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(Open up on a branch, where a leaf falls. Sneezy and Happy are walking around.)
Happy: Ahh... Fall is the best season of all.
Sneezy: You think every season's the best, Happy.
Happy: Yes, I do.
(Grumpy walks in)
Grumpy: All right! Quit your jibber-jabbering. We got work to do!
(cut to Grumpy and Sneezy)
Grumpy: Sneezy, let 'er rip!
(Sneezy sneezes the leaves away)

(Song: "Fall Into Fall Day")
Happy: Fall Into Fall Day!
Schmoodily yay!
Time to blow all the leaves away!
Schmoodily doo!
For the annual Jumpity-Jump-Jump-Jumparoo!
(song ends)

Grumpy: Nice job!
Sneezy: (sighs and sniffs) It's a gift!
Grumpy: Now you blast 'em to the castle!
Sneezy: Ready!
Grumpy: Aim...
(Dopey whistles, Sneezy sneezes)
Grumpy: You missed one.
(Sneezy sneezes again)
Happy: Gesundheit-ho!

(cut to the castle)
Delightful: Sneezy's sneezes are bigger and better then ever, Lord Starchbottom!
Starchbottom: I know! This year's "Fall into Fall" day will be one to remember!
Delightful: Because I get to lead everybody on the Jumpity-Jump-Jump-Jumparoo into the biggest pile of leaves ever!

(cut to the Glooms' manor; Hildy is watching them through her crystal ball)
Hildy: Yes, it will be a day to remember, queenie weenie. Because when you do your Jumpity-who-cares-Jumparoo, you're in for a biggity-big-big surprise!
Boopy: (voiced by Grim) Ooh! What's the surprise, Mrs. Gloom?
Hildy: Ugh! Get that thing away from me!
Boopy: No problem, Mrs. G!
Hildy: Where did you get that sock puppet anyway?
Grim: I made him. It's easy.

(cuts to Grim on a stage)
Grim: It's time for Witchcraft Corner with your host, me, Grim Gloom.
Boopy: And me, Boopy.
Grim: Today, Boopy and I will show you how to make a sock puppet.
Boopy: Make sure to get your parents' permission first!
Grim: All you need is a sock. Don't use pants. That would make a pants puppet. Just put your hand in the sock, there, like so, apply paint as desired. Boop-Boop-Boopy!
Boop-Boop-Boopy: I'm Boop-Boop-Boopy!
Grim: And I'm Boop-Boop-Grim! (laughs)
Hildy: And I'm at my wits end with you. (pushes away the stage) Cauldron bubble on the double, for Queenie-bo-beenie, let's make trouble!

(cut to the front of the castle and the big pile of leaves)
Queen Delightful: What a tremendous pile of leaves. Sneezy, you've outdone yourself.
Sneezy: Aw, shucks, nothin' to it. (sniffles)
Queen Delightful: Let the Jumpity-Jump-Jump-Jumparoo Fall Into Fall begin! (the crowd cheers and she jumps) Whee!
Hildy: (from the magic cauldron) From fallen leaves this autumn day, monster, take the Queen away! (liquid explodes out of the cauldron

(Cuts back to front of castle)
Leaf Monster: Raaahr! (spectators scream, the leaf monster is holding Queen Delightful) Rraaarrrr!
DocIt's a leaf monster!
Grumpy: Gee! Ya think? (Starchbottom screams and faints)
Leaf Monster: (stands up and roars)

(Cut to Hildy and the cauldron) 
Hildy: This is my finest hour!
Boopy: Way to be, Mrs. G! Ha-ha-ha!
Hildy: Arrgghh!

(cuts back to the front the castle, the leaf monster roars)
Doc: Sneeze your super-sneeze, Sneezy.
Sneezy: I'll save you, Queen Delightful!
Grumpy: Let 'er rip, Sneezy!
Sneezy: Aaah...aaah...aaah..

(Cut back to Hildy)
Hildy: Oh no, you won't. With slime of slug and dew of leaves, I take away your power of sneeze! And banish it to Memory Lane, (voiceover) you'll never remember how to sneeze again! (Sneezy's feather falls out of his hat and he falls over)
Grumpy: Sneezy, what are you waiting for? Sneeze!
Sneezy: Ah... ah... (spits) Huh? (sniffles) Aah... aah... (burps) (short breaths and gargling)  (slow hiccuping, a high soprano note, then he sighs) I got nothin'. (the Leaf Monster roars and walks off with Queen Delightful in hand)
Sir YipsalotYip-yip-yip-yip-yip!

