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"Leaf It To Sneezy"
Season 1, Episode 19B*
S1e19b Title Card
Half hour production code: 119B[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate January 13, 2015
Episode Credits
Directed by Charles Visser
Story by Shea Fontana
Written by Gene Grillo / Sherri Stoner
Storyboards by Kenny Thompkins
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"The Very Important Thingy"
Suceeded by →
"7 Frogs"

"Leaf It To Sneezy" is an episode that premiered on January 13, 2015 with "The Very Important Thingy" on Disney XD.[2]

It is the thirty-eightth episode in the series.


Sneezy is struck with a case of “Amsneezia,” so the other dwarfs must figure out a way to restore his memory and help him regain his ability to sneeze.

Guest Star


It's fall in Jollywood, and the Jumpity-Jump-Jump-Jaroo Fall into Fall Day event is here. Sneezy is using his gigantic sneezes to blow a gigantic pile of leaves towards the castle for everyone including the Queen to jump on. Hildy and Grim plan to ruin the event from using their cauldron at their manor to turn the big leaf pile into a monster. The Leaf Monster is then instructed by Hildy to kidnap Delightful and drop her at the Gusty Gorge, an area where swirling winds from the north, south, east and west form tornadoes. From the cauldron, Hildy also used a potion and spell to remove Sneezy's ability to have gusty sneezes so he won't be able to defeat the monster; his feather from his hat, symbolic of his sneezes, went away.

While on pursuit the 7D, along with Starchy and Sir Yipsalot, learn that the Glooms are responsible from Bashful, who was eavesdropping on the Glooms. Bashful also told the dwarfs that Sneezy is the only one who can defeat the monster. Doc leaves them behind to help cure Sneezy of his amsneezia, while the rest try to rescue Delightful. At a bowling alley called Memory Lane, Doc and Sneezy meet Jack Flashback, and together they find a bowling ball containing Sneezy's memories of his sneezes, which also includes his hat's feather. Having told by Jack that he only has one chance, Sneezy finally regains his memory and his feather by clumsily knocking down all pins and shown his childhood memories. Meanwhile, the rest of the dwarfs make a stop at Handy Dandy Hardware to purchase riding lawn mowers to help keep the Leaf Monster at bay.

Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy and Happy attack the monster with the lawn mowers, but the monster is too powerful and kicks all of them away. Doc and Sneezy later rejoin the others as the Leaf Monster is at the gorge to drop the Queen into the tornadoes below. Sneezy defeats the monster by his gust of wind and saves Delightful from falling. He then sneezes towards the Glooms' perspective, and the potion from their cauldron is all over them at their manor. Jumpity-Jump-Jump-Jaroo Fall into Fall Day resumes, and Delightful makes the ceremonial jump into the leaf pile with the 7D and, accidentally, Starchy, who was going between conscious and unconscious throughout the events of the day.

Featured Song

Running Gags

  • Lord Starchbottom fainting.
  • Sneezy failing to sneeze.
  • Sneezy closing up his face, with Happy accompaning playing the organ for the background music.


  • Jeff Bennett returns to voice Jack Flashback, as he previously voiced Big Bad Wolf in "Big Bad Sneezy."
  • It shows the second time that Sneezy has bowling skills for bowling a strike, the first being in "For the Love of Cheese."
    • However, he doesn't know how to bowl in this episode, meaning this episode takes place before the episodes where he's professional at bowling.
  • Grumpy's flower (on top of his hat) is alive and can spit saliva.
  • In Southeast Asia, this episode took place along with "The Very Important Thingy" before the 3-hour marathon of The 7D that runs from 7P.M.-10P.M.
  • The story takes place in autumn.
  • This is the first time Sneezy is shown as a kid.


S1e19b 'Sneezy, we're going to Memory Lane'
S1e19b Sneezy's Excited
  • When Doc tells Sneezy they must go to Memory Lane (bottom two images), the top stripe on Sneezy's shirt underneath the scarf switches from red to blue between shots.
  • While Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Happy and Sleepy arrive with their riding lawn mowers along with Starchbottom, he is seen with his eyes open, but as the dwarfs proceed to attack the monster, Starchbottom remains unconscious when we get a close up shot of him before he awakens to see the monster and faints again.


International Premieres

  • July 7, 2015 -- (Disney Channel Asia)[3]
  • November 20, 2016 -- (TV5 Philippines)


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