Puffers, Crunchy Cracklers, Bob's Your Uncles...
Grumpy: And Cheese Mints! Mmm-mmm-mmm.
Grim: Ooh. I love me some Cheese Mints!
Hildy: Grim, forget about cookies. I've got a fabulous cloak to win.
(Bashful makes a sound when trying to grab the Pearl of Wisdom back. This makes Happy and Grumpy nervous, so they must keep Grim and Hildy occupied for a little while longer.)
Bashful: Uh!
Grumpy: Uh...
Happy: Er, want to hear a Dainty Dwarfs song?

(Song: Dainty Dwarfs Song)
Happy: Whoa, Dainty Dwarfs
Grumpy: Dainty Dwarfs
Happy: Dainty Dwarfs
Grumpy: Dainty Dwarfs
Both: We sell cookies,
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Hildy: That's the worst song I have ever heard.
Grim: Ooh. Is there a Cheese Mints Song?
Grumpy: There is now.

(Song: Cheese Mints Song)
Happy: Oh, cheese mints
Grumpy: Cheese mints
Happy: Cheese mints
Grumpy: Cheese mints
Both: You gotta eat 'em up now,
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Grim: Excellent!
Hildy: Get lost!
(The Glooms notice Bashful with the Pearl of Wisdom.)
Bashful: Flum.
Hildy: He's got the Pearl of Wisdom! Oh! All of this was just a trick!
Grim: Cha! Best trick ever. 'Cause we got pizza, cookies, and snails.
Happy: Bashful, run!
Hildy: Get him!
Grim: Right.
(Bashful runs at extreme speed and Grim trips over. When Bashful is seen outside the castle, the Glooms hop on their brooms.)
Hildy: I want that Pearl of Wisdom!
(Bashful and the 7D must run to the castle before the Glooms get their hands on the pearl again.)
Doc: Bashful, over here!
(Grim eventually ends up in mud.)
Doc: Here you go! (hands pearl to Grumpy)
Grumpy: Think fast. (hands the pearl to Dopey)
(Dopey whistles; Hildy snatches the pearl)
Hildy: Got it. (laughs evilly) Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! (runs into spiky branches) AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!
(Grim gets the pearl)
Grim: Aw, quit clammin' up, oyster. Open. Please.
(light shines)
Pearl: You said the magic word, "please." (opens up) Now, ask your question.
Grim: Oh, goodie. (asks incorrectly) Where's Hildy?
Pearl: She is standing right beside you.
Grim: Oh, thanks.
Hildy: Grim! You used up my question!
Grim: Oooooooooooh.
(pearl closes)
Hildy: And now it's sundown! The contest is over!
Grim: Oh, Hildy-Wildy. I'm so sorry.
Hildy: (sadly) I wonder who won that silly old cloak anyway.
(Snazzy Shazam appears hovering from above wearing the diamond cloak)
Snazzy: Hey Gloom, how do you like my new cloak?
Hildy: Snazzy, you won the contest?
Snazzy: Yes, isn't that fun? All I had to do was answer some easy peasy riddle. What do you call a witch at the beach?
(A moment of questionable silence)
Snazzy: A sand-witch!
Snazzy/Grim: (laughing)
Grim: Oh I get it. That's funny.
Snazzy: I bet you wish you were me right now. Buh-bye!
(Snazzy Shazam flies away)
Hildy: Ugh, she totally bugs.
(Dopey grabs back the pearl and whistles)

(cut to the castle)
Delightful: (locks away the Pearl of Wisdom in her knick-knack room) Thank you for recovering the Pearl of Wisdom.
Starchbottom: It's the Queen's favorite knick-- (clears throat) Tchotchke.
Grumpy: Tchotchke. What's that?
Starchbottom: Oh, that's just another word for knick-knack. Mm! (covers mouth) Mm!
Delightful: Ah!
(Song: Knick Knack Paddy Whack)
7D and Delightful: Knick-knack paddy whack, give the dog a bone
(Delightful feeds Yipsalot the bone)
7D and Starchbottom: (rolls down hill) This old man came rolling home!
(they all crash)
(song ends)
Grumpy: Next time, let's walk home.
Other 6D: Heigh-ho!
Grumpy: Hmm.
Starchbottom: Whoo! Hehehe!
(the end)

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