(cut to Leaf Monster and Queen Delightful on a trail)
Queen Delightful: Ooh! We're going on a trip? I should have packed a toothbrush.
Sir Yipsalot: (offscreen) Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip!

(cut to Sneezy, Doc and Grumpy)
Sneezy: Fellas, I can't remember how to sneeze.
Doc: You know what that means?
Sneezy: Yeah. I've got amsneezia! (Happy plays suspenseful chords on the organ)
Starchbottom: Wha--?! Amsneezia? Ahhh... (hits head on ground, Happy plays suspenseful chords again)

(cut to Sir Yipsalot running to the dwarfs outside on the drawbridge)
Sir Yipsalot: Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip! (in deep tone) Yip-yip-yip. (normal) Yiiip!
Happy: We gotta save the Queen! (everyone but Grumpy and Bashful run away)
Grumpy: Bashful, see if you can find out who's behind this big schmagoogle.
BashfulI'm on it, Grumpy. (Bashful runs away)

(Grumpy beckons to Sleepy and Dopey carrying Starchbottom, cut to the Gloom's Manor)
Grim: Hildy, this is one of your best plans ever. (stands up)
Boopy: (Bashful stands up from behind the couch) And how! Boop-Boop.
Hildy: I know! Let's gloat and talk endlessly about it. But Boopy is not invited.

(cut to Bashful driving, wheels screeching)
Bashful: Grumpy! The Glooms are behind this big schmagoogle.
Grumpy: I knew it!
Bashful: I heard their whole plan. The leaf monster is taking the Queen to Gusty Gorge.
Doc: Gusty Gorge?! That's not good.
Grumpy: What's so bad about it?
Happy: I'll tell ya. (pulls down weather map) Winds from the north, south, east and west converge in Gusty Gorge making it a canyon of catastrophic cyclones that will tear you to pieces, or if you're lucky, blow you to the other side of the world. (map tears) Back to you.
Grumpy: What? No sports?
Bashful: The Glooms gave Sneezy amsneezia and banished his sneeze to Memory Lane.
Doc: Why?
Bashful: Because, the only way to destroy the leaf monster and save the Queen is Sneezy's sneeze. (Happy plays suspenseful chords on the organ for a second time)
(Happy plays suspenseful chords.)
Doc: Fellas, don't let that Leaf Monster get to Gusty Gorge! Sneezy, we are going to Memory Lane.
Sneezy: Yeah. If I take a stroll down Memory Lane, maybe I'll remember how to sneeze.
Doc: Let's hope so.
(Doc and Sneezy fly away.)
Yipsalot: (yips multiple times)
Grumpy: Now, why can't I have a hat like that? (his flower, feeling offended, blows a raspberry, Grumpy wipes it off)
Bashful: Jump on!
(the 7D hop on the cart)
7D: Heigh-ho!
Grumpy: (gasps) Bashful, hit the bra-a-a-a-a-ake!
(they all fall down and scream)
Starchbottom: (sighs) Did you rescue the Queen yet?
Sleepy: No.
Starchbottom: Ahhhh.
(the cart turns into a glider)
7D: Heigh-ho!
(the 7D arrive safely on land)
Grumpy: Hey, guys. Let's pull in there. We can't fight magic foliage with our bare hands.

(cut to some shop)
Yipsalot: Yip, yip, yip, yip! (continues yipping in the background)
Shop owner: Welcome to Handy Dandy Hardware!
Grumpy: We'll take rakes, a couple of brooms, seven-hundred trash bags, and a packet of pistachios.
(Dopey is seen on a vehicle with Yipsalot. Dopey whistles.)
Grumpy: Oh. And a half dozen of those.

(cut to Memory Lane, which appears to be a bowling alley. Doc and Sneezy arrive.)
Sneezy: Memory Lane is a bowling alley?
Memory Lane owner: What's up, dudes?
Doc: Well, Sneezy forgot how to sneeze.
Memory Lane owner: Well, then, you're in the right place. This is... (makes hand movements) ...Memory Lane. What size shoe?
Sneezy: 7D!
(the Memory Lane owner re-sizes the shoe to fit Sneezy, Doc and Sneezy cough because of the dust, Sneezy gets handed the shoes)

(cut to the Memory Lane owner giving Doc and Sneezy a tour)
Memory Lane owner: Okay. Find your ball, knock down all the pins, get your memory back. Lane Seven. (points to balls) Balls are over there. Good luck.
Sneezy: Thanks, Mister, uh...
Memory Lane owner: Call me Jack! Jack... Flashback.
Sneezy: Thanks, Mister, uh...
Jack: Call me Jack! Jack... Flashback.
Sneezy: Thanks, Mister, uh...
(bowling pins clatter)

(cut to Doc and Sneezy looking at the bowling pins)
Sneezy: Which one's mine?
Jack: You'll see it when you know it. Wait, no. You'll know it when you see it. Yeah.
Sneezy: (notices bowling pin) Hey. Is that my feather?
Doc: Must be. 'Cause the one in your cap is missing.
(Sneezy touches the blue ball, it glows.)

