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Land of Nod
S2e02a land of nod entrance Entrance to the Land of Nod
Location Land of Nod
Type Sky land
Notable inhabitants Sandman
Sunny the Morning Sprite
Winken, Blinken and Nod
First appearance "In Yer Dreams, Pal"
Latest appearance "In Yer Dreams, Pal"

The Land of Nod is a major location in the episode "In Yer Dreams, Pal". Located in the clouds above Jollywood, the only access to the sky land is to catch a special star that travels to the destination. The Land of Nod has two very important people: The Sandman, whose responsibility is to ensure that everyone in Jollywood to have a good night's rest at night; and Sunny the Morning Sprite, who brings sunrise each morning. They also have to keep the evil Nocturna at bay, who has the ability to incur a frightening never-ending nighttime spell.


The colorful Land of Nod is mostly made up of blankets and pillows. The darkest side of the land is where Nocturna's lair is located, surrounded by a body of water.

In the series

While Sleepy was sleeping, he dreamt about what happened to the Land of Nod. Reported by Wee Willie Winkie, the Sandman is in trouble.


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