This page lists background music cues heard throughout The 7D. Parry Gripp along with Keith Horn compose the series' score. All information here comes from the ASCAP database provided by their publisher.


This section list BGM heard multiple times in the show.

Title Notes ASCAP Work #
"7D Victory Main Title Theme" An upbeat tune at the end of some episodes after The 7D saves the day. 888641485
"Grim and Hildy Theme" Heard whenever Grim and Hildy make their first appearance in a segment, usually during the opening shot of their manor. 888641516
"Short Whistle" A short sound clip of whistling is heard during a scene transition, mostly in earlier episodes of Season 1. 888641477
"The Glooms' Spell" Heard whenever the Glooms cast a spell. 888641494
"The Queen's Tizzy" Heard whenever Queen Delightful is in a tizzy. 888641512
"7D Whistling Tune" Sometimes you will hear whistling to the tune of the theme song. 888641474

Season 1

The following lists BGM created specifically for episodes in the first season.

Episode Title Scene ASCAP Work #
"Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters" "Grim's a Spider" N/A 888641488
"Surprise" "Chicken Whistles" Queen Delightful and Starchy visit a chicken coop. 888641475
"Grim the Dragon" "Nurse" Heard each time the Nurse arrives to tend to Grumpy and Hildy being hurt. 888641492
"Free Teensy" "Teensy Needs a Bigger Bowl" Delightful and Starchy provided bigger bowls (and a tub) each time Teensy grows. 888641495
"The Jollywood Jam" "The Jollywood Jam" Happy's musical work played during the Heroes' Day concert at the Jollywood Bowl. 888641476
"Uncle Humidor" "We're Going on an Adventure" The 7D is excited that Uncle Humidor invited them to come along to look for the Shiffle-Nosed Nergandingslinger. 888641496
"Cat on a Hot Grim Roof" "Grim and Hildy's Black Cat" N/A 888641515
"Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps" "I'm Gingersnaps" Gingersnaps introduces himself to Grumpy after the latter saved him from drowning on a lake. 888641500
"Breakfast in Beds" N/A 888641499
"Save Grumpy's Life" Gingersnaps has to save Grumpy from a bear. 888641504
"The Debt Will Be Repaid" Gingersnaps is finally free from being Grumpy's servant. 888641505
"7 Frogs" "Starchbottom Plays Violin" Starchy demonstrates to Delightful that he can play the violin. 888641518
"Ribbit" Everyone in Jollywood are turned into frogs! 888641511
"Spoons" N/A 888641517
"We're Going to Be Frogs Forever" Heard each time Bashful exclaimed that The 7D will be frogs forever when they fail to break the frog spell. 888641513


This section contains music cues where its place at an episode is unknown at this time.

Title ASCAP Work #
"Beautiful Morning in Jollywood" 888641480
"Fly With My Eyes Closed" 888641514
"Hand Shake Patty Cake" 888641482
"Heads Are Gonna Roll" 888641490
"It Works!" 888641491
"La La La La" 888641501
"Practicing" 888641502
"Quick Study" 888641503

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