Magic wands are the primary tools used by warlocks and witches in the show, namely the Glooms.

Magic Wand
Sneezin Season 127
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Wands are designed as they are in real life. They're black sticks that have differently colored stubs at the ends.


Wands are staple tools for magic users and are used to grant an innumerable array of spells. These spells include weirder transformation, teleportation, shooting energy blasts, controlling objects, bringing inanimate objects to life, casting curses, and changing the user's size and age. Depending on the task needed, a wand may or may not require magic words to function.

In the Show

Magic wands serve as the prime tools of the Glooms and the Glooms use them regularly to carry out their nefarious schemes.



  • Grim's wand is regularly shown to be defective, often not casting a spell in time or completely messing it up. A good example is in Sneezin' Season where the wand didn't turn him and Hildy into little birds until after they hit the ground. But other times, it appears to be due more to Grim's own incompetence.