Make-You-All-Better Bed
S1e05b Starchy at The 7D's 19
Name Make-You-All-Better Bed
Purpose Makes a injured person comfortable
Type Nursing bed
Owner Doc
First appearance "Starchy Takes a Break"

The Make-You-All-Better Bed is another one of Doc's inventions. It's used to nurse a person's injury with comfort. In "Starchy Takes a Break", Lord Starchbottom suffers a broken leg after slipping on the palace floor and falling down few flights of stairs, so The 7D (sans Grumpy) took him to their cottage to make him feel better. However, Doc has trouble adjusting the Make-You-All-Better Bed for Starchy as he shifted all three levers at once, hurting Starchy more. Sleepy later joined Starchy at the bed to take a nap as he usually does, and the dwarfs then gather around the bed to perform a song for Starchy.


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