(cut to Sneezy's bowling session)
Jack: Oh, yeah. So, you only get one chance, so don't blow it.
Sneezy: No pressure, huh? (He gulps. When trying to throw the ball, he ends up careening down the lane along with the ball; screaming)
Doc: Sneezy may need some bowling lessons.
Sneezy: (continues screaming, knocks down all the pins, each pin contains memories of his life as an intense sneezer; in memories:) AAAACHOOOOO!
Doc: Strike!
Jack: Dude, you did it!
(Sneezy ends up in the fish sink, his feather returns to him)
Sneezy: ACCCCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (chuckles) It's all comin' back to me now! Ah--- ahh—ACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (He ends up sneezing the entire Memory Lane bowling alley into pieces) I remembered how to sneeze!
Doc: Thanks, Jack! (Him and Sneezy fly away.)
Jack: Dude, the bowling shoes? (Sneezy drops the bowling shoes as they end up in his face. He sniffs.) Ooh. Wretched. (sprays shoes)

(cut to the Leaf Monster, Yipsalot tries to catch up)
Yipsalot: Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip-yip-yip! (bites onto Leaf Monster, although the Leaf Monster shakes him off) Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip-yip-yip! (gets blown away by Leaf Monster) YIIIIIIIIIIIP! (Leaf Monster roars) Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip!
Delightful: Oh! Sir Yipsalot!
(5D arrive along with Lord Starchbottom and Yipsalot)
Yipsalot: Yip-yip!
Grumpy: Mulch 'im, boys!
(The 5D ride around the Leaf Monster. The Leaf Monster roars, and frightens Lord Starchbottom. They end up chopping off part of his toes though. The Leaf Monster kicks them away, and they scream.)
Grumpy: (drops pistachios) I dropped my pistachios.
(Leaf Monster roars)

(cut to the Glooms' castle)
Hildy: (laughs) Loving it!

(cut to Leaf Monster)
(Leaf Monster makes an evil laugh)
Delightful: Oh, my! It's Gusty Gorge. Now would not be the time to let me down, Mister Leaf Pile.
(Leaf Monster roars)
Sneezy: Hang on, Queen Delightful!
(Leaf Monster roars)
Sneezy: Put down the Queen, or I'll sneeze you to smithereens!
(Leaf Monster makes an evil laugh)
Sneezy: All right, Leafster! You asked for it! (tickles nose with feather; sneezing:) Aaah...aaah... AAAHHHCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
(Queen Delightful falls down)
Delightful: Oop! (gets caught by Sneezy) Oop! Thank you, Sneezy.
Sneezy: It was my pleasure. (sniffles)
Delightful: Uh, you got a little something right here.
Sneezy: Uh.

(cut to the Glooms' castle)
Hildy: You sneaky sneezer! I'm not through with you yet.

(cut to the 7D)
Sneezy: Bashful, mind holding the Queen for a sec?
Bashful: I don't mind. (holds Delightful)
Sneezy: I got one more sneeze that needs a-sneezin'!

(cut to the Glooms' castle)
Hildy: Uh, what is he doing?
Sneezy: (in cauldron picture) Ah...
Hildy: No!
Grim: Uh-oh.
Sneezy: (in cauldron picture) Aaah...AAAHHH... (sneezes cauldron slime on Grim and Hildy)
Boopy: Boopy got goopy.

(cut to the 7D)
Grumpy: Now, that sneeze was unforgettable.
Sneezy: Yeah. It's a feather in my cap. (does a thumbs up)
(Happy plays suspenseful chords.)
Grumpy: Are you tellin' me you dragged the organ all the way out here?
Happy: Of course, I did. 'Cause my guitar is in the repair shop. (plays keys)

(cut to Jollywood)
Delightful: Jumpity-jump-jump-jumperoo! (slides; yodels) Yodel-yodel-yee-hay-hoo!
(7D cheers and rides slide)
7D: Yip-yip-yooray?
Starchbottom: (opens eyes) Did I miss anything? (trips) Whoa-oa-oa! (he's riding the slide backwards) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (ends up in the leaf pile)
Other 6D: Gesundheit-ho!